Tips for those who cannot quickly sleep

Healthy and strong sleep is an important part of human vital activity, because it is in such a state that the normalization of all major processes occurs, the restoration of forces and even healing is carried out!

This fact is absolutely difficult to prove, if a man’s sleep proceeded in normal conditions for him, then in the morning it looks suitable: healthy face, pleasant skin, shine in the eyes and smile on the lips! Otherwise, a man wakes up with a sense of fatigue, it seems to be sleeping, but a little is a sense: the back hurts, the face is crushed, and under the eyes bags.

Unfortunately, every fourth adult man of our planet is faced with a problem with a strong and healthy sleep: life in a constant race, stressful situations, pace periodically excavates so that we ourselves do not have time to track, how fast the evening came.

The brain and the nervous system are subjected to constant overvoltage, as a result, chronic fatigue, which is poured into the disorder of the normal functioning of the body, and the inability to sleep normally – one of the first signs of such a problem.

Of course, it happens that a completely healthy and balanced person who has never had a dream problem, suddenly can’t fall asleep. The reason for the increased brain activity, the surge of emotions, which are difficult to learn, our head is constantly thinking and does not give rest to the body, digesting all the information that accumulated in it for a certain period of time. In such a situation there is nothing terrible and, if you do not bike, normal sleep will quickly return to the usual channel.

Much more serious when the problem of sleep has become an everyday phenomenon that does not retreat already the day, and maybe a month. In such cases, the insomnia may be caused by a serious disease, to cope with which it will not work independently, so it is better to consult a doctor.

However, in most cases, it is possible to cope with the problem if you defeat constant overwork, stress and overexcitation, which is most likely the reason for bad sleep. If you have been tormented by the question of how night you need to quickly sleep, then the first thing you need to pay attention is for your own day of the day, which will have to be corrected primarily.

Rules of the day that lead to a healthy sleep

Before rushing in the arms of calming agents and all kinds of sleeping pills, try to look at your life as if from the side, you most likely to immediately see that it is not so. For most people, stress is already a familiar state that accompanies them daily, we are always trying to control everything, calculate and think over.

On the one hand, it is, of course, correctly, because the thoughtful model of his own life helps to live as efficiently as possible and efficiently, only we forget about one thing: we need a vacation in the same way as active daily activities.

Learn how to forget problems at work, think over the plan of the next day in advance, as well as digest the events of the current, at least an hour before sleep. Thus, you will leave the time to make your brain reduce the pace of activity, I started preparing to sleep, which will help you to fall asleep.

Get your own ritual of cooking to sleep: spread out for a few minutes your hair, massage a face and hands with a cream, go to the shower, relax there, trying to really not think about anything.

Try to observe the day of the day: Do not drink coffee, strong tea or chocolate two hours before sleep, and also do not overeat, although with a hungry stomach to fall asleep. If in the stomach is drumping, then the brain is not turned off, so, if it’s absolutely nursing, then it is better to quench your thirst, burning light mashed potatoes, fruit or drove a low-fat kefir. For a strong sleep, you can enter a tradition of a small walk through the air for the watch or two to the laid shipment to bed.

Before you go to bed, it is better not to play exciting computer games and not watch movies that encourage the process of thinking, empathizing the heroes, as such emotions also negatively affect high brain activity.

By the way, there is no one decade, which implies to consider sheep or elephants, contrary to the established opinion, is ineffective, since the score again provokes the work of the brain, which will fall asleep. It is best before bedtime to do breathing exercises, listen to your favorite relaxing music, think about pleasant, read your favorite book.

By the way, there is still such an interesting way: to go to bed and try to read such a book from which you will definitely become boring, for example, a reference book in mathematics or a humanitarian textbook: the tired brain will refuse to make a new portion of complex information and a person begins to starve to sleep.

Tips for those who cannot quickly sleep

What to do if you got enough?

First, you need to remember that it is necessary to go to bed when it really wants to sleep, otherwise you still do not fall asleep, and having flown over once again without sleep, you will only strengthen the problem.

Of course, it’s good when it turns out to save the day of the day and go to the same time, if you work out such a habit, then fall asleep will be much easier. By the way, make sure that the air temperature is somewhat lower than the usual, not 22 ° or 25 °, as often happens, and 18 °, it is believed that these are ideal conditions for strong sleep.

If you have not left to sleep, it is better not to lie and do not suffer, but to get up and try to do something, so you, much faster it will be back into sleep.

If all of the listed recommendations did not help, then you can resort to folk remedies, for example, fill herbs a pillow for sleep: the leaves of geranium, mint, laurel, hazel, pine needles or rose petals are suitable. For those who allow the stomach, you can eat the whole bulb for the night, as the substances in it helps calm down and fall asleep.

By the way, a spoon of honey for the night is also a very good sedative and sleeping pills. Who does not like honey, can take advantage of pawandovy oil: if we grasp a pair of droplets of whiskey, then the tension is removed, the person relaxes and is easier to fall asleep.

It often happens that it is not necessary to sleep normally in a child, he complains of fear or finds other reasons that develop into a real problem. The child’s body, of course, is less faced with stressful situations, most often, your child is simply capricious and shows character, not wanting to fall asleep in the allotted time.

To kid feel calmer to fall to sleep, it must be gradually prepare for this process, constantly reminding about it. If you have sharply change the game to bed, the child will not be able to switch so quickly and can fall into hysterics.

Read the baby for the night your favorite fairy tale, sit near and talk about calm topics. You can resort to the help of a plush toy, in the arms with which, the child will be able to feel more protected.

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