What life task solves bitch

What life task solves bitch?

And you know who is such a bitch? What life task solves bitch? Why do this label are hung on certain people? Some bitch hate, others respect, others are afraid…Someone dismissively looks at the bitch, and someone secretly dreams of becoming like them…

    What life task solves bitch
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What life task solves bitch?

For someone «bitch» – This is almost an insult, but for someone – Best compliment.
All the same, who is such a bitch? Is it good or bad?
The first time I asked a few years ago, this question. At that time for me this mysterious word was so exciting and mysterious and very, very much wanted to be at least a little stinker.
Getting started I did not know. I bought a lot of literature on «Stervologiya» and I sat down to read. The first acquaintance with books of this kind have disappointed.
These were mostly tips to care for themselves, the selection of clothes, makeup, correction, gait. Undoubtedly, the bitch should always be on top, but in fact a beautiful well-groomed woman – it’s not a bitch. Bitch – a whole philosophy, it is within and not outside.
One book even hit me: in essence, it was a biography of a young girl who was not very pretty, but she had a bunch of guys. How? She was sleeping with everyone. It is described for more than three hundred pages, plus a few tips to care for themselves at the end of the book. Is not this a bitch?
Only one book has helped me to understand this question. From the first lines became clear – It was written by a real stervochka. From her, I learned a lot of useful information, which corresponded to my idea of ​​the perfect bitch. Something I was useful, something that was completely useless in my case, with something I did not agree. But on the whole, pleased with the book. So, my conclusions:
– respect yourself
– She knows what she wants
– He knows how to do it
– He knows how to show off
– always in the spotlight
– good in all!)
I got accustomed to his friends and found among them stervochek. They are all so different in age and appearance, character and way of life, yet all of them were present signs of real stinkers.
Alena, 32
Alain mother of two wonderful children, has been married for a second time and very successfully. Completely refutes a common myth that bitch – This woman single. Not selfish, always willing to help others, and for children and a husband at all ready for anything. And yet, for some reason, at first glance it is clear that she’s a bitch.
Bitch, in the best sense of the word. It sets itself as a bitch, she is confident in itself, it has a purpose, career, and she successfully achieves this, even though a lot of time, which takes away from her family. By the way, he wants a third child.
She has a lot of friends among the men, a lot of fans, but the husband does not have the slightest reason to doubt it.
Marina, 25
With my girlfriend Marina, we’ve known for over 10 years. Heard from many friends that «Marinka – that still bitch». Marina in one purpose of life – have a good time. He likes to clubs and dancing.
Works as a secretary at a salary of minimum floor rate, but it is not very upsetting. Moonlights as a dancer in a nightclub, the benefit of the experience it has in this case abound, as she was dancing since childhood and is often performed in public.
Once I told her dance instructor to work, because it is obtained and the employment there are no special problems. But not everything is so simple. Marina does not like to teach, she just loves to dance. Teach it too tiring.
With the money from my girlfriend’s problems are hardly any. Marinka – real socialite, she is familiar with most of the young people of our city far from poor, will always find someone to ask for money, or someone «breed» in the club or dinner in a restaurant.
With guys met more for fun and material necessary. I’ve long since lost count of how many of them she had.
Marina great psychologist, I would say manipulator. It is obtained from birth and she uses successfully for many years. I have often watched her just a couple of minutes can convince anyone of anything, including me. Oh, yes they have talent in the right direction! But does not like to study, and, unfortunately, does not want to…
Sveta, 20
With Svetsik we met by chance, and probably just as if by accident, and fled, if not found one amazing thing: we are very similar. Like in everything we love one book, one movie, we like the same music, the same food and we always have something to talk about. Sometimes we joke that she’s my twin, well, or I her.
Sveta – This is a very interesting person. Undoubtedly, a bright representative of the detachment squad, besides desperate picketing. Lives in a hostel, studying at a psychologist. She has a goal in life – become a professional professional, but she does not miss and entertainment. Everyone has time. Very cheerful and cheerful man than attracts surrounding. Guys still come across «not those», But it is not very in a hurry, she is still ahead!
As you can see, a lot of myths arose around the bitch, which would be time to debunk.
1. Bitch – This is not necessarily a loner, rather, even on the contrary.
2. Bitch – This is an egoist, but in moderation. Will never do meanness your friends, but at the same time and to their detriment will not do anything, because it is very valued and respected.
3. Bitch – makes a career, but not to the detriment of his family. The ability to do everything – This is one of the main qualities of the real bitch.
4. Bitch – will never swear or scandaling (contrary to common «sterry» stereotype). She will always find a way out of the situation so as not to humiliate yourself and others.
5. Bitch – It is not cold and critical, but having fun and friendly. With such people you want to communicate, and not bypass the side. This is the secret of their huge popularity.
6. Bitch – Excellent psychologist, she understands and feels people.
7. Bitch – always monitors yourself and stands out from the crowd.
eight. Bitch – she is undoubtedly the queen!
Everyone has its own fate, their way…. And to be or not to be a bitch – To solve only you!

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