What kind of zodiac is suitable decorations with a tanzanite, and who can not be worn

No one stands in front of the luxury and greatness of precious stones. With deep ancient times, stones are a symbol of wealth, power, their owners. Stones were transferred by inheritance kings and emperors, they were inlated in the canvas and items that are still stored in historical museums of different countries and represent a special cultural value and pride. For the precious stones fought and died, historically stones are attributed to the powerful magical power, which the stone itself gives its owner, having endowed it with unthinkable qualities, sometimes not inherent to ordinary person.

There are a lot of stones in nature, but precious minerals are used in a special value, which are now actively using all jewelry and corporations, releasing unique and irresponsible decorations. Of course, the ring, earrings, suspension – the most desirable surprises on any holiday, and who has such an opportunity, always choose to please our loved one with such a majestic and worthy gift.

As everyone knows, the most expensive stone is a diamond. However, it is not. There is a stone much less common, but no less expensive. I’m talking about Tanzanit. This is a gem – the dream of every connoisseur of jewelry art, it is very rare in nature, its deposits are not enough, they are not replenished and dried very quickly. This circumstance makes Tanzanite even more unique, luxury and expensive. Now I tell you about this amazingly beautiful stone – you will love it for sure.

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History and physical properties

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro African Ali Dzhuyavati. Unfortunately, the stocks are not more than ten years, and close to the time when he will disappear forever from the earth. All these circumstances make more tanzanite one of the rarest stones in the world, is not inferior to its value even luxury diamond. Combining the unusual combination of colors with the highest geological indicators, it is becoming increasingly desirable acquisition.

Highest grade quality, excellent performance and amazing features of tanzanite are an essential guarantee for a large number of demanding customers and the lucky owners of this unique, precious stone.

Tanzanite – is the personification of the mysterious African continent, mystically draws its rare beauty, veneer and inner depth, indicating its extreme exclusivity.

Another name for the mineral – the blue zoisite.

Blue and violet color caused by impurity ions of chromium and vanadium. Crystals – transparent. Glitter – glass. Hardness – 6.5 – 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density – 3.1 – 3.5 g / cm3, perfect cleavage.

The discovery of tanzanite was as casual and spontaneous, like a tropical downpour – in 1967. the shepherds of the African Masai tribe found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania charred glade – the fire with grass and trees ate the top layer of soil, exposing the transparent stones violet-purple color. One of the warriors of the tribe brought a stone weighing 10 thousand. ct (2 kg) in an office Manuelya De Souza, responsible for supplying rubies.

First discovery generally mistaken for a piece of glass and then counted sapphire. However, after careful examination, experts agreed on the fact that they see a completely new gem, a type of tioisitis – another African gem that practically not used in jewelry business. Stones of small sizes most often have a lavender shade. The larger the stone, the richer, deeper and brighter its color. Dimensions of Tanzanite stones are diverse. Often find large crystals weighing up to 50 carats.

Attractive features

Tanzanit has an "alexandrite" effect – changes painting depending on the angle of view, being actually three-color. Bright blue cloudless sky, purple purple southern nights, brown-yellow savannah, bright green greens of palm leaves, golden sun – Africa itself is reflected in the faces of this amazing mineral. Blue and purple become the main shades of only those stones that found on the surface of the Earth – this kind of "tan" Tanzanite acquires, fries in the rays of the scorching equatorial sun. However, the stones produced by the traditional way initially have brown or green shades, so most of the tanzanites are undergoing thermal processing. And only when heated to 600 c, the mineral acquires the same sought-after blue-purple with a lilac flaps.

The most roads are royal tanzanites, in which in daylight 80% of the primary shade is deep blue, the remaining 20% ​​falls on the purple shade. Under the artificial light of the electric lamp, Tanzanite looks different – cast red and purple.

In Russia, Tanzanit is practically unknown to the consumer – this is due to the fact that it was when the fashion for Tanzanite actively developed, the Soviet system reigned in our country, which moved in the embryo any penetration of the "Power Western Influence", and all proposed jewels were made exclusively by the domestic jewelery. Therefore, what we know about gems got to us from the pre-revolutionary past, Tanzanite became a novelty not only for ordinary buyers, but also for jewelers.

Frequency and greatness of Tanzanite

Tanzanit is unusually fragile – it has perfect pliability and requires the greatest care when cutting and leaving, one incorrectly designed effort – and the gem raise the breast fragments. You can wash the tanzanite only with soap solution, it is unsuitable for cleaning acid or in an ultrasonic bath. He suffers from sharp temperature drops. All this causes the impossibility of everyday wearing jewelry with a tanzanite – this is an elitar stone, intended for the most important and solemn exits in the light, a symbol of elegance and high style. It is extremely important to acquire high-quality stones from the seller with a reputation established in the market – it will save you from unnecessary concerns, because the cheap tanzanite is short-lived or generally fake.

Rarity tanzanite – existing stocks are gradually depleted. It makes collectors and connoisseurs of jewelry all over the world strive to buy a stone that will soon become a rarity. In addition, Tanzanit fits perfectly into the jewelry trends of recent years, when the famous jewelry houses began to try to find new non-traditional materials and color solutions, picking up the substitutional "classic" gems.

To process the tanzanite, use diamond or mixed shape of the cut, for stones with inclusions, cut in the form of a cabochon.

Tanzanite deposits are mainly represented by residents and cracks with crystals that have grown on them. There are a variety of inclusions in the stone. The unusual and value of Tanzanite is hidden not only in its quality characteristics, but also that such a kind of precious stone was found only in one place – Plateau Melinini in Tanzania.

Medical Properties of Gemstone

What kind of zodiac is suitable decorations with a tanzanite, and who can not be worn

Thanks to its blue color, Tanzanite can calm or treat his eyes. To do this, you need to calmly look at the stone. It is also believed that the blue type of Tanzanite helps in the treatment of colds, facilitates the state of a person during fever. Some Lekari use tanzanite to care for skin, and in some cases for its treatment. Tanzanites can also be used to treat various diseases of the spine.

Tanzanite affects the frontal chakra.

Talisman Tanzanit

Tanzanit – a symbol of love and luxury. This is the mascot of people seeking enrichment and family happiness. Talisman can be any product from Tanzanite. It is believed that if wearing a stone in the form of brooches or a snap, you will definitely come in career. The owners of such a stone await not only material well-being, but also happiness in personal life. In the family, such a stone brings peace, peace and mutual understanding. Tanzanite accepted to give spouses for the 24th anniversary of the wedding. Tanzanit began to call the mascot of love and family happiness. Women are best wearing earrings with Tanzanite, for it is believed that such a decoration enhances their external appeal, makes them bright, confident in themselves and charming. Women Ring with Tanzanite will help attract the attention of the opposite sex, and earrings will increase sensuality, will strengthen the female charm and sexuality.

What sign of the zodiac is suitable

It is believed that Tanzanite is shown most of the people of watermarks and hairs – the last Tanzanit gives composure and chastity.

Interesting Facts

Interesting about Tanzanit. The world’s largest tanzanite, a blue-purple semi-precious stone, more rare than Diamond, found at the foot of Kilimanjaro Mountain. The weight of the found stone is 16.839 thousand. carats, or more than 3 kg. The stone called Mavents in honor of the second in the height of Kilimanjaro peak. Its cost has not yet been estimated.

Tanzanit became the desired choice of the most insightful women around the world, whose sophisticated taste reflects the inner sense of style and individuality and besides the embodiment of femininity, elegance and absolute sensuality. Truly, he must certainly become an integral point in the list of gifts to the long-awaited spring holiday for loved women.

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