To the last drop: 8 beauty products that I buy again and again

I have a dry and pretty problematic skin of the face, so I prefer to care more than decorative cosmetics. I am always looking for new muscle rescuers who will help me get rid of imperfections. In the heading «To the last drop» I tell about my favorite bestsellers, for which I come back again and again.

Ana Leapard

BeautyHack Editorial Assistant

CC-RED Face Corrective Cream, Erborian

My first and probably the last SS-cream, which I use for a year (and not ready to part with him). After acquaintance with the Erborian brand stopped using tonal creams (and it was the right decision). Especially in summer, when you want lightness and naturalness, – he is the best «rescuer». And what tools choose the beautyhack editors, – Read the link .

The great advantage of the Korean-French beauty bestseller, in my opinion, – This is how quickly and clearly it adjusts to the skin tone. At first, a greenish hue falls on the face effect «Second skin». In addition, it perfectly covers redness, without overloading the face with dense layers. I love when makeup is immeasured and looks natural. This is a good option not only for the summer (his bonus – This is the protection of SPF 25 from ultraviolet rays), but at the rest of the year in tandem with BB cream of the same brand (read on!).

BB-cream, Erborian

As I have already written above, tone creams are no longer parted in my cosmetics, and all thanks to Erborian. His BB cream has become a true companion for me every day. I like that he, like a CC-cream, also adjusts to the skin. That is why in the lineup is not such a wide selection of shades (light, natural-beige and golden). This tool is very economically used, so my favorite Travel-Size with me is not only on travel, but also in the bag (sometimes I correct makeup «on run»).

I have very dry skin, so I have always suffered when searching for the desired option, which would not emphasize the pessings. About what kind of dry skin creams for the summer chooses the main editor of BeautyHack, – Read here . From school years I tried a lot of money, and not one did not give me the necessary effect (even water-based tones). But this cream – My salvation without any doubt. The skin looks well-groomed, as if porcelain. And most importantly his difference – This is a matte finish. Throughout the day I do not feel it on my face, and first time I was even unusual (as if I forgot to make it … No effect mask and strut!

Personal serum for face Signature SELECT, Artistry

With Serum Artistry I met in the winter, and since then it takes an honorable place on my beauty shelf. Before that I did not use similar means (about what I regret), but it’s better late than ever! I think this bestseller – Very interesting development in the field of care cosmetics. The biggest advantage – Individual approach. Based on – serum, but to make her personal, it is necessary to add the desired concentrate. There are five of them five – Moisturizing, clarifying, firming, against wrinkles and leveling tone. You can mix several (if necessary). For myself, I chose a moisturizing.

The effect after using the accumulative, but I did not make it long ago. After a week you can not imagine your morning and evening beauty routine without this serum. Enough only two drops on face. Texture weightless, and on the finish there is no unpleasant sticky effect. About why serum is needed in care, we wrote an article, – Read it by reference .

Booster for tea tree 1.0, «Skin Regimen», [ ComfortZone ]

Together with creams in tandem I use serum, emulsion or booster. Favorite booster – from the brand [Comfort Zone]. The first thing I love in this age, – his aroma of tea tree. A little pharmacy, but for me very nice. He is not intrusive and felt just a few minutes after applying. Booster has a cumulative effect that pleasantly surprises. The face looks more rested and fresh, and even the surrounding. If you apply a means under the cream, then it enhances its effect. Booster in meaning is similar to serum, but has one advantage – can be used independently without additional funds (in case you do not like to overload the skin).

Widespread misconception that anti-aging cosmetics is intended only for women «Golden age», Literally let the roots. The Skin Regiment rules positions exactly such – He opposes signs of aging and prolongs the youth of the skin, but it can be used pretty at an early age (from 25 years old). In this matter, the main thing – On time start to care for the skin of the face and do not give in to the generally accepted erroneous judgment.

Price on request

Hyaluronic acid serum «PURE BEAU ESSENCE», Japan Gals

I, like a big fan of serum, appeared next to the brand Japan Gals. In addition to a tangible lifting effect, I love this tool for several more qualities. According to the consistency, the serum is liquid, almost like water, and absorbs pretty quickly. I AM – man, eternally looking for ways to fight peelings, so I can say that «PURE BEAU ESSENCE» perfectly suitable for a similar mission (the problem disappeared two days later). It also does not burn the skin and as if evaporates from the face after applying. Good moisturizes that it is also very important (especially in summer).

To the last drop of 8 beauty products that I buy again and again

After use, the skin tone was noticeably aligned, which was a small but pleasant surprise. This is a unique means: does not leave stickiness, oily shine in the T-zone and at the same time satisfies all skin needs. Where necessary – dried and where required – Moisturizes.

Cream for sensitive face skin La Solution 10, Chanel

A large selection of emulsions and serums in my cosmetic bag does not exclude the presence of favorite creams. For me, this is a means for sensitive face skin from Chanel. Cream, at first glance, rather thick, but after applying absolutely weightless. Light texture does not waste the skin of the face, so for the summer – This is a win-win version. For me, this is a very comfortable tool: makeup is easily applied on top of it, and it can not roll, and it can be used to moisturize the neckline zone (if necessary).

It reassuringly acts on the skin of the face, so the results of external aggressive factors go to no. It is worth noting that the shelf life of the cream after opening – Just 1 month. As part of no more than 10 components (as the cream name says). One of them – This is an extract that is obtained from the kidneys of a white tea bush variety «Silver needles». He assumes the main task – Elimination of skin sensitivity. It is made exclusively from the upper kidneys of tea bush, they are harvested manually and 10 days dried under the open sky.

Matting seburizing emulsion Perfecting Solution Shine-Control, SOSKIN

It is always important for me that I feel that my skin is clean (even at the time when there is makeup on it). Poward often scores the pores, if you enjoy it constantly, so I found a way out. Instead, it began to use the emulsion from SOSKIN, which gives an instant matting effect. This means is indispensable for dry skin. It improves the surface, smoothes imperfections and reduces rash. The most important quality of the emulsion – It normalizes seblugulation and eliminates the fat shine in the T-zone. My skin becomes matte thanks to her.

The tool is always in my purse, so if you have to paint somewhere on the go, it is ideal as a basis for makeup. Among the active ingredients there is an extract of an iris, which prevents inflammation, as well as the absorbent mineral powder, which provides a matting effect.

Moisturizing cream for dry skin Maxi: HYDRABILITY, Shu Uemura

Pledge of flawless makeup – Well moisturized leather. Therefore, creams do not happen much. And if in one jar collected as many three funds (cream, lotion and essence), as in the cream from Shu Umura – will please even more because it is one of the best options for dry skin. It is based on the formula, the action of which is aimed at saturation of the skin moisture. How do you know — Its reduction contributes to dehydration, so tone and elasticity is lost. But the triple effect of cream aims to actively moisturize. Even with severe dryness, he copes with his task for excellent. I nano it in the morning, and I do not feel any discomfort to the evening.

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