Tired of dandruff? Try home masks from dandruff

Almost every person knows what dandruff. If we were lucky, and we do not have such a problem, then she probably has someone from our loved ones, familiar or friends.

Of course, everyone wants to have healthy and shiny hair, and they don’t even remember about dandruff, but not everyone succeeds. As a result, no fashionable haircut or hairstyle brings joy, and clothes always have to wear only light tones, since the "patious" dark costume or dress will look rather repulsive than elegant.

To combat dandruff today, many funds are produced, including cosmetic, but in this article we will tell about some folk recipes – safe, proven and efficient masks from dandruff at home.

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Folk recipes from dandruff

If the head of the head is inclined to form a dandruff, it is possible to use a mixture of pharmaceutical tincture of calendula with castor oil in preventive purposes – 1: 1. The mixture is rubbed into the skin per hour before washing. This tool helps and with dry hair with dandruff.

Alcohol tincture of calendula normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and does not give to multiply fungi, causing the appearance of dandruff. For a better effect, you need to warm my head, and the calendula tincture will not only destroy dandruff, but also strengthened the hair.

Effective with only the dandruff and such a hair mixture: castor oil and bow juice (1 st.L.), vodka (2 st.L.) – rub in the scalp before washing. The procedure continues at least 3 weeks.

At home, you can rub one onion cleaner, then cover your head with a polyethylene film and a towel, and keep 2 hours. Then rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

Oil hair masks

Masks for hair with oils are generally very effective for delivering dandruff. They also contribute to the growth of hair, make them smooth and obedient.

Oil mask for hair with seeds Altea gradually eliminates dandruff, relieves itching and inflammation. Altea seeds (2 st.L.) Put in any vegetable oil (150 ml) and heated on a water bath for 2 hours. Before washing in warm form rubbed the resulting oil into the skin of the head, covered with a towel, hold half an hour, then wash your head with your shampoo. Such a mask make every week, and repeat it at least 10-12 times. Next make a break – about a month, and repeat the course.

Olive oil mask and lemon juice is also very effectively fighting with dandruff: oil (4 st.L.) and juice ½ lemon mix, heat in the water bath, and in warm form to launch into the scalp’s skin per hour before washing the hair. Such a mask helps and with very strong dandruff.

Dandruff mask with the addition of castor or refinery: juice ½ lemon is mixed with yolks (2 pcs.), add ½ h.L. oils and rub in the scalp in an hour or 30 minutes before washing. This mask not only eliminates dandruff, but also makes her hair shiny.

Very effective hair mask with the root of burdock from dandruff: Grinding roots (1 Art.L.) poured with any refined vegetable oil (1 cup), stirred and 2 weeks insist at room temperature in a dark place. Then they filter and use: 2-3 times a week rubbed into the skin of the head per hour before washing.

Mask from dandruff with cedar oil at home: oil is mixed with vodka and freshly black tea (all of 1 st.L.), and per hour is applied to the roots of the hair. Repeat 2 times a week until dandruff disappear.

Well eliminate dandruff masks with beer, yolk or kefir.

Mask with Infusion of Pijmas also perfectly eliminates dandruff: dried plants (2 st.L.) rubbing in powder, poured boiling water with a glass, insist half an hour and rub the casseau with the insistency in the scalp. Hold 40 minutes.

Dandruff may appear after hair staining with chemical dyes. In these cases, natural, natural dyes are well helped: Henna, lyric husk or walnut shell.

Honey home formulations

Well cope with dandruff hair masks in which there is honey. We offer you to try several effective folk recipes at home.

Honey (2 hours.L.) Mix with burial oil (1 st.L.), yolks add (2 pcs.) and lavender oil (3 drops). The composition is thoroughly stirred and applied on the roots of the hair, hold 30-40 minutes, wash off with warm water, then shampoo. Enough 3-4 times so that the dandruff disappeared almost completely.

With a fat dandruff, the following composition helps: Honey (1 h.L.), lemon juice and castor oil (1 st.L.), peeled and cooable on a grater sheet of aloe, cypress essential oil (5 drops). The ingredients are carefully mixed, applied on the roots of the hair, keep 40 minutes and wash their heads with their shampoo. Dandruff significantly decreases after 2 applications.

The next mask is not only actively struggling with dandruff, but also stops hair loss. Honey, sour cream, onion juice take 1 h.L., Add garlic juice (½ h.L.) and lavender oil (4 drops), mix and fell on the roots of the hair. Mask make once a week.

The best recipes from loss and growth

With severe hair loss and dandruff use the following mixture: nettle juice (2.L.), squeezed out of young leaves, mix in ceramic dishes with a whipped yolk and sour cream (2 st.L.), then add mustard oil and interpretation (2 hours.L.) and stirred to the consistency of sour cream. The mixture is rubbed in the roots of the hair before every wash of the head, and keep 30 minutes under the film and towel.

Dandruff mask with orange juice: juice (2 st.L.) mix with the same amount of burial oil, honey (1 h.L.) and lavender oil (5 drops). The mixture is applied on the roots of the hair for an hour, 2 times a week until the dandruff disappears.

Yolk mixed with ½ lemon juice and 1 h.L. Honey, add pressed garlic (2 slices), eucalyptus oils and tea tree (5 drops), rubbed and put on her hair half an hour. Wash the head shampoo and rinse with Nasty nettle.

The next mask reminds described above, but it not only eliminates dandruff, and also improves hair growth: garlic take the same, and the remaining components are mixed in equal parts – castor oil, lemon juice and aloe, mayonnaise and honey – all 1 h.L. Mask make once a week: rubbed in the roots of the hair, covered with a film and a heated towel, and keep 30-40 minutes. Wash off their shampoo.

Masks from fat dandruff at home

Fat dandruff at home can be defeated with fresh fruits and vegetables. Hair masks with them have pronounced therapeutic effects, and currant, strawberry, apples with peel, zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkin are especially useful. You can use them separately, or mix in different combinations: rub on a grater, grind in a blender or squeeze juice, and 1-2 times a week rub into the scalp. Dandruff disappears, and hair fat will decrease.

Tired of dandruff try home masks from dandruff

For example, the radish juice mask helps: the juice is rubbed into the skin of the head before washing the hair and keep an hour, shook her head with a heated towel.

Ensure fat dandruff and herbs. Herb of yarrow (2 st.L.) 200 ml of water poured, boil 15 minutes, the decoction is cooled and 3% vinegar is added – 4.L. The decoction rubbed into the skin of the head, cover the head with a film and wrap a thick towel. Keep an hour and wash off warm water with shampoo. The procedure continues 1-2 months, repeating once a week.

When a person is tormented by dandruff, hair is losing their vitality; At the same time, the surrounding develops a very unpleasant impression of its appearance and accuracy. If you cannot defeat dandruff with the help of folk remedies and caring cosmetics, then you must contact a specialist – trichologist. Correct the treatment can only be prescribed by an experienced doctor, and then beauty will be back to the hair, and to you – confidence and wonderful mood.

In addition, dandruff is often not just a cosmetic problem – it may be a satellite of serious health problems. Perhaps you develop diseases of the nervous system, stomach, liver or intestines – and this requires a more complete examination and treatment.

Analyze your lifestyle: in many cases it is enough to start correctly eat, allow yourself a full-fledged rest and sleep, exercise, avoid stress and treat a positive to the world around the world so that hair and skin again become strong and healthy.

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