To do not sick !

Nuts, fish, spinach – for sure you have already known that these products protect against cancer and heart disease. But according to the latest scientific data, healthy food is able to make much more for us. She helps to cope with many unpleasant symptoms, ranging from colds and colic and ending with a bad mood and high blood sugar levels. In short, the next time you want something delicious, you can easily enjoy food without remorse. It may be possible to recover faster.Objective to overcome coldsAgent influence. Pomegranate juice. Yes, not at all orange, and the juicy scarlet grenade grains should set the tone in the cold season. The authors of the study from the New York Place University found that the antioxidants of the pomegranate juice into force to protect the body from a cold – even if the virus is already penetrating into the body. In the grenade juice, the concentration of polyphenols – antioxidants with a powerful antimicrobial effect. They help destroy the virus still in the oral cavity before it penetrates deeper.Recipe. Take a rule – drink 120 ml of pomegranate juice per day during the autumn season. If you do not like tart taste, add a little apple, pear. They do not deprive the garnet juice of beneficial properties. But with soy and dairy products it is better not to use. They can block the opposite effect of the grenade ".The goal to dime abdominal painAgent influence. Tea from Romashki.This herbal medicine has long praise for the ability to soften pain when menstruation. According to statistics, they pursue from 30 to 50% of women. A recent study in Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of London, has found an explanation for this fact. "Five chamomile tea cups per day for two weeks – and in the blood of 14 volunteers strongly jumped the level of glycine," says Jenny Gazaniga Molo, to. M. N., Representative of the American Nature Association. This amino acid relaxes muscle spasms and calms the nerves.Recipe. If you suffer from menstrual pain, drink for a month 1-2 cups of tea per day to save high level glycine in the body. With severe pain, brew 2 cups of strong chamomile tea per day.The goal is to recharge the energyAgent influence. bitter chocolate.Your body is perfectly aware of what makes you when you directly drive to the office machine with sweets. Bitter chocolate, although for a short time, clarifies the mind and recharges energy. Scientists from the University of Nottingham measured the activity of the brain from volunteers before and after they drank a cup of cocoa with a high content of flavonol (variety of antioxidants). Cocoa extends blood vessels, improving its circulation and oxygen filler, – thanks to this, you become more collected by 2-3 hours.Recipe. Gasaniga Molo offers to refine the tile of bitter chocolate (12-15 g) when you need to urgently restore the forces. Choose a short (3-4) bars with a list of ingredients on the label. Than it is longer, the less in this chocolate valuable flavonol. Hard to stay on 2 tiles? In green tea and berries, too many flavonols!Goal to raise the moodAgent influence. Salmon.If you feel depressed, a dish with fish for dinner, perhaps, just what you need to take. The study of the US National Institute has shown that Omega-3-fatty acids, which are contained in fish, can significantly raise the level of serotonin – a chemical brain chemical in charge of well-being. Of the ten most popular seafood in salmon contains the greatest amount of Omega-3-fatty acids.Recipe. Each week Eat 120 gram portion of salmon, halibut or canned tuna with greens and olive oil / sauce. "Do not overdo it with soy and sunflower oil, – pre-walker Jenis Kolikolt-Glaser, Head of the Department of Health Psychology at the University of Ohio, USA. – These products contain many omega-6 fatty acids that destroy part of the useful properties of Omega-3 ".Target to calm irritated skinAgent influence. Green leafy vegetables.New data obtained at University of Naples prove: 10 mg of Lutein per day (contained in spinach, sheet and curl cabbage) increase skin moisturity by 38%. "The top layer of the skin is called the epidermis, – holds mini-educational on dermatology naturopath from New York Caroline Westin Garcia. – Looks like Lutein antioxidants act as advocates of fats that are in this layer, and thus prevent dehydration, oil root, and with time even the appearance of wrinkles.Recipe. Eat no less than the plate of cooked leaf greenery per day – it will provide you with 10 mg of Lutein. You can pass the greens in a small amount of olive oil and refuel garlic, herbs, ground nuts or dry fruit to enhance taste.73% So increasing the risk of problems with the ovulation of a woman, if in childhood they consume about 5 g harmful to the health of the transgins per day (contain in most part of the Fast food products, for example, in ponchikov)The goal is to end for forgetfulnessAgent influence. Whole grains.If it is difficult for you to memorize the names of new colleagues at work, perhaps the level of blood sugar is to blame. The new study of the University of Tülein, the United States, found that people aged 24-44 years old with blood glucose level of 100-124 decilters (not yet diabetes, but not a healthy norm) worse coped with memory tests than those who have Low glucose indicators. Three portions of cereals per day – and, perhaps, sugar in your blood will stop "jump". Experts from the University of Tafts in the USA came to such an encouraging conclusion.Recipe. Sandwich from two wholegrain breads you will kill two hares at once, more precisely, get two portions, gives a hint of the Gasanig-Molo. Third can be, for example, wholegrain flakes in the morning or two cups of air pop-roots per afternoon. Read the information on product labels – there is often indicated by the number of solid grains. Ideally get at least 48 g per day – this is the equivalent of three servings.The goal to remove stressAgent influence. Pistachio nuts."Feel yourself exhausted to the limit? Calm the nerves to the handful of pistachios, "Sheila West advised, Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology and Bihewwiper from Pennsylvania University. In a recent scientific experiment under her leadership, volunteers followed a healthy nutrition plan. "In the period when the participants were ate pistachio (about 45 g / 75 pieces per day), they had a lower blood pressure, – she emphasizes. – pistachios are rich in vegetable sterols, fiber, antioxidants, useful fats – it is these substances that most likely help control the body’s response to stress ".Recipe. Nuts, as you know, it is very easy to lose the score (and pistachios are also not distinguished by low calorie content – the recommended dose contains 250 kcal). Therefore, our advice: fold the peeled nuts into a small glass (should fit exactly 45 g) and take a little bit from there. You can sprinkle with them Ready Salad or Muesli for breakfast.

    To do not sick!
  • A piece of chocolate – excellent "Energizer" at the end of a difficult day
  • Whole grains help keep blood sugar in the ultrasound
  • Scientists came to the conclusion that fats that rich in fish can improve the mood in just a couple of hours

The goal is to avoid constipationAgent influence. Coffee.Morning fragrant drink is unlikely to be associated with the high content of fiber. But in the course of the new study of the Spanish National Scientific Council, it was found that coffee really contains much more soluble fiber (it helps to soften the chair) than was customary to think. In fact, coffee is one of the richest sources."Most people will tell you that orange juice is superior to coffee in the content of soluble fiber, but in reality one cup of soluble coffee contains almost 2 g of fiber – dispels the common myth of the gasanig molo. – In orange juice without pulp at all there are no soluble fiber ". A cup of espresso boasts about 1.5 g of this type of fiber, and filtered coffee – 1 g. According to the study, the same is contained in an apple and 1/2 cups of boiled broccoli or carrots.Recipe. To receive 25 g of the recommended dose of fiber per day, you need to include in the diet not only coffee (1 cup per day), but also other products. In order to avoid constipation, do not forget every day there are legumes, wholegrain dishes, fruits / vegetables.Goal to get rid of meteorismAgent influence. Banana.From the "disobedience of gases" in the abdomen nobody is insured. Cause? Lack of potassium, mineral, which helps adjust the amount of fluid in the body. "Most women do not receive half of the recommended 4700 mg of potassium per day," the Gasanig-Molo complains.Recipe. Cut the banana and mix with low-fat natural yogurt (another potassium storeroom). Excellent breakfast solution if some swelling appears in the morning. Banananovo-yoghurt team gives you 1000 mg of potassium. To get another 500 mg, write their glass of orange juice.25% of married couples suffer from infertility due to irregular ovulation in women or its complete absence. Solve problem will help simple changes in nutritionScientific breakthrough: Diet for conceptionWomen experiencing difficulties with conception is worth reconsider. A new study of the Harvard School of National Health, conducted among more than 18,500 participants, has shown: even minor changes in nutrition can be enough to solve the problem with irregular ovulation. In the book "The Fertility Diet") of the Research Authors, Doctor of Medicine George Chavroo and Walter Wallett tell how to enhance the chances of getting pregnant.Replace: chickenTo: Tofu cheese"Iron plays a key role in the formation of an egg before ovulation," says Chavroo. – But fats and proteins contained in chicken and other varieties of meat can affect the level of hormones and reduce the beneficial effect of iron ". It is not necessary to become a vegetarian: replace one daily serving of meat to another source of iron, such as tofu cheese.Donuts are filled with calories, and overweight can cause the menstrual cycle failures, disrupt the process of ovulation or stop it at all. Best Insurance In this case: Muesli or Yogurt with fruit. If you really want a sweet, eat whole grain frozen waffle, happing it from above fruit jam (1 st. L.). It has only 120 kcal, and in the pitch – all 300.Replace: White Beans: LentilIn Lentil, twice the folate, vitamin group in. It will help stimulate ovulation and reduce the risk of congenital defects during pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to the Folate, which you get with food, Chavaro advises daily to take a vitamin complex with at least 400 mg of folic acid. So you are 40-60% reduce the likelihood of problems with ovulation.Replace: low-fat yogurt: ice creamProducts made of solid milk contain estrogen and progesterone – these hormones increase chances to conceive. "Eat something from solid milk twice a day," Pavorro advises. But take advantage of this advice only if you want to get pregnant. As soon as it becomes clear that you are pregnant, return to low-fat dairy products. In solid – bust cholesterol and fats.

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