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Dyslexia – a feature of the perception of written information, in which the letters can be layered on top of each other and / or interchanged, intelligence is not affected, sometimes it has the opposite effect – dyslexics are often geniuses. Famous dyslexics – Steve Jobs, Keira Knightley, Tom Cruise and many others.

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American animator, film director, founder of the company «Walt Disney Productions»

Disney did not even graduated from high school – at age 16, he was expelled for academic failure, which, however, did not prevent him subsequently to receive the title of honorary professor at Yale University. Since childhood, he went to the pets in the drawing teacher, while other teachers thought he was simply lazy and stupid, because reading and writing were given to him with difficulty. Because of dyslexia it is much easier to draw Mickey Mouse, you write his name. Autograph represents a huge challenge for him: he would sign not so much as the looming letters, afraid to make mistakes. Today, Disney branded stroke – the most expensive signing in the world, is officially registered as a company logo «Disney Pictures».

Tom Cruise, Kira Knightley and 5 more stars suffering from dyslexia

English chef, restaurateur, broadcaster, promoter of home cooking and healthy eating. known author of books on cooking.

Jamie Oliver’s life – a story Losers of British hinterland, has become a millionaire. In school, he hardly make out the text in textbooks, written with errors and spent five years in the classroom for children with "special". In his certificate of deuces was not only Labor and Geology. But dyslexia did not prevent him from becoming the author of numerous cookbooks. "I’m so bad manifests itself in school, I had to assert themselves on the job" – he said, becoming a cook. Even in the eight years the father rubbed Oliver in his pub – to help with the cutting of vegetables. And then the young chef turned out, they say, in the right place at the right time. Once in one of the fashionable London restaurant where Oliver was working, I came the crew … and the TV show "The Naked Chef" on the BBC, in which he showed how easy it is to cook complicated dishes while talking incessantly, earning him worldwide fame. Who is the most famous chef 42 years old, he owns the whole culinary empire with a turnover of tens of millions of pounds, it has about 100 restaurants and 5 children.

One of the richest people in the world, the founder of the Swedish company IKEA – a network of shops selling household goods.

Since childhood, Ingvar Kamprad had already thinking entrepreneur – so matches, grandmother bought in bulk in Stockholm, he was selling his school friends one by one, and the money set aside for the start of its future business. He is called a man who never makes a mistake. And yet he did not graduate from university and at school with great difficulty, because he suffered from dyslexia. Teachers for a long time could not teach him to read. All his life he has difficulty with remembering numbers – evidence of this can now see each buyer IKEA. So it was easier to remember their catalog IKEA catalog, each item, in addition to rooms, it has its own name. And here about Dyslexia Ingvar never had any complexes.

American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter. Three times winner of the award "Golden Globe" and three times nominated for "Oscar".

Due Dyslexia Tom Cruise enrolled in a school Losers – even in the sub-class visited, where it is absolutely hopeless gathered. Dyslexia developed it after it left-handed, forced to write with his right hand. Each new school is assigned a rank idiot because he read in syllables and hardly knew how to write. Failures in school in combination with a noncase appearance brought guy before he decided to go to religion, but for more than a year he did not hold out in the spiritual seminary – and the monks did not have the patience to teach the confusion letters and the word teenager. From the seminary – in Hollywood, and from there straight to glory. And, becoming no longer just a famous actor, but also a successful producer, Tom Cruise . still reads their contracts in syllables. On the amount of contracts this is not reflected.

British actress. Two-time nomineered for the Oscar Prize.

In childhood, it was possible to try to read the Kiru, only if you contacted her to play on stage – and she wanted to become an actress already in three years. Being Dyslexic, she learned to read much longer classmates who were friendly considered her. But it was precisely that forced her a lot to read and write to overcome these difficulties. Audiobooks were very helpful, thanks to which Kira recognized no less than her classmates. She managed to overcome dyslexia, and at the same time and learn how to quickly memorize the text to avoid the need to reread it once again. However, some difficulties still stayed – Kire is still hard to master the text if it was sent in less than a week before filming.

British entrepreneur, founder of the Virgin Group corporation, one of the richest inhabitants of Great Britain with a state of $ 5 billion.

Due to Dysxia, Richard Branson left school at 16. The letters and numbers were his stumbling block, he did not always understand what was happening in the lesson, because of which the teachers considered him a lazy and a negligent student, but for success in football and rugby, he was good. When he broke his leg, immediately found himself at school for backward. And I realized that only persistent overcoming difficulties could be the driving force of success. "If you have dyslexia, it is important not to allow yourself to feel inferiority only because you are not able to pronounce every word in the dictionary," he wrote in his autobiography. – It is necessary to diversify the activities and interests to discover their strengths ". He never received higher education, but became one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world.

Russian actor theater and cinema, TV host.

Western stars are not shy to talk about what they suffer from dyslexia, and share their experience overcoming this feature. Among the same Russian colebritis, few people decide to talk about the like. Evgeny Shaychkin became an exception. "Dysxia is not a disease, but a special perception of information," he wrote in his instagram, supporting the flash mob of the stars in order to attract attention to this problem. Since childhood, Sharkchin was distinguished by artistry, and although he did not argone half the consonants, his mother, Ksenia Ryabinkina, the famous ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, advised him to try himself on the acting field. The theater circle attended Evgeny school, but the study was given to him very hard because of the dyslexia, which was not already known. Although Eugene tried with all his might – he read in syllables and wrote special dictations. True, his mistakes hurt only when the girls laughed at his porky love notes. He managed to end the English special school and VGIK, to play a lot of roles on the screen and scenic stage, reincarnate in Pushkin, and in Lermontov, and in Hitler, and in Stalin, to get several prestigious premiums.

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If your child reads or writes or writes, it is possible that in dyslexia. Additional information about this can be obtained on the site of the Association of Parents and Children with Dyslexia .

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