What makes family friendly

What makes family friendly?

Friendly family – the ideal about which you dream when goes to the registry office, children are planning … But why are some families are really friendly, and others, with external well-being, just live under one roof, performing a maximum program "just not to quarrel"?

What makes family friendly – today on the site "Beautiful and Successful".

Is it necessary to strive to make family friendly?

Frankly, I myself do not belong to those people whose parent family was friendly. I can not say that my relatives are some particularly bad, grumpy and non-advisive people – no! But there was never friendship between them.

Everyone lived his life, his circle of interest, and problems started only when these interests for some reason contradicted. Otherwise … Everyone in the depths of the soul thought – that would be some spare apartment, but to move there without grandmother / parents / son-in-law, so it would be quite nice to ..

Say honestly – I never wanted my family to be more friendly, and did not seek some special secret – what makes family friendly. I remember much more than the moments when we interfered with each other, bored, conflicted and wanted to rest from each other than the moments when we wanted a family association ..

If we were then offered some actions, traditionally fracting families (such as daily joint dinners, Sunday walks and domestic domestic affairs), everyone would be horrified and lean from it could. We did not want friendship. We wanted individual freedom.

As a result, the parents were divorced, the generation of grandparents went to the world of other, I grew up and moved.

And there is a completely different example – families of our friends before my eyes. I am friendly with the children of this family, my peers, my dad – with their father, my mother – with their mom ..

They have always been joint feast (not only on holidays, and for example, just summer evening in the garden), and walks and traveling with the whole family (sometimes still with aunts, uncles, nephews and older generation!), and overall work in the garden or repair in the house&# 8230; Stolel and became helpless grandfather and grandmothers – they alternately took them to live to themselves, although those had empty apartments, her sons grew up – one of them already lives with a girl, the future wife, without leaving the parental home (although there are options to live separately). They are friends!

Still going together, get along – and they say that they are so good!

Future daughter-in-law walks with future mother-in-law shopping, sons drive with mom on a trip … For me, they are an example of a truly friendly family.

What makes their family friendly? It is interesting to them with each other, they do not perceive parents as an interference with some kind of business and plans. They do not want to touch and separate, although they have such an opportunity – they want to be friendly family!

Of course, all families (and all people) have their own person.

Be part of a friendly family – not a guarantee of happiness and not some kind of life "jackpot" ; it’s just a way of life. Similarly, the lack of friendship in the family does not mean that every member of the family is certainly unhappy and would like the family to be friendly! Live under one roof, but everyone by itself is also a way of life that cannot be called a priori wrong!

The main thing is to understand if you want to make a family friendly?

What makes family friend?

If you understand that you strive to create a friendly family, and your households want the same, then the site "Beautiful and Successful" will first tell about … what you do not need to do!

  • Invent what makes the family friendly: what family "ritualness" can be sprinkled in familiar families, deduct in books and magazines and t.D. Type – be sure to get together at one table, go to the supermarket on Saturdays with the whole family and t.D. And now you can not call the child, who is again late and again for dinner, and once again grumble on the gloomy husband, hateed with a cart between the counters ..
  • Artificially and voluntarily forced to introduce some rules and installations for all family members. For example: "We are a friendly family, so the children will not make noise, while we look at the cinema with dad, and the dad will be sure to walk with children in the park, and grandfather with dad will start repairing in the kitchen …", and t.D. If this is not a personal initiative of all those involved in the "New Scenario", then a minimum that it will cause the households – a heavy sigh … and the inspiration initiator will be in their eyes not a "peacemaker", but a home tyrant!
What makes family friendly

What to do? What makes family friendly actually?

First, you need to understand what makes the family friendly not necessarily a similarity and unity of interests!

Need to take households as they are – different! With different convictions and hobbies, with different characters! And your task is not to customize each other under one comb, but look for an interesting friend in another.

You like the son of hard rock – ask how different rock bands are different, what exactly he listens is why he likes it? The grandmother can learn to knit, her husband – repair your car and T.D. Imagine sometimes your family is not your family, but new friends, other people. What would you talk to this teenager, with that old man, with this man or a woman, how long did you spend time with them than they are interested in you?

Going out sometimes from family roles – Mother, wife, daughter, daughter, and t.D.!

Stay to all these people just a girlfriend – do not read the notations from the role of the mother, remove the submissive notes of good daughter-in-law from our speech – trying to free from the mother’s maternal control of the daughter! Even being a wife – you can and need to be friends with your husband (besides the fact that you love him!).

Secondly – Relax and stop all and control everything.

You live together – so let the house be for all the place where you can do what I want and how I want, without fear that someone will condemn, forbidden and prevent.

The ability to drag the first mother’s pancake from a pan, while the rest have not yet been crushed, and get for it not reprimand, but a cup of tea, sits the family more than a solemn-harsh joint tea at a table with a starch tablecloth! Let the children take toys all over the apartment, let the grandmother look at the TV broadcast the opera on the full volume, and let her husband sings in the bathroom – the house is at the same house so that everyone here has been and did not feel non-free! Yes, the opera arias will sound in your head for another week, and the pancakes will be eaten before the kettle boils – so what? But everyone is happy and conspiringly surround!

It makes family friendly – no imposed framework and rules! In a friendly family man if he refuses himself in something, then in order to not offend the birth, and not because of fear break the rules!

Thirdly – be an interesting person yourself for your relatives!

Not just "Borschevarevka" and "grumble translator", but a man with a fresh look, with different non-born interests and hobbies. Despite the fact that you are for them mom, a wife, daughter or daughter-in-law – let them be interested in your opinion on different reasons (not only in-day), let them appreciate your advice, because they are original and delta! Then the homemade will seek themselves to communicate with you, and it will be really sincere communication and sincere interest in your thoughts!

Make together only what you want to do – because so much, it’s easier, more convenient, more interesting. And if you want to do something yourself – then say, sincerely and just. What makes family friendly – sincerity. Less pretense – In a friendly family, it makes no sense to depict either always smiling "perfect mom and wife", nor eternally tired "Jewundlyavadel". You ; it is you.

What you are now – cheerful, tired, irritated, gentle, flirting, initiative, – so there is, why pretend to the closest people?

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