What kindergarten tricycle is better to choose

What kindergarten tricycle is better to choose?

When the kid will grow up, he gets annoying constantly sitting in a stroller, I want more movement and games. But children from year to 2 years still do bad and quickly get tired, crossed long distances for them difficult. Mom has often to wear a child in his arms, and this is a constant load on the back weighing more than 10 kg. In such an intermediate period between the stroller and the usual bike, the children’s three-wheeled childrenbike with a handle can become an excellent option.

Types of children’s tricycles

Before you choose a children’s tricycle, you need to decide what kind of "iron horse" is suitable for a child.

  1. Velikolaska ; This is a tric-wheeled bicycle hybrid with a regular stroller. Manages such a bike an adult man with a pusher handle. For a child, an imitation is created that he himself goes and manages transport. Suitable for children from 8 months, which just learned to sit up to 3 years. Child older such a means of movement will not be interested.
  2. Classic children’s tricycle ; Such a design has nothing superfluous. Steering wheel, pedals, wheels and comfortable seat. It is impossible to use it earlier than 2 years old, since rare children before this age can boast the ability to turn the pedals on their own and comply with a good balance.
  3. Transformer ; Contains a model with a handle and a classic children’s bike. Until a certain age, the child will be messed with adults with the help of a handle, after gaining the necessary skills, the kid will be able to control the bike independently. Before that, you will need to remove all the safety elements, the handle, stopped for the legs, after which the usual bike. Age suitable for such a children’s tricycle ; from 8 months to 5 years.

Features of the choice of cycoles

If parents decide to buy a three-wheel bike to buy a one-year-old child, then it is worth paying attention to this model. In addition to entertainment, the baby, it has the most necessary security characteristic. Modification of children’s models can be different, depending on the cost of the product. But to choose a safe children’s tricycle in the store, you must trace the presence of some elements.

  1. The seat of a three-wheeled children’s bike with a handle must be with a rigid back in the form of a chairs so that it supports the child’s rapid spine and did not let him stick.
  2. What kindergarten tricycle is better to choose
  3. It is necessary that the seat of the seat of the seat was non-slip. Otherwise, the baby will constantly scalle.
  4. The model with the handle must necessarily be the stands for the legs. Their absence will deliver discomfort for the child, the legs will be tired, as he will have to keep them either on pedals or in the air. In addition to this, the stand is designed to protect the legs from injury to pedals and wheels.
  5. The presence of a security system ; It includes belts, fastening baby, and safety rim. Both elements will keep the crumb to falling out of its vehicle.
  6. On such a three-wheeled bike with a handle a good bonus will be the presence of an awning. For a small passenger, the roof will perform overheating with the overheating of the sun and blotting in the rain. Well, when the awning closes not only his head, but also back: in hot weather, the baby will be in the shade.
  7. Parents need to choose a model with a handle that is convenient, because it is them will have to manage this means of movement constantly. It will be good if the handle will be adjusted in height.
  8. Rubber wheels will provide good shock absorption and silent ride.

As a supplement, we can say that the availability of a spacious trunk for a children’s bike with a handle is very relevant. Mom kids know how much you need to take with you. Not bad cycles can be found on https: // ultrasport.RU / Velosipedy / Detskie / Detskie-Trekhkolesnye-Velosipedy /

Features of the choice of a classic three-wheel bike

What a children’s tricycle to choose for a grown child who is already seeking independence? An excellent gift will be a classic model model. It remains practically unchanged since the time of last generation, changed except materials and equipment. All modifications were held to increase child safety.

  1. Despite the fact that the kid has grown, it is better to stop the choice on the vehicle movement. There are models for such age and with a saddle, but then it is important to trace that the material of the manufacture is not slippery and there was a hazing hard side. He passes on the sides of the saddle and behind.
  2. Pedals should be wide for a child’s leg completely fastened to them and not slipped. A good option will be the rubberized coating of the pedal surface.
  3. It is better to give preference to rubber plates. Such three-wheeled bicycles are characterized by a softer driving on uneven surfaces, reduce shake, are more stable. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the more stable it.
  4. The steering limiter is protection against sharp turning of the steering wheel and drops after that. Bonus will be adjusting the helm of height.
  5. Needane should never acquire bikes to rise when the legs hang around the twist pedals, it is not safe.

Features of the choice of transformer

These models have more cumbersome sizes and weight due to the fact that they enter into one in one: a classic model and cycalo. Therefore, before choosing a children’s tricycle with a handle, with the possibility of transformation, it is necessary to take into account the physical possibilities of a person who will transport it. In addition to this feature, others should also be taken into account.

  1. It is best to choose models with the ability to block pedals until the baby can use them yourself. And up to this point the blocking will protect the feet of the child from injuries.
  2. The presence of a removable entertainment panel will ensure the baby not only a walk, but also a fascinating game. And when he becomes older, it can be removed.
  3. All elements of the insurance system should be easily removed, and without them "tricycle friend" should not lose its functionality.
  4. Since such a model has larger dimensions, it is desirable that it has a folding function. This will provide easy transportation, and it will take less space in the apartment.
  5. Still in the store it is important to check that the model is easily transformed into a classic tricycle, without effort and creak. Then, when the kid will shoot, it will be late to make complaints with the seller.
  6. Since such a bike will be used for a long time, it is important that all parts and mechanisms are executed from high-quality materials. It will be better if the carrier frame is made of metal. The smaller the important plastic parts in the bike, the better.
  7. The handle must be comfortable, of durable and non-slip materials.

In everything else, when choosing a transformer, you can focus on the nuances of the selection of a conventional three-wheeled children’s bike with a handle and a classic option.

What exactly to choose a bike?

After the features of each of the types of children’s three-wheeled bicycles are defined, you need to choose something one. Each parents base their choice on personal preferences and, depending on what they expect from this type of transport.

If small dimensions and weight are more important for mom, it is better to stay on a simple children’s tricycle with a handle. It is much lighter than stroller, but in reality can perform almost all its functions. In addition, a child in Velikolask with a handle has a greater review and great gaming capabilities. Each trip for him turns into an adventure, he thinks he owns himself. While the kid is small, it is important that parents fully control the process of movement.

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