To help a young mistress. Sub-products on the table

Some people for some reason biased belong to the sub-products and dishes, of which prepared. And completely in vain, as it is not only tasty and useful, but also much cheaper than meat. Look at how many domestic poultry by-products can be bought in our stores – these are hearts, and liver, and cervixes, and stomachs. In stores and in the markets, it is also easy to purchase beefs, pork or lamb legs, heads, tails, scars, kidneys, lungs. And all this is an excellent raw material for the preparation of delicious dishes, which you can serve on the table, both in the festive and on a weekday. Among the sub-products there are dietary, such as liver and language, and delicacy (the same language and heart).

If you had some kind of prejudice to these products, review your attitude and start cooking. Your households, close and friends will definitely appreciate your work, will eat with appetite and ask for additives.

Pickle with poultry lobs

It is believed that the most delicious brideller turns out if you cook it with the kidneys. But this is not worse.

At the rate of 1 portion, it will take: 90-100 g of calculats, 350 g of broth, 40 g of parsley root, 20 g of Pasternak root and celery, onion and green onions, 30 g of saline cucumbers, 10 g of grained oil and sour cream, flour , greens, salt to taste.

Purchase poultry pour with broth or water, cook 1.5-2 hours, removing fat (liver cooking separately). Broth strain. Cutting and retain.

Roots (parsley, celery and parsnac) cut into straw or circles, and onions – slices. Slightly spasserit on the oil, add to broth and cook on slow heat almost until readiness. Then add cucumbers with a flour breading.

Cucumbers Before bookmarking to prepare this: Clear, cut into 4 parts, remove seeds, but cut the flesh with diamonds and boil 5 minutes with a small amount of broth. Decoration from cucumbers cool a little and make a flour passer. Ready brideller bring to taste brine from cucumbers.

When submitting to a plate, put boiled loss, sour cream and greens.

By the way, some hostesses add potatoes or barrels (rice or barley) to the reception.

If you just dare to Liver (kidneys, liver, light, heart), and then skip all this through the meat grinder, fry with the left, prove the salt and pepper, you get a great mince for pies. With this minus you can cook pasta pasta.

And we have a few recipes of dishes that you can cook for your family and guests.

Scars stewed in a pot

At the rate of 1 portion (on 1 portion pot), it will be necessary: ​​200 g of the scar, fresh dough, 50 g of butter, 60 g of the replied onion, 10 g of tomato-puree, 30 g of red dry wines, 0.2 g of black and red Ground pepper, 0.1 g of fragrant pepper, 2 g of laurel sheet, garlic, 60 g Maslin, 20 g of ham, salt.

Slices welded to half-preparation beef scars to grab from all sides in boiling oil, add finely chopped onions, ground red pepper, and some more spasser. After that, the scars shift into the clay dishes, add tomato-puree, wine, black and fragrant pepper, bay leaf, garlic, dyed in boiling water and peeled oil and ham, chopped with large cubes. Foods mix well, pour warm water and salt to taste. Dishes cover the lid and edge to smell it with a dough. Stew about 2 hours in the oven.

If the scars are preparing in the portion pots, they are served on the table in the same dishes. Dough cap will replace bread.

Stroganovsky Liver

At the rate of 1 portion, it will take: 180 g of beef (calf, laminating or pork) liver, 10 g of grained salla, 100 g of sour cream sauce with onion, 5 g of sauce "Southern" (or similar), salt to taste, 150 g garnar.

Liver cut into cubes with a length of 3-4 cm, weighing 5-7 g and fry. Then pour sour cream sauce with onions, add South sauce and bring to a boil.

Sing the liver with sauce, sprinkled by greens of parsley or dill. Range vegetables, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, Pasta.

Liver in the wine "Dreams of love"

At the rate of 1 portion, it will be necessary: ​​2 st. Spoons of olive oil, 150 g calf liver, 1 large red bulb, 200 g of red wine, salt and black ground pepper to taste.

Liver cut into slices. Heat in a frying pan 1 st. Spoon of oil. Fry liver on big fire for 1 minute on each side and shifting on a plate.

Add the remaining oil in the pan and fry onion, sliced ​​by semirings, until soft (2-3 minutes on medium heat). Add wine, salt, pepper. Then increase the fire and cook for 2-3 minutes, until the wine is evaporated half and the sauce does not thicken. Add to the pan liver and warm up 1 minute.

Schnitzel from the liver "In-Taimyr"

It will be necessary: ​​300 g of the liver, 2 onion bulbs, 0.5 st. Spoons of breading superstars, 50 g of butter, salt and black ground pepper.

To help a young mistress. Sub-products on the table

Cleaned, washed liver cut into wide slices. Slightly repel the stupid side of the knife without breaking the shape of pieces. Space slices, pepper, go in breadcrumbs. Fry schnitzel on oil.

Potato mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with chopped roasted on top.

Donkey boiled with vegetables

At the rate of 1 portion, it will take: 150 g of udder, 50 g of carrots, trousers, turnips, 10 of the reptile bow, 50 g of potatoes, 50 g sour cream, salt to taste.

Flush flush, cut into pieces with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm, pour cold water and cook 3-4 hours. Cooked uhd cut into cubes (about 1 cm), put in a pot or other dishes, add potatoes, carrots, trousers, turnip, onion, pour broth and cook for 15-20 minutes. Then add salt, spices optionally and boil until all vegetables become soft. After that, add sour cream and bring to readiness.

Follow the table by refraining sour cream.

Bovine and lamb eggs – not such an exotic product, especially in those places where the cattle is often cut. Cattle killer gets them as a reward for work, as it is believed that they have a positive effect on male potency.

In the East, this product is considered a delicacy. In the Arab countries, fried bulls and lamb eggs – decoration of pilas or cous-kusa, they are put on top and offer honorable guest. Azerbaijan prepares with them very tasty kebabs and other dishes. Indonesian men adore honeycomb from bovine seeds.

Bull tests (eggs)

It will take: 2 bullish eggs or 6 lambs (which is tastier), 50 g of butter, 2 st. spoons sour cream, 1 h. Spoon mustard, bunch of chopped greenery.

Eggs to choke in the cold, wash and clean, remove the scrotum from them. Cut in half along and blanch by watering boiling water. Fry on cream oil for 2-3 minutes on each side. While the eggs are soworn on the one hand, they need to be salted and pepped on the other. Then do the same on the other side.

Having removed from the frying pan, cut off the convex side (like when cutting sausages), put on the dish, pour sour cream with mustard. Submit immediately by sprinkling with greens.

To pick up eggs, 1 kg of eggs need to take 0.5 cups of 5% vinegar and breed it in 2 glasses of water, bring to a boil with 2 laurel sheets and 4 black pepper peas.

Prepare with love and treat with pleasure!

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