What life roles we play

What life roles we play?

In life, we play different roles: innovator, seeker, enthusiast, entrepreneur, organizer, analyst, criticism, adviser … You can continue endlessly. On the way to the successful achievement of its goals, we must learn to the rapid reincarnation in those role states that help adapt to that and the case of changing circumstances.

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What life roles we play?

In the case when the transition to a new condition begins with any passionate wish, it means that our role at this stage should be a motivational, inspiring. Then we turn to offensive actions, respectively, the actual role of an enterprising and energetic person becomes. Depending on the new tasks arising from us, we will alternately approximate the correct roles and what is especially important – to penetrate the spirit and ways laid down in these roles.

How to choose the right role and enter into image?

First should be checked in what states you feel comfortable, in which, on the contrary, is uncomfortable. Then we launch your creativity, which, like a boor, it makes a well in the thickness of our consciousness and breaking the stereotypes, gets to our energy flows, and together with it we break beyond the framework of everyday self-perception.

Compare yourself with new entities. Conduce associations with things, animals, natural phenomena, other people. Each new image expands knowledge about your own capabilities and manifestations. The process of deepening in his own "I" begins with the activation of intuition, which usually true indicates where the search source is located.

All this will help appreciate yourself from the side in different hypostatas. Be in front of yourself you will see a completely new person.

Processing your role-playing states, that is, having known yourself, you will be easier to start knowing and others. Especially useful and interesting to know men.

In what role you stay now?

Each of us has repeatedly became an object of comparison. We give several possible women’s images.

Predatnik: "I like a lioness, kicked in ambush, and go beats, bulls, rams, crawl, bunnies and rollaughn. I feel – the hunt will soon begin!".

Sacrifice: "I, good, well-kept calls surround some slotting, hungry dogs, looking forward to me, so that I walked, and they could take advantage of me on the full program, otherwise to die".

Parallels can be carried out not only from the animal world. Items that surround us also allow you to fantasize and project your role programs.

Here, for example, the story of a girl who wanted to get rid of his dependence to Alphonse. She presented that her heart is a casket in which passion and love should be kept in the idea. Previously, the casket was full, but now, when a bad guy appeared in the life of the girl, regularly launching his dirty paws in the box, he only ruthlessly "goditsy" in her. But when a nice guy appears, the girl will have to restore his treasures for a long time, clean the box from unclean.

You can reverse comparison. Imagine that your body is a bowl that should be empty that this man can fill it to themselves. If you decide that the current your young person is not at all what you would like to see ideally, splash out of your bowl all viscous, nonstable, tied, interfering, harmful, corrosive liquids. In general, get rid of all that you do not like. Free place for fresh delicious drink, that is, for the man who can please.

Who wants to become?

Having received the projection of its current role, answer yourself – whether she satisfies you? If not, let yourself dream a little.

It is possible that the role of the victim you want to change the role of the predator. Maybe a predator should become less bloodthirsty. Maybe you are tired of you constantly drink, draw out, eat, not offering anything in return.

What life roles we play

Imagine a way in which you either are an inexhaustible source of, or admit to it only the most worthy, satisfying their needs and are able to make up for what they have taken from you.

Remember the famous fairy tales and parables, they find a place for themselves. Believe me, this is an extremely fascinating and useful employment!

Always ensure that you feel comfortable in a new way that they inspired you to achieve goals.

What it for an animal?

Having dealt with, you can proceed to men.

What are the male figures we contraindicated?

We are not interested in men, which can be likened to a cancer, rust, corrosive acid, rotten fruit, etc.D. We are not interested in men, without the rest of us eating and drinking. We are not interested destroyers and blemishes. We are not interested in hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and other terrible natural disasters. We are not interested ticks and leeches, mosquitoes and flies are annoying, silly penguins and cowardly rabbits.

What we really need? On whom could be like our man?

It can be a noble conqueror, a knight or a sportsman, endearing height. It can be a lion, who is always ready to intercede for us. It can be a bee, which is regaling our nectar, pollinating in return not only us, but also gives the honey, which will be able to enjoy ourselves. We will approach the industrious ants, thrifty squirrels and hamsters, strong and peaceful elephants, camels hardy. A man may be an engine, driving, wheels and even brake which is activated in cornering. And well-suited computer with a powerful processor that will not have an excessive tediousness and pragmatism.

According to Freud’s theory of masculinity it is projected in phallic forms, ie in the "swells", women – in niches and rounded objects, that is, "vpuklosti". This allows your creativity to become more and diagnostic.

In the case where the future elect sees you as a high impenetrable mountains, which means that you are looking for a person with a strong masculine. If he reminds a warm cozy bed, it means you need a soft and fluffy young man.

After determining your images (female and male), be sure to come up with a fairy tale. You can take some famous plot. This will help to make scenario dynamics in relationships, will create a role-playing cliché inside you, which at an unconscious level will be selected for compliance or mismatch of a man to your scenario.

With role-playing clich̩, I think, is understandable. I will explain about scenario dynamics. We attribute to it and the stages of the development of the image (pawns Рin the ladies) and the tendency of this development (not any pawn can become a lady), most of the female go to the path and turn into inactive figures. Some can remain on the field, but clogging into the angle and stuck in the dead zone, turn into the figures inactive.

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