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This cream bought out of curiosity – there was no such legendary product in our house. Planned to use it in hand, but in the end I smear on my feet. I do not like his smell, which is difficult to describe: it is such a classic cream, but some kind of obsessive (although there is no particularly sensitive smell, even the opposite!) and a few chemical, I can’t fall asleep with such cream on my hands. Cream white cream. The consistency is pretty thick, immediately after applying, such a white film is formed, I need 20 minutes to absorb. It can be avoided, but then you need a very little tool, and in this case some kind of moisturizing I do not feel. Convenient jar, tin. Novey’s cream has many admirers, but I’m not among them, I did not fit this cream.

2. Dove Summer Glow Beauty Body Lotion – Body Lotion with Light Skin Tank for Light Skin

It was somewhat surprised by the lack of effect from this lotion. T.E. Its main purpose, it does not essentially – no color / shade or glow. So I would have thought that somehow the wrong nano, but I know how to use auto markets. He probably is just too light down and indeed for white-skinned, my hue of the skin itself is average (but still closer to the bright). The consistency is liquid, easily distributed and absorbed, immediately after applying there is a stickiness that passes quite quickly, within five minutes somewhere. I like the smell, but I’m not sure that everyone will have to taste, he is somewhat typical auto market, but I am pleasant, so it’s better to listen to the store right in the store. After it, the skin is moisturized, but it is a short effect. But here at least there is logic – it is impossible to demand from the light lotion of serious nutrition, I think.

3. Clinique Self Sun Body Daily Moisturizer Light / Medium – Body Milk-Truck Light / Medium

Good tanger, falls very smoothly, without proper or divorces (provided that you will do everything at the level of course). Comes down too worthy, gradually. Clothes and bed linen. Immediately gives a shade, and quite natural, but in the next. Once it will buy a darker version, because anyway some kind of rim is present, and I read that this is a frequent phenomenon in brighter versions of auto stock. Texture is not too liquid milk, white. Immediately after applying, it is better not to hurry, and wait for about 15 minutes, while it absorbs completely, and you can go to bed. The smell is normal, not nasty. Economical.

4. Natura Siberica Sauna & SPA natural dense duairs for body

Yellow thick oil with an obvious herbal smell, if he knew that it smells like it – I would not buy. It seems to me that this is something lemon, I don’t like it. I got it in winter, and then I generally upset because I did not want to throw away, but it was difficult to use it, t.To. houses were cool and it did not melted on the skin at all. Accounted for a very long time to rub him. At the end of the spring, I re-opened it – in fact, the texture is cool. Yes, it is not easy to distribute and absorbed not immediately, but after applying there is no film and do not want to immediately run into the shower. I don’t really like that this is a slightly watery, t.E. oil properties, and such super food does not give. Moisturizes above average but not perfectly. Honestly, already fed up, the bank is huge, although quite comfortable.

5. Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar – Oil Massage "Honeymoon" – Massage Tile 30g

Composition: Cocao Oil (Theobroma Cacao), Shea Tree Oil (Butyrospermum Parkii), Honey (MEL), Cocoa Powder (Theobroma Cacao), Perfume Composition, Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis), Glycerin, Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus Dulcis), Bergamot Oil (Citrus Bergamia), Limonen *, Linalolol *, Benzylbenzoate.
* Components of essential oils

I love this to Maslice! A completely stunning thing. It is my second heart, and definitely not the last. First, the smell: honey and chocolate, sweet, warm, I can breathe this fragrance again and again, the skin will simply fragrant after applying. Secondly, leaving properties: on top, Drive skin, moisturized, Sleepy. After applying there is an oily film, but it is normal for Lashevsky massage tiles! This film is not annoying, but it is felt that it is just an oil that needs a little time to absorb. I think this composition is forgiven! In addition, the skin remains velvety for a long time. I have such a format of moisturizing agent. Nano on hot sparkled skin immediately after the shower. Took with you to the sea (I will note how convenient such oil on trips, it is not necessary to drag any cans or bottles!), tile has become there with absolute mast haw, t.To. Soothing the skin.

6. Floresan Deep Depil – Cream Gel Balance Slowing Skin Care Skin After Depilation

Bought according to reviews here, on cosmeticist. Actually, I wanted a slowdown in growth from him, but unfortunately did not receive. But found in the face of this gel of a pleasant humidifier, very lung on consistency, mint greenish color and mint (menthol?) Smerel. Ideally removes irritation, it does not contribute to the rustling of hairs. A little strange packaging – a remedy in the spray, and this is despite the fact that it is not so liquid. Yes, it’s a gel, but not a water. Therefore, the spray does not disseparate the gel, but it spits them, it’s better to immediately splash on my feet, but it splashes everything around. I first splash in my palm, and then distribute my hand on my feet.

7. Johnson’s Baby Light Oil Spray

I use anti-cellulite banks for massage. It is very easy, very quickly absorbed, it is necessary to abundantly to apply so that the bank slides. But in general, I liked. Neutral smell, skin is not annoying, not fat. I still had from floresan oil precisely for anti-cellulite massage, in comparison with it – it’s just super. Comfortable spray packaging. Many scold for the composition, I will not find fault about this.

eight. Nivea Freshness 48H energy with lemongrass extract Antiperspirant

The most ordinary. Not sharp and quite neutral smell. Protects for a while and I’m not sure about it. I wear this ball antiperspirant, if I know that I go out of the house at 3, no more. But definitely will not leave any traces – it is absolutely transparent.

Tools for body

nine. Vichy 48hr Anti-Perspirant Treatment – Ball Antiperspirant 48 hours

Here is already a promise of protection for 48 hours more real, t.To. Really, the tool helps even in the heat to avoid wet traces on clothes and unpleasant odor. By the way, the fragrance at the antiperspirant is pleasant with the male note, and quieter than that of the mentioned Nivey above. He is white, so I pre-give him a good dry, and then I’m definitely sure that there will be no white traces. Frankly, I expected more from this product more, I thought that even in the summer, the armpits would be dry, but it turned out differently. There is no humidity, but there are no wet traces. This is despite the fact that I have a common standard sweating)) In general, everything seems to be fulfilled.

ten. Green pharmacy oil for taking baths and soul mandarin, cinnamon

This is just super! Bought on the council Lovegood here on cosmeticist. No but oil, just shower gel. Nooooo he wonderful! Not dried, well foams, natural aroma, very pleasant, not annoying, economically spent. Comfortable beautiful packaging, cover nails does not break. On the turn of a million promises, ranging from getting rid of insomnia (if it is), ending with easier portability of sports activities 🙂 Well, the mood improves – that’s for sure. I will try any other ruler oil, there are enough.

eleven. Fresh Juice Avocado & Rice Milk Soul Gel – Avocado and Rice Milk

Cool cream gel, not dried, well foams. I really like the smell, I chose him for a long time in the store. So sweet, but at the same time with exotic acid. In general, I think the ruler deserves attention, t.To. There are so many fragrances, and all such unusual: raspberry and lychee, Mandarin and Avapuha (this is generally what?), Maraca and Magnolia and others. I will definitely try, especially for such a price.

12. Home Recipes Body Scrub Anti-cellulite Lime and Orange Based on Sea Salt

Oh, thermonuclear scrub, particles are large, frequent, can scratch. But I like it, t.To. On the body, the skin is quite rigid. The smell is very and very invigorant, sharp and chemical. Dyes there, apparently, very much, t.To. In the bathroom divorces orange after use (easily washed away, but still), and the glove of the urine, which I applied this scrub, was also colored … well, the price of this 500ml-howl is low that they wanted, then got – cheap and angry. If you are against hard scrubs, you definitely not for it.

Thank you very much for your attention, write your opinions in the comments that I tried / did not try / want to try, I will be glad)) To me "On You".

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