What kindergarten GPS tracker is better than the rating of gadgets 2020

What kindergarten GPS tracker is better: gadget rating 2020

Want to choose a truly reliable children’s watch? Lisa.RU will help you decide.

Today for the protection of property (baggage at the airport or car), the location of the pet can use GPS tracker. Thanks to this device, it is also possible to control older relatives or children.

Spyware such adaptations can already be called. Trackers become part of everyday life. Smart parent is ready to buy a clock to a child with a GPS and a phone.

The moral side of the question remains open. Is it ethical to watch the movements of a teenage child? Is it dangerous for trust and close relationship with a child in difficult age? Psychologists do not recommend watching secret. If the truth will accidentally open, the conflict will have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it is so important to pick up a cool tracker, which will be equipped with the most recent functions, but also like the child.

Why need a device

The trouble of the modern world is not only in the elevation level of crime, and also in the fact that the technical rims of children learn to enjoy faster than coming on time, do not be late and keep the word. Even adult people got used to calling almost every day with apologies or warnings about finding, watching the road on the map in the smartphone while moving, focusing on time on the routes built by the navigator.

So as not to raise panic every time the child is delayed, it is worth thinking about to supply it "smart" clock. You can call? But the advantage of the tracker is that it is impossible to watch bloggers on YouTube and play games, and, it means, he holds a much better mobile phone. And the damage does not cause the psyche. And you can not distract the baby from important conversations with peers on the High topics with their boring "when you are at home?". Some pluses.

As follows

The location of the ward can be tracking online in the smartphone application or SMS request. This means that the device can report current coordinates by sending a message with a link to Google Card.

By the way, some models are equipped with a special function – if the child comes out of the installed zone, the gadget immediately signals the parent.

What is the price

When choosing a device, you should consider two factors. The first is the cost of the device. Second – monthly service costs.

For example, if the tracker uses a SIM card and actively refers to the Internet, recording all the movements of the object to the server, then you will have to pay traffic at the operator’s tariff. Trifle, and unpleasant.

What modern trackers look like

The tracker can be put in the pocket, hang on the neck or wearing a wrist as a clock (or just download a special application for a children’s phone – tracking is carried out for a smartphone, and not for a person). It usually looks like a small box (usually black), some kind of chill (either a key chain) or a full-fledged clock with additional features.

If the tracker is made in the form of a box, its benefits are noticeably reduced. Imagine that the gadget lies in a backpack, and I forgot your child somewhere (or lost) and raised a little. Backpack, of course, there will be very fast. Perhaps it will even be valuable things. But this will not solve the problem of finding the Chad itself.

There are also their difficulty while using the application for tracking. For example, the phone may unexpectedly change the owner (in case of theft).

Therefore, it is better to pay your attention to hours, bracelets and pendants. At least if they are not specifically removed, they will remain in. In addition, part of the trackers have "alarm buttons" that allow the hazard to be swept away. Press your hand on the clock or tear the pendant on the neck much more naturally than to look for a small black box somewhere on the bottom of the school backpack.

Rating of children’s GPS trackers 2020

The rating is drawn up with the following parameters:

  1. Is it possible to wear a device on the body or only in your pocket, a backpack, on a key bundle,
  2. Answer button,
  3. range,
  4. Battery capacity,
  5. Reflammability as a tracking device, relevance of application,
  6. Ability to install a bilateral connection,
  7. Additional useful functions (pedometer, pulse measurement, sleep phase tracking).

Top 10 trackers of various forms, starting with the least useful for tracking children, ending with the most efficient.

ten. GPS Tracker TK 102 (Personal GPS Tracker TK 102)

Advantages: low price tag, reliability design.

Disadvantages: the appearance is utilitated, it is immediately clear that the thing is not children’s.

  • Popular in stores, easy to use. Determines the place with an accuracy of 5-10 meters. You can follow in the application, via the web interface or request a link to the Google Card via SMS.
  • In the standard configuration there are two covers at once. One of them is magnetic and allows you to mount the tracker to metallic surfaces.
  • Sym-card is required, working hours without recharging to two days.
  • Better attached to the car than to man.
  • You can not wear on the body (there is a risk to follow the backpack forgotten in the bus, and not for the child).

nine. Smart Keychain Chipolo Classic CH-M45S

Advantages: Replaceable CR2025 Battery, Bluetooth Support. You can follow in the application simultaneously for several objects.

What kindergarten GPS tracker is better than the rating of gadgets 2020

Disadvantages: You can not wear on the body, the range of 60 meters.

  • Bright and stylish, looks good on the bags and backpacks, a good keychain for keys. You can search for a tracker using the application on a smartphone.
  • The device is more advantageous when searching for your baby’s favorite toy in the country area or in a large apartment. Behind a person can only be observed in the zone of direct visibility.

eight. Bracelet Lineable

Advantages: affordable price, current way to wear a subject on a body, a socially appreciated accessory, which is important for a teenager.

Disadvantages: The bracelet is not regulated. If the child has left far, its location will not show the device.

  • Positioned by satellite, cellular tower communication and Wi-Fi networks. There is a function of "geozobra", that is, when the bracelet and its owner enters the marked zone or, on the contrary, leaves the acceptable zone, the device notifies parents of parents.
  • You can limit the list of allowed numbers and ease the child’s telephone conversations from the application.
  • Managed through the phone, used in the area of ​​direct visibility.
  • Very similar to the previous device, only rushing on hand, difficult to remove, so higher in the ranking.

7. Mini GPS Lighthouse "Banknotes" SmartTrust GT012

Advantages: Masking perfectly under the credit card, it costs fourteen days without recharging.

Disadvantages: A SIM card is required, and together with it and monthly payment of traffic.

  • Thin, stylish, light, while the battery is designed for a long time. Positioned by satellite, cell towers and Wi-Fi networks, works well in rooms.
  • Not suitable for a small child.

6. Children’s Mini GSM Tracker ReachFar RF-V18 (Black)

Advantages: Plastic bracelet, will not remain in the backpack, accidentally won’t fall out of his pocket.

Disadvantages: even glance is glimpse enough to understand that it is not a clock, namely the tracking device.

  • Determines the location with the help of a cellular network, there is a "geozob" function, when the bracelet and its owner enters the marked zone or, on the contrary, leaves an acceptable zone, the device notifies parents’ phones.

5. ATIAN GPS Tracker Mini

Advantages: Lightweight, Water Well, Is An Alarm Button.

Disadvantages: Boys can not wear such an accessory on the body due to design, which means there is a risk that tracking will be carried out for moving not a child, but its things.

  • Stylish accessory for girls, they can wear it in the form of a coast. Boys can put it in a backpack or hang on the keys.
  • You can follow Google cards for moving.

4. Moisture-resistant GPS tracker miniFinder Pico (Vitex VG20)

Advantages: Powerful battery, can work without recharging up to five days.

Disadvantages: With this tracker, it is easy to follow a backpack, not for a person.

  • Determines the position and satellites, and on cellular towers (if the connection with the satellite failed).
  • Supports bilateral communication, can be used as a phone.
  • The "SOS" button is located on the housing.
  • Children’s colors, can be worn as a key chain on a backpack.

Only smart watches entered the top three. Read below the top of the best children’s watches with GPS. Their indisputable advantage is that they are worn on the body, and not in the pocket of the winter jacket or in a backpack.

3. Personal GPS Tracker-Watch Sentar L-701S (GT70LS)

Advantages: Camera availability, you can connect to the device and even get an image.

Disadvantages: not all children will be comfortable to wear them.

  • Looks like a children’s toy, original design, built in flashlight.
  • Positioned by satellite, cell towers and Wi-Fi networks, works well in rooms.
  • Alarm button and hand removal sensor.
  • Telephone book for ten rooms.

2. Children’s GPS Top Watch Top Watch FindKid Lite

Advantages: teach children to determine the time on the clock arrows – this skill is now rare, requires a thorough development of the child’s brain.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for young children and those who are used to using children’s watches with GPS with an electronic dial.

  • Visually, this ordinary children’s clock with a classic dial, nevertheless is not just a tracker, sets a bilateral connection.
  • There is a SOS button, the signal is sent to one press.

1. GPS Lighthouse for Children Smart Baby Watch Q50

Advantages: You can limit incoming calls, only numbers from the allowed list can call.

Disadvantages: the child can send likes virtually through the clock. Psychologists believe that it raises children to surrogate live communication.

  • Real children’s clock, look stylish both in the version for boys and girls.
  • They can wear very little children.
  • Built in a pedometer, calorie counting and tracking time tracking and wakefulness.
  • You can use as a phone.
  • This is the best children’s GPS tracker 2020. The device performs its functions 100%, and you can simply not send likes. Not every smart function should be applied.

In conclusion, we want to recall that only the informed behavior of parents and the child will save the latter from dangerous situations. The signal from the tracker comes quickly, but how fast the parent will be able to pull the schoolchildren from the redirection, depends only on the case.

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