What makes sex toys make materials, pros and cons

What makes sex toys do: materials, pros and cons

Intimate toys (like girls) can be different, – black, white, red. And this applies not only to their colors, but also direct purposes, forms, and, of course, the materials of which they are manufactured. That’s about them, we would like to talk today.

In this case, such a variety is not a fear of manufacturers, but is considerable to obtain pleasure. Therefore, every modern person, and especially inexpirated in sex toys, will not only be interesting, but the main thing is useful to know what advantages, or vice versa – one or another material has disadvantages.

1. Silicone

Today, its popularity worldwide can only be envied. After all, this material made our lives in many of its regions more comfortable, practical and even beautiful. Well, as for adult goods, it is hardly a competitor here. From silicone or using silicone coating, vibrators, masturbators, dildos, sex dolls, accessories and a lot more!

His main dignity is incredibly pleasant to the touch velvety surface, which even reminds of the skin. Accordingly, sex fun with such a toy acquire a special charm and filled with comfort. The second advantage of silicone products is that they almost instantly acquire body temperature. Therefore, wishing to enjoy, you will not need to warm my favorite vibrator in your hands or keep it under warm water, thereby pulling away.

The relative minus can be called the fact that silicone toys are compatible exclusively with water-based lubricants. And no matter how paradoxically it sounded, – silicone lubricants here are unacceptable, since over time they can destroy the surface. Also, silicone products cannot be stored in contact with the same, otherwise the result may be the same as with an incorrectly selected lubricant.

2. Cyberkite

Real breakthrough in the world of sex industry! And although this material was originally developed for the space industry, he acquired the greatest popularity in the world of sex toys. His name itself speaks for itself, because cyberkozh, both externally and tactile sensations, it is very difficult to distinguish from this. That is why this material refers to premium class.

The disadvantages include the fact that this material has micropores in which the remnants of liquids or leather flakes can fall. Accordingly, any sex toy from it needs to be carefully soaked after each use. After that, it is recommended to be sprinkled with Talc (which can be bought in the store for adults) or just corn starch. Need to store in a tissue bag, not allowing dust in the same micropores. Lubricant – only aquatic, if you do not want for a few weeks your acquisition has failed.

3. Gel

His main distinctive feature – incredible plasticity and elasticity. As a rule, dildos are made of gel, and all sorts of colors, colors, as well as designs. Ideal material for those who love something bright and unusual.
Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface, the toy will easily slide even with a minimum of lubrication, and the dildo that is so good beyond, can be used in any position or position. That is why double dildo (whether there are devices for double penetration into the vagina and anus, or those that are essential satellites of lesbian games) are made from the gel.

Another advantage is the absence of pore, which means that such a sex toy is very hygienic and easy to care. Suitable lubricants on aquatic and silicone basis.

4. Glass

No, no, you did not seem, and sex toys are made of glass too! It may be a dildo, original penis ring, or stylish anal plug. And yes, – such products are incredibly durable and safe. They can withstand the blow and stay absolutely whole, falling even on the floor with a large height. You can, of course, check, but we do not recommend – you can damage the new parquet.

The main advantages are a chic kind of toys, excellent hygiene and slip. They are easily clean, do not require special storage conditions and compatible even with water-based lubricants.

And more – one useful advice or small trick. Call as you know, the main thing is to use this. Since glass quickly and well heats up, such toys are perfect for sexy fun under the shower or in the bathroom. When you find yourself in warm or hot water (case of preferences), located inside the dildo or anal flap will begin instantly heat. This will give you an incomparable and pleasant sensation, well, the intimate areas preheated in this way will become even more sensitive and susceptible to caress and stimulation.

5. Metal

Where without him? At a minimum, it is difficult to imagine the BDSM style outfit without metal elements that give such erotic clothes a special style. In addition, it makes such accessories as clamps on nipples, erection rings, belts of loyalty, handcuffs, dildos, and t.D.

What makes sex toys make materials, pros and cons

Naturally, such toys will be almost eternal, which, undoubtedly, cannot but attract. Accordingly, each of them is very easy to care, it is easy and easy to care for it, and it is unpretentious to the types of intimate lubricants or to storage conditions.

6. Plastic

It is worth knowing that plastic, which is used today in the production of sex toys, does not contain phthalates and is absolutely safe. After all, this is paid in many countries. Special attention is paid and serious requirements for manufacturers from the state are presented.

Usually from plastic make handles for vibrators or mass makers, bases of masturbator, and other fixed parts. But, going to the sex shop, you can find miniature plastic vibrators that are easily placed in the lady’s handbag or put on a finger so that they can be used not only for masturbation, but also during foreplay or sex.

A small minus, this is what (in contrast to the product from metal or gel) such a toy can be damaged, accidentally coming on it, or for example, dropping. However, it is rather the theory, and in practice you are waiting for comfort and endless pleasure

7. Leather / Komes

Costumes, wickers, erotic shoes, strap, numerous accessories and a lot more, where the skin is not alternative. Exception, except for eco-house – modern material that is not inferior in its characteristics and appearance of natural. In addition, his democratic cost and fashion for ecotes made this material megapopular and today in the trend.

I can not even talk about the advantages of the skin or eco-leather. Everything is clear here. After all, it does not touch anyone to do clothing for BDSM plastic games, and a glass mask. So you can soon go to the sex shop and buy a stylish outfit, or a floger with a tail and skin, whose strikes will make exclusively joy.

As we see, in any material for intimate accessories there is a considerable need. And the lack of products from any of them would significantly stupid paints and made sex not so interesting and diverse. And each of them is no better, and no worse than the other, here, like everywhere – everything makes sense and should be in its places.

We hope this information was useful to you, and the desire to acquire a similar novelty does not give you calmly sit in place and provokes to experience a new gamut of pleasures received from sex.

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