Why do you need to drink tomato juice?

Tomato juice Nutritionists consider one of the best – it allows those people who live in the northern regions, and rarely see fresh oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, get a complete set of vitamins and nutrients.

The history of this juice is very interesting: after all, tomatoes came to us from America, where the Indians of Peru called them "gold apples" – many heard about this title.

The botanical name of tomatoes – tomatoes is also associated with the Peruvian Indians: "Tomato" is a word from their ancient language.

Among the white people, Tomatoes were considered decorative, inedible and poisonous: perhaps, they were confused with the fruits of potatoes, which also comes from America, and also belongs to the family of Parenov – they are really very poisonous and life-threatening.

It is said that once George Washington – the legendary first US president, the ill-wishers tried to poison tomatoes, the dish cooked by the dish cooked on them, but he, who consumes this dish, got up because of the table and continued to do business, no matter how it happened. True, this or not, today it is no longer able to figure out, but the tomatoes did not really recognize the tomatoes, and even more so they knew about their benefits, as well as the benefits of tomato juice.

In Russia, Tomato was also considered a palaughter – a plant for decorating gardens and gardens, and also decorated them with rooms, growing pots, how we grow flowers today.

Grow tomatoes massively steel in the 2nd half of the XVIII century, in the south of Russia, but even 100 years old they were considered rarity, cost expensive and sold in fruit stores. Today it is difficult to find such a garden in our country, at which there would be no tomatoes, and more different varieties, and our housewives adore them to preserve them – although very few uses from canned tomatoes.

Useful composition

Tomatoes are distinguished by a very rich composition; It is also distinguished by tomato juice: it contains carbohydrates and organic acids, dietary fiber and proteins, a little fat and starch; vitamins – A, beta-carotene, RR, C, E, H, Groups in; Mineral substances – Potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, zinc, selenium, cobalt, iodine, chrome, manganese, copper, fluorine, molybdenum, boron, nickel, rubidium; Calories in it are very small – about 18 kcal per 100 grams, so the juice, and the tomatoes themselves are widely used in diet diet.

What is useful?

The benefits of tomato juice have long been disputed for a long time: it improves the work of the nervous system, leads to the norm of metabolism, ensures the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and even protects the body from the occurrence of oncology. This property is explained by the high content of Licopein: the bright red color of tomatoes depends precisely from this substance – a powerful antioxidant, which is not completely destroyed even when the juice pasteurization.

American doctors and scientists even conducted an experiment in this area. Patients with cancer of the prostate gland, which they prepared for operation were divided into 2 groups: the first group 2 times a day was given by liquor in capsules, the second group did not receive it. Before the start of the experiment, patients were carefully examined – their condition was the same, and before the operation they were examined again, and the tests showed that in patients with the 1st group of malignancy of tumors weakened, and some tumors partially became benign. Operations still had to do everything, but those who took the lycopene, the sizes of tumors turned out to be much less. It is clear that if these people at their time drew attention to the juice of tomatoes, they could avoid many health problems.

With the help of tomatoes and tomato juice, you can also prevent cancer of the stomach and large intestines, lungs, cervix; Those who love to drink it rarely manifests appendicitis.

Tomato juice improves mood: it contributes to the development of serotonin, reduces the effects of stress and removes the voltage – this juice is simply necessary for women. In addition, this juice can have antimicrobial, choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, capillary, anti-skear action; improves the intestinal work and stops the processes of rotting in it, so it is indispensable and during constipation.

If you drink tomato juice regularly, you can avoid such a dangerous disease, like thrombosis – for example, veins thrombosis on the legs – even if the lifestyle is associated with sedia or standing work, so drivers, sellers, or those who are sitting at the computer all day, It is also necessary.

In diabetes mellitus, the juice of tomatoes is often prescribed as part of the diet – it also has a sugar-based effect; It can be said that the patient with diabetes without fears can only drink this juice.

The juice of tomatoes is used for other violations of metabolic processes – with disorders of water-salt metabolism, obesity, etc.D.; It includes meals for anemia, angina, hypertension, after a transferred infarction; under the ulcer of the stomach and 12 pans, gastritis with reduced acidity; with some forms of renal disease; when glaucoma and weakened memory.

When avitaminosis, you need to drink tomato juice every day, on a glass and more, adding a slightly chopped parsley to it.

With diseases of the joints, kidneys, liver, intestines, stomach, pneumonia and atherosclerosis drink tomato juice 2-3 times a day 20 minutes before meals. Fresh juice is best drinking 150-200 ml for the reception, but you can also drink and canned; do not add salt.

With bricken disease, freshly squeezed tomatoes juice mix 1: 1 with cabbage brine, and drink after meals, on a glass 3 times a day before full recovery.

Overweight is well reduced by a mixture of tomato and pumpkin (2 parts), apple (4 parts), and lemon (1 part) of juice.

Tomato juice - benefit and harm how to drink

How to drink?

Tomato juice is very useful, but most people drink him wrong, and this aggravate their health problems. You can not mix tomato juice or tomatoes with starchy and many protein products: bread, potatoes, eggs, meat, fish, cottage cheese – it is for this reason that the kidney stones are often formed. Unfortunately, most people drink this juice while eating, or drink them food, and tomatoes add to those dishes, where they should not be at all – in modern cookbooks full of similar recipes.

We are not recommended for heat treatment both tomatoes and juice – with it, the useful acids contained in it become harmful, turning into inorganic – and after all, our women love to stew, fry and cook tomatoes, and even preserve them, turning the most valuable product in harmful ( At best, in useless) delicacy.

Tomato juice is best drinking in half an hour before meals, and tomatoes are with olive or other vegetable oil, nuts, cheese, greens, onions and garlic; Any cabbage, radish, sweet pepper, eggplants and zucchi.

The most useful will be the juice that you prepare at home, from fresh tomatoes. The juicer is the simplest, but you can still rub tomatoes on a grater, grind them into a meat grinder, combine or blender, and stroke through the gauze – prepare juice needed immediately before use.

You can cook canned juice – it will be stored longer, but the way it is necessary to choose as gentle as possible. Tomatoes take the best and ripe, wash them and remove the fruits, cut every fruit on the 3-4 parts, put in the enameled pan and pour the water – 15% of the weight of the tomatoes themselves. Pan to put on fire and heat; When tomatoes softened, they are wiped through a sieve of stainless steel.

It turns out juice with flesh; It is then heated to 85 ° C and bottled in prepared sterilized hot jars, which then sterilize: liter – 40 minutes, 0.5 liters – 30 minutes. In such a juice of useful substances, quite a lot is preserved; Store it in a cool place – so better will be preserved vitamin C.

If the juice when cooking boils, its storage time will increase, but useful substances will be very little.

When the juice of tomatoes is contraindicated?

Of course, there is contraindications to the use of tomato juice: it is harmful during the exacerbation of pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, stomach ulcers and 12 reps. In case of poisoning, it only harms, worsening the state, like tomatoes.

Pregnant women with tomato juice useful; You can drink it and nursing mothers, but only if the child has no tendency to diarrhea.

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