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Communication serves one of the most important components of the relationship between a man and a woman. It helps to know each other better, understand what the person you are interested in and how does it think. But often in front of women face quite an urgent question: what can we talk about with a man. What topics for conversation with the representative of the opposite sex are most suitable and desirable, and which are prohibited and unacceptable? In fact, for conversations with a gentleman there is a lot, and our article will provide you with the necessary information capable of solving this problem. After reading our material, you quickly digest, which you can talk about with a man and you will communicate with gentlemen easily and directly.

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Hobbies and men’s hobbies

The first thing I would like to mention when answering the question "what can be told with a man" is a hobby, hobbies, interests. This is the most preferred topic for a conversation with a gentleman, since it allows a man to boast by their talents, achievements in some particular area; introduce a woman with her interests and create a certain impression of his potential.

Your new friend (or one has already consisted) can, for example, play sports, adore hiking for football matches, fill out your leisure burning on a tree or game guitar. And asking him the question of what he is fond of, you give him the opportunity to reveal as a person. Your task in this situation: listen carefully and express sincere admiration. Well, and if your hobbies coincide, there will be many more things to talk about with a man.

Movies, music, books

Another fairly standard scheme, which you can talk about with a man – this is a movie, music and books. Standard and even ordinary, at first glance, the topic for conversation with a strong sex representative may be very fruitful. Of course, it is justified only if you are dealing with a person who is fond of and developing – it is worth it in mind. Ask a man about his favorite works, literary genres and writers. Ask what books he read over the past few months that reads now. The same applies to films and serials. With regard to music, you can learn about your favorite male musical styles, performers and compositions. Be sure to ask the interlocutor to recommend anything interesting in his opinion and do not forget to share your preferences. As in the case of a hobby, common interests will serve as a source of new topics for discussion.

Discussion of visited public events

If you and your chosen one are tuned to one wave and love to be in humans, as well as joined culture, you will not have to think hard, what can we talk about with a man, how to interest the gentleman in conversation? After each exhibition, the performance, film letters you will probably find something: it is the plot, and the skill of actors / artists, and the positive aspects of the event, and t.D. If your opinion has nothing to do with a man’s point of view, do not disprove it. You can afford not to agree with his judgments, but do not try to do it in a rough form. Share your impressions without imposing my opinion to the representative of a strong sex. Talk to the fact that I did not like – maybe in this you will find yourself agree. Whatever it was, such a discussion sometimes can delay not one hour.


Everyone knows that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach. But gentlemen love not only tasty to eat – they are not going to talk about good food. Favorite dishes, branded recipes, cuisine of different countries of the world – than not the themes for a conversation with a man? If you prepare well yourself, do not miss the convenient moment to boast by your skill, and also speak with a man about what the eats you will be best. Believe me, a man will certainly take this information for a note.

Traveling, cars, sports – exciting and exciting

What can we talk about a man, like any travel, cars or sports?

These themes should be chosen if you understand them perfectly. But in the absence of proper knowledge, it is better not to affect, otherwise the risk of becoming.

However, there is another option: let a man speaks to the proposed topic (and he will certainly become doing this with great pleasure and enthusiasm), you will play the role of a grateful listener and from time to time to nod, give, insert the approving phrases, ask questions. The discussion of such a conversation to name the language will not turn, but if you do everything right, a man will feel like as a and almost your idol.

Computer and Internet are interesting to men

For modern representatives of both sexes – at least for their majority – computers and the Internet – this is what you can easily and calmly talk for days. Painless space … You can talk with a man about computer games, interesting sites, applications for smartphone, useful programs, etc.D. It is more or less disassembled in these areas, and maybe it is a professional?

Then ask the gentleman to help you understand the questions that you have difficulty. A man will gladly respond to your request, because he can demonstrate his knowledge and skills.

Politics, Society, Plans and Ambitions

Nothing prevents you with a man talking on topics on topical problems that have a place to be in our or other countries, as well as global world-wide catastrophes, emergencies. Here everyone can express its point of view, express assumptions about the consequences or further development of events. Also, ask that your interlocutor makes useful for society, for the country or what would like to do, whether he has certain powers or the relevant cash capital. Ask a man also about the goals that he in front of him poses or has already reached the future plans, about success. Any representative of the strong sex – the winner of nature, and swee his pride will not be superfluous.

Tips, what can we talk about with a man

Is it possible to talk about relatives and friends

Is it possible to talk to a man about relatives and friends? Is communication on his family, the closest relatives, best friends permissible? Talk about it right now.

Affect this topic in a conversation with a man it is advisable if you are familiar with him not the first day and, especially since you know someone from his closest environment. Particularly relevant conversations about common friends, colleagues. Speaking about relatives, you can somnake somewhat from the main topic and ask the gentleman questions about his childhood, school and student years. However, it may happen that the man does not want to talk about it at all, for example, because of the bad relationship with the relatives, the lack of buddies, unhappy youth or for other reasons. Then it is not necessary to insist, it is best to change the subject of the conversation.

Other topics

In principle, it is possible to talk to a man about anything: about holidays and gifts, about life values, about his children’s and current adult dreams; that he especially appreciates in girls and what kind of woman sees his dream. Those who are in a pair, it would be nice to subside on their own relationship. Just do not build this dialogue from accusations and claims to the second half – first do focus on the positive sides of your union and the qualities of the partner that you are satisfied. After smoothly go to the discussion of problems available in your relationship.

What can not talk about

What to talk to a man is not and even categorically not recommended? The taboo is superimposed on the discussion of the disadvantages of appearance, diseases, their financial difficulties and its material opportunities. Medicine, weather, work – not too pleasant and successful topics for a conversation with a man, so they also better refuse them. Do not complain to the gentleman on anything or anyone: for example, life, neighbors, boss, relatives. And most importantly: do not load a man with information about your own troubles, problems do not need anyone.

As you can see, you can talk a lot about what. In fact, a lot of things that are interested in almost all men. Many of the facts are interested in and fond of women and men. Of course, there are unpleasant moments and topics, but, as a rule, these topics for the conversation will not be especially like and a woman. In general, everything is very individual, you start the conversation, according to the expression of the face of the interlocutor will already be clear whether it is ready to continue this or that topic, or it is better to talk about something more pleasant for two. Yes, and not so important is the subject of conversation, how much intonation, smile, shine in the eyes, positive and good mood. If two people are pleasant to each other, others will be fascinating, there will be any topic, what you would have wanted to talk to a man.

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