What kitchen without laurels ..

What kitchen without laurels ..

Nowadays, cooking any dish is unthinkable without adding laurels. Laurea I first saw in the Crimea. He struck me with beauty and some mysterious grace. Later, I learned that the Laurel on the Black Sea coast of Crimea was taken by the Greeks of the 25th centuries ago. And the branch of Laurel is even depicted on the ancient coat of arms of Yalta.

The ancient Greeks considered the Lavra with a sacred plant and were dedicated to His Apollon. According to one of the Greek myths, Zlakotrian Apollo once met the young God of Love Erota with a tiny bow and arrows and asked with irony: "Why do you need, baby, onions and arrows? Do not you think you surpass me in the art of shooting?". Eros, though small, but remote, decided to punish Apollo for his self-confidence and released two arrows. The first, arrow of love, stuck in the heart of Apollo, and the second – killing love – got into a beautiful nymph Daphne, daughter of the Fessealian river god Peat. Apollo immediately fell in love with Daphne, she barely impoverished him, rushed to run.

Zlakotrhy God begged a nymph to stop, swore that he does not want her evil. But Daphne, covered by dislike, did not stop, and when Apollo began to catch up with her, prayed, turning to his father, so that he saved her from the hateful love of the beautiful God, changing the image. And at the same moment turned the nymph in a laurel tree. Apollo came to despair, long he suffered near Lavra, and then decorated his head with a wreath, woven from his branches. Since then, the Lavr is considered a tree dedicated to Apollon.

And "Lavr" translates as "Daphne – Daphne". In Russia, the bay leaf until the XVIII century was called "Daphny". And some scientists adhere to the point of view that the word "laurel" happened from the word "laureate" (crowned with laurels). It is known that the "bachelor" means "laurel berries", and this title is given at the end of 4 years of study, and the Lavr is fruitful just for the 4th year.

Lavr and in our time symbolizes immortality, as well as triumph, victory and success. In ancient Greece on the games in honor of Apollo, which included competitions and athletics, and in arts, winners were crowned with laurel wreaths. In ancient Rome, laurel wreaths worn on the heads of military winners. Laurel wreath put on Julius Caesar on all official ceremonies, in a laurel wreath he was captured on the statues.

English kings Karl II, Georg I and George II and Queen Elizabeth II were depicted with laurel wreaths on coins.

Lavric wreaths often use automotive companies to emphasize the prestige of cars, such as Alpha Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat.

Laurel Noble – Laurus Nobilis – evergreen tree shrub or tree with a leafy crown from the Lavrov family. Folk Names – Lavra Tree, Greek Lavr, Indian Lavr, Roman Lavra, Sweet Lavr.

In the form of the LavR most often resembles a beautiful green pyramid. The straight trunk with brownish or light gray smooth bark proudly rushes up to the sun, reaching 10-15 meters in height. Laurel is a large leathery leaves of the oblong shape with a brilliant dark-green riding, exacerating a pleasant fragrance.

Small pale yellow flowers are collected in the inflorescence of umbrellas located at the most ends of the branches and in the sinuses. Flowers laurel noble in April-May. Fruits – fragrant, juicy, black-blue egg-shaped or elliptical stubbles up to 2 cm long. With a large bone. Ripen in November.

Homeland Laurel is considered the Mediterranean coast – countries such as Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, former Yugoslavia, Albania, Slovakia. Lavra lives from 100 to 400 years. Nowadays, the laurel is grown on plantations in industrial volumes. Collect bay leaf from November to February. Branches with leaves dried on spices in the shade of 7-10 days. And to generate essential oil use fresh leaves. Store the bay leaf in a closed form – in packages or in dishes.

High-quality laurel leaf It has a smooth matte light olive color and retains a pleasant aroma with a slightly exciting mustard. Skinny leaves are not suitable for use. Laving sheet shelf life in packing 2 years.

Bay leaf contains essential oil, acetic, valerian, piping acid, cinell, pinen, fellandren, geraniol, eugenol, phytoncides, trace elements, tanning substances and bitterness.

Lavr is used not only as a spice, but also in folk medicine. Preparations of laurel improve the work of the heart, reduce blood pressure, improve the appetite and the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, help in the treatment of asthma, reduce skin inflammation, destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Ordinary bay leaf is recommended to chew when Inflammation of Dysen, To get rid of stomatitis.

In treating Sugar diabetes 20-30 leaves brew 2 glasses of boiling water. And drink in the morning to breakfast and small sips throughout the day. Course 15-20 days. Then break.

At cholecystitis take laurel oil by adding 10-15 drops in milk or tea.

At Allergies Lavra oil 5 drops dripped on a piece of sugar and absorb it to eat.

As an anesthetic rheumatism and rheumatoid polyarthritis Take a decoction: 2-3 sheets are crushed, poured 2 glasses of boiling water and boiled on slow heat for 5 minutes. Insist, biting, 4 hours, filter, divide liquid into 3 parts and drink 3 days with small sips throughout the day.

What kitchen without laurels ..

At Gaymorite Drip 1 drop of laurel oil into each nostril. Oil sold in a pharmacy. You can do it yourself: 25 g of laurel leaves Grind and pour 1 glass of refined vegetable oil, insist for a week, strain. With the same oil, you can lubricate the skin rashes, jugs, tumors, wounds, stretching and other damage. In case of diseases of the ears, get 1 drop in each ear. You can not use in the laurel oil.

Bay leaf is widely used in cooking For the aromatization of the first and second dishes, pickles, marinades. In the first dishes, the laurel sheet is put 5 minutes before readiness, second – in 10 minutes.

Magi still use the LavR to protect, expuls the unclean power, purification, healing and foresight. LAVR, growing near the house, protects all living in it from diseases and goat ill-wishers.

To remove the evil eye and damage the laurel leaf burned together with sandalwood.

Lava’s aroma brings positive changes. To do this, inhale the oil of the laurel or the aroma of the crushed dry sheet.

In antiquity, the branch of the lamina was attached over the doors and cradle.

And loved for the safety of feelings broke the branch from the tree of the Lavra, they smashed it into two parts, and everyone kept her part like a sense.

From the Lavra, they did canes that protected the travelers from damage and robbers.

Laurel branch put under the mattress so that none of the spouses think about treason.

And the leaves of Lavra under the rug in the hallway do not let into the house of quarrels and unwanted guests.

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