Tired, deformation, small and muscular: for each type of face there is your own plan for departing aging

In recent years, we increasingly hear about personalization in beauty care. And when choosing caring tools and salon procedures, focus only on an individual program compiled by a specialist. However, cosmetologists still often use a table with skin aging types. There are four types – tired, deformation, small and muscular. Usually our face is a set of several types of several types, but always with the dominance of one. How to determine the chief type and, based on it, adjust home and cabin care, BeautyHack.RU found out from a dermatologist and cosmetologist network clinics Cidk Svetlana Eremenko.

Svetlana Eremenko

Dermatologist, cosmetologist network clinics CIMK

– Because of genetic features and racial mixing, most often we have a mixed morphothype, but with a predominance of one. It is important to know your type and necessary in order to adjust home and cabin care and thereby slow down the age-related changes that are especially noticeable after 40. There are several characteristics corresponding to each type: skin condition, face structure features and its problem areas. And all this competent specialist can determine not only at the first stages of aging, but after 18-20 years. After all, the sooner the correct care program will be selected, the smaller age of age changes will be subject to.

Tired morphothype

Example: Cameron Diaz

Occurs in 80% of people. The first signs of age-related changes begin with the corners of the eyes, and then slowly make themselves felt on the cheeks and in the field of cheekbones. Slow down age changes are fairly easy with home care and salon procedures.

How to recognize?

  • Normal or combined leather;
  • age omission of soft tissues;
  • “goose legs” In the age, nasolabial folds, age lines on the forehead, the depletion of the cheeks and the zick zone.

Home care

Home care for the tired type of aging must necessarily include serum and antioxidant masks. A good solution for the skin will be the means of which will be vitamins A, C and E, as well as algae extracts.

Salon care

1) Botoululovoxin. The first thing you can remove with this procedure, – «goose legs» and interhorn wrinkles. Also Fillers will be able to give additional support for cheeks and cheeks.

2) Biorevitalization Works with skin quality. The ultrasound of the altera apparatus compacted and improves the skin of the face, and also reduces the volume of subcutaneous fat tissue.

3) Chemical Peelings Help remove damage cells of the surface layer of skin, after which the processes of update and regeneration of the new surface layer occur.

4) Laser grinding It is used to correct the visible imperfections of the skin with a laser.

5) Phototherapy – Technology that affects bunches of ultraviolet and infrared radiation on fabric, has a number of useful effects: lifting, skin regeneration, vitamin D increase.

Deformance Morphothype

Example: Catherine Denev

Usually peculiar to people with overweight and tendency to swells. Quite difficult to correction, but with regular care from young age, age changes can be slowed down significantly.

How to recognize?

  • Combined or oily skin;
  • excess body mass with a pronounced region of the second chin;
  • Bryli, sagging at the bottom of the person, hanging the nasolabial fold;
  • Frequent swelling.

Home care

For deformation and edema type, it is necessary to use anticurine creams and serums, as well as means that contribute to strengthening the vascular wall and improve microcirculation. As part of the composition such components as Arnica and Konsky Chestnut Extract, Vitamins K, R & C, Sea Algae.

Salon care

1) First of all, procedures are suitable for the correction of the facial, creating the effect of lifting and to prevent swelling. This is especially good Mesotherapeutic cocktails, Supplement to improving lymphotock or decrease in the number of subcutaneous fatty fiber.

Tired, deformation, small and muscular, for each type of face there is a care plan,

2) ulthera therapy – Popular hardware technique aimed at reducing fat deposits of complex zones.

3) microcurrent therapy affects the synthesis of proteins and lipids. The procedure will save from wrinkles and the second chin, the muscular tone will return, will help adjust the sulfur.

4) face massage – The simplest, but really an effective program that activates metabolism improves blood circulation, returns the tone of the facial muscles.

5) Nitee Lifting – Mesotherapeutic procedure that implies puncture of the skin and the introduction of synthetic or metal threads. With this method, there is a suspender of certain areas of persons, especially prone deformation when aging.

6) Phototherapy The impact of ultraviolet and infrared radiation will provide lifting, skin regeneration, increase in vitamin D.

Small Morphothype

Example: Audrey Hepburn

Pretty rarely found in Russia, more common in Europe. It is peculiar to people with thin build, a small amount of subcutaneous fat, with thin skin and small features of the face. Despite the appearance of wrinkles, the contour of the face, as a rule, is preserved.

How to recognize?

  • dry or dehydrated skin;
  • First feature – The appearance of small mesh wrinkles, and then the formation of brush wrinkles and "goose paws";
  • Increased pigmentation.

Home care

For a small-degrady type of aging, care should include means, strengthening lipid skin barrier and directed by moisture. Emulsion for the gentle cleansing of the face, nourishing serums, creams with peptides to smooth mimic wrinkles, moisturizing masks – All these products should be used regularly in Morning and Evening Care.

Salon care

1) Commix care that implies not only skin correction, but also biorevitalization, interaction with pigment. For example, fit Programs on the IPL apparatus and phototherapy.

2) RF Lifting on Scarlet RF Great for people with a small skin type. Michelemic device does not injure the skin, clearly removes small wrinkles, has a lifting effect. The result is visible after the first procedure.

3) Cosmetic correction may also include the above procedures Laser Peeling, Botinity Therapy and Correction of Side Wrinkle Soft Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

Muscular (Muscular) Morphothype

Example: Cindy Crawford

More characteristic of the Asian type of face, but may also meet in our zone in Europe. It is considered the most favorable type of aging, since due to the high cheekbar, the facial does not preserve, wrinkles are practically not noticeable or amenable to rapid correction using the right care. Holders of this type can forget the signs of aging for a long time, often look younger than their years.

How to recognize?

  • Normal or combined leather;
  • acute pronounced corners of the lower jaw;
  • a tendency to pigmentation;
  • manifestation of fatigue in the form of circles under the eyes.

Home care

Holders of muscular morphotype are often faced with the advent of pigmentation. Having minimized this problem will be helped by exfoliating and bleaching agents with retinol and vitamin C. Moisturizing and nutritious means will also become a good complement to care. Special attention should be paid to the zone around the eyes: an excellent option will be eye creams with cooling roller and patches.

Salon care

1) Biorevitalization and plasmotherapy Ideal for improving metabolic processes and retrofitting pigment.

2) injections of botulinumoxin Help minimize manifestations of hypertonus chewing muscle. Thanks to the procedures, the person will lose an angularity and acquire smooth transitions. But the use of phillers for musol type is applied in rare cases.

3) face massage and microcurrent therapy slow down the processes of aging and make the complexion of the face more even and shining.

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