Tomorrow I am first grader: how to prepare a child for school

Especially slightly — And your baby will be a first grader, will start a new, important stage of life. How to help him prepare for a hike to school for him to shock?

For two weeks

Correct the day of the day. If in the summer the child got used to get up late, gradually shifted the time of awakening to earlier – 10-15 minutes a day.

■ Come to the motivation for this – let the morning be pleasant: the funny melody of alarm clock, 5-minute hugs in bed, browsing a cartoon, campaign in cinema, joint interesting classes.

■ It is important in parallel to change the evening time to sleep on an earlier.

■ Conditions of the child quickly wash, lay bed, dress, breakfast, so that he has time for all this before going to school.

Playing school. Tell him about the course of lessons, rules of behavior, "personnel" of schools (teachers, disciples, director). Answer all his questions in detail: it will reduce the anxiety of the baby in anticipation of the unknown. Using toys, make up how to sit at the desk, respond to the lesson, communicate with the teacher and children, ascend to the toilet (it is very important!).

Remember knowledge. Well practice hand for writing, read, ponslast logical tasks to "run" brain. Three lessons per day for different skills for 10-15 minutes (better before dinner) – enough to customize the child to study.

We limit the seating time in front of the TV and tablet. Any gadget acts on the nervous system exciting. He not only takes time and strength, but also contributes to the strengthening of common nervousness, which can be expressed in problems with sleep, irritability.

Strengthen immunity. Add in the menu products rich useful for mental activity lecithin and choline (eggs, cottage cheese, milk, fish, liver) and vitamin C (citrus, red fruits, berries, cauliflower). If the child is easily excited, you can give soothing herbs (Melissa, mint) in the evenings in the evenings) or, consulting a doctor, put the course to strengthen the nervous system.

During the week

Check "Arsenal". Come on the list necessary for the school of things and clothes. If you need to buy something, do it together with the child, because there is nothing more pleasant to the baby than choosing what will surround it in school life.

Fix dressing skills. Even if the child went to kindergarten, it does not mean that he can quickly change clothes to the physical education lesson. Check, whether all the clothes are convenient: if the buttons are too tightly, the laces are constantly unleashed, change them. Explore high-speed dressing: You can play the girl in the fashion show, with a boy – in special forces.

We organize a workplace. Check illumination. Arrange the books, prepare stationery. Decorate the workplace – so it will become pleasant and will gain "Character": Put a photo (drawing), put your favorite toy, hang the colorful schedule of lessons, add stickers. Sroll with the child what the order means and how to support it.

Discussing fears. A child can have certain fears and doubts. Delicately ask him if he wants to go to school, is he ready for this. If not, clarify what he fears. The problem is in the absence of some kind of skill? Still have time to master it.

Caught. Sweeping self-esteem child. "You are well done, we will cope with everything", "You really have a form", "In school, you will know a lot of interesting things, you will have new friends". Avoid the horror strokes ("There will not be a nursing with you, they will teach discipline") and strikes on pride ("It’s easily! Why can not you?"). So you will select a desire to learn and take off the already unstable self-esteem at this age.

For 3-5 days

Customize to study. Wherever the child is deleted, it is important to return home at least 3-5 days before September 1 to quietly prepare for the beginning of classes.

Learning the route. Come to school and back, calculate how long the road will occupy. If the child goes to school alone, learn the route. Be sure to repeat the rules of the road and behavior on the street.

We collect a portfolio. Teach the child to wear and wear a wound, collect-disassemble it. Many children, fearing something to forget, put everything in the portfolio – and it becomes inbox. Practice folding physical education, folders for iso and labor so that the child can do it himself.

Meet the school. If before September 1, the school organizes a meeting with students, go – let the child get acquainted with the "class mom". Come on school, show him class, sports and assembly halls, dining rooms, locker rooms, toilets.

Tomorrow I am a first grader how to prepare a child for school

For 2 days

Having fun. Go to Zoo, Theater, Moon Park – Mark the beginning of school life, say goodbye to the kindergarten.

Remember summer adventures. So the child will appear themes to communicate with classmates. Besides so nice to surprise her new buddies.

On the eve

Cooking equipment. Choose a tie or bows, collect a briefcase, buy flowers. Think out clothes for any weather so that in the morning do not run in search of jacket or umbrella.

We are discussing September 1. Tell your child about your first day at school. With difficulty remember him? Fantasy! Tell me, what was too worried, I was afraid of a teacher, and in the end it became for you "second mom". And it is at school that you found real friends.

Think about the routine. Execute all the events scheduled for tomorrow: a solemn rule, a class hour, the first lesson, then – a trip to the movies, cafe. Discuss everything to the smallest detail is the key to a good mood on the first school day.

September 1

Get up early. Most likely, in anticipation of such an event, the child will jump either. Use this time to calmly gather. Hurry will only strengthen anxiety! Feed the child with something delicious for breakfast.

Install contact. Come on the line, lay the child to the teacher, say hello, then get away to the sideline. Let him refuse a conversation with someone from classmates, because they fear more together.

We arrange a holiday. After official events, go to the family or with first-graders friends to celebrate this important event.

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