What lies in our dreams

What lies in our dreams?

Every night we sleep and see dreams. Dreams can be the most different: pleasant, terrible, bright or gloomy. And sometimes they seem so real that waking up, we do not always feel reality. Some of us believe that dreams come true. So it or not, no one probably does not know. However, scientists have proven that dreams are able to reflect our lives and hidden desires. They arise in our subconscious and try to say something to us. Many seek dreams to express the value of dreams, and some are looking for answers to themselves.

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What lies in our dreams?

The dreams sees everyone

Everyone sees dreams. Perhaps not every night, but once I will implement exactly. Many scientists explored our dreams. They conducted different experiences and had an interesting conclusion that dreams are closely connected with our daily life. They are its continuation. Surely, each of the time you have such that in a dream you solved an important problem that bothered you. Or perhaps you were late for afternoon, and at night you dreamed.Such coincidences seem strange at first glance. However, if you read by from one, why we see dreams, much will be in place.

There are people who are confident that they are not dreaming. But etherea. Dreams to dream absolutely all. Just, most likely, they do not remember them.This happens often. If a person wakes up sharply, he remembers his sleep for four or two minutes, and after that he immediately forget. After a time in the memory of theMog, there are some images or actions from sleep, but most often we are actually observing as a dejum. That is, the repetition of something that has already earlier. We just seem to be that we have experienced in real life, but a nnaigur in a dream.

Dreams see even blind people from birth. It’s hard to explain, but the fact remains.Perhaps the thing that dreams are the result of activities and the subconscious nashegomozga. They create certain images and pictures.

Most often, the dream – is a continuation of our reflections and concerns.But it is not always the case. It does happen, it can not be absolutely nichegoobschego them. After all, we can dream about the war, end of the world, zagadochnyesuschestva, unknown places, as well as completely unrealistic events. Nekotoryesny so they surprise us that remain in our subconscious to dlitelnyyperiod time. Many people believe that these are the dreams kotoryezapominayutsya are prophetic. They allegedly concealed meaning which mydolzhny unravel or to interpret.

As there are dreams

Our dreams help us step into a dialogue with something unconscious.In a symbolic form they reflect our forbidden and unrealizable desires temsamym allowing them to survive. Some scientists believe that dreams help nampodderzhivat our mental balance. They are emotional razgruzkoydlya nervous system.

Have you ever thought about what it consists of our dreams?As it turned out, they consist of only forty percent of our experiences that we have experienced during the day. The remaining sixty percent – a scene relating to anxiety, fear, worries. So says a sleep ineyrofiziolog – Michel Jouvet.

There are those stories of dreams that are common to vsegochelovechestva. But despite this, even one and the same subject, it has svoyopredelenny meaning and significance for each person. What we dream most frequently? As pokazaliissledovaniya, men often dream about sex with strangers girls, weapons, vehicles and tools. All the action takes place in an open space or c unfamiliar place. But the opposite is true for women. In their dreams they see the room, most of the familiar. Also, we, ladies, dream work, clothing, food, etc.It is worth noting the fact that women are more seriously to their dreams than men. And therefore we remember them much better.

What lies in our dreams

What do dreams say?

Dreams most often tell us about our dissatisfaction, anxiety, fear, and also they indicate unresolved tasks. And if we soarily think about what we saw in a dream, the fear is gradually decreasing, and the modern will disappear. Nightmares we start to dream when our I ignore. Our consciousness tries to erase from memory what is incompatible with our services. However, sometimes this moment comes when without this "forgotten" so much can not do and we need to remember it.

The obvious meaning of our dreams is only a superficial layer under which "messages of the unconscious" are more deeply hidden. That is why the o’clock needs to notice those details that are unusual. It is in them to hide, the main idea of ​​sleep. Changing the shape or type of conventional items created by situations is all that it recreates our subconscious and as it were to the dates for the tip: "Search need here".

Interpretation of a few

If you are shot cars, then such a dream indicates ongoing cases or plans. If you eat in the car, and the trip is pleasant, then it symbolizes good luck in life and your activity. If in a dream you got a villing, then your subconsciousness hints to the fact that you got involved in a thorotic case that can turn into failure. If you manage to be a car accident, then you successfully solve all your problems and things. If you enter out moving cars, this suggests that you want to write or change the place.

Traditionally, water is a symbol of emotions and love. If you are changing that you bathe in clean and pleasant water, then it indicates that the guises are happy in life or in relationships. If you are sulking or chopped up, all your feelings are overwhelmed, or you do not see the exit from which behalf. Floods symbolize deep fears. Necessarily turning it and on what water in your dream: clean or dirty. Dirty Watering Anotherly when we feel asleep or participate in dishthe. If you drink muddy water – it’s kbarles. If you drink clean water – this is a sign of favorable completion.

Food in a dream symbolizes emotions. And most different. If sweets are shot, then most likely, in life you lack the holiday of Irajst. If you can’t get enough, you are most likely, you’re "hungry" on something. With the help of food your body can ask for support for care.

Clothes indicate your status and how you feel in society. Therefore, pay attention to the color of clothing, clean it is or politic, what exactly is dressed? In accordance with this, it is possible to compare with reality.

Many opinions about whether you should trust. After all, sometimes they really come true, even despite the fact that Etto is only the process of working our subconscious and brain. If you believe meritions, then learn how to interpret them correctly. The same phenomenon can be a lot of things. Therefore, first of all, follow their own consciousness, feelings and emotions. They always send you to the right track.

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