Tips for raising young children

Tips for raising young children

My 1,5-year-old son constantly holds onto the playground, something takes out something in children, pushes them, maybe even hit. I constantly make him comments, but it does not stop. But in the family we have calm, good relations. Where does it come from? And what to do?

For a child up to 2 years, the whole world consists only of his desires! He sincerely does not understand that other people also have their own desires, the needs that they also feel something. Therefore, with people, the baby can handle the same way as with a toy teddy bear—push up. He does not understand why you don’t scold him for the bear, but you punish him for Dima, whom he pushed. You are right, you need to make a child comments, explain how to behave. And dispose of small dumps on the site too. But waiting for instant results is not worth: all your time. Over time, the child will understand that it is impossible to beat others.

When a child tells sleep

My son is 4 years old. He recently began to say that he was starring the scary dreams, began to be afraid of darkness. I do not know how to do, leave the night light included all night? Or make the son of overcome his fear of dark?

Children’s fears are often found quite, and it is a pity that the parents do not always give them importance. The fears are not taken from nowhere: perhaps something ragged, scared, tired, surprised the child, and he misunderstood this event, gave him an unusual, fantasy character? It can be like vital trouble — Parent quarrels, scandals, loss and losses, and quite ordinary, ordinary in the view of an adult event of events and phenomena — Ride on vacation, to the cottage seen by the child. Remember, could not hear my son, how do you have sex with my husband? It could also affect the fears of a child. Ask the Son that he worries him. This will allow you to know where fears came from, and helping our son get rid of them. Work out the waste ritual to sleep, turn on the night light, tell the baby for the night of fairy tales, hug him, let him calmly fall asleep with you. Over time, he will turn his children’s fears.

Cat will have to sleep.

We have long lived a cat, and my daughter remembers him from birth. Pet is old, very sick, the veterinarian advised him to sleep. But how to report this daughter? Maybe it is better to say that the cat ran?

It is better to say the whole truth about the disease and the sleeping of the cat. By the way, children often do not consider death so terrible as we, adults. This news, of course, can cause tears, hysterics, closure or absence of an external reaction. But the main thing is that you support the daughter in an hour of loss. It is important that she openly grieved around the cat, cried with you. After all, for the experience of grief, the loss is important not to close, not to go into yourself.

That’s so dirty!

Daughter, which is 11 years old, began to scatter on the room – clothes, candy candy. Previously, she did not behave! How to be?

This behavior is characteristic of adolescents — This is one of the forms of protest, disobedience. Remind the daughters that it lives in the apartment is not alone, but the whole family, and at least therefore must be pure. Set which days for cleaning in the apartment will answer the daughter, and when — you. And put on what measures you will take if the agreement is broken by the daughter. But you yourself have to keep clean! Divide "Territory", Daughter will find the independence that teenagers dream about.

Why she keeps his mother’s skirt?

My 4-year-old daughter does not let me go anyway. The developing classes do not go without me, crying, says that it is afraid, and teachers against my presence in the group. What to do?

Is it often a girl in contact with other people, besides you? Most likely no. Maybe therefore it is lost in the children’s team, looking for your support. In addition, try to deal with you, are you ready to let go of the child? Do not your own fears demonstrate a child? Children love us so much that they try to express our emotions. And do you trust the teacher who has a daughter? If yes, listen to the Council of the Teacher: Sit under the door and come to the first call.

Visiting grandparents

Tips for raising young children

My parents live outside the city and often take grandchildren on the weekend and vacation to themselves. I do not mind, but after returning from my grandparents, two of my boys three and eight years become uncontrollable: whims, hysterics, resentment on me. What to do?

Perhaps children worry so much to change the place: first separation with you, then separation with grandparents. Apparently, it is a big stress for them, although they are not aware of this. The situation is likely to be aggravated by the fact that they are two, and the voltage they can transmit each other. What is the output? Go to visit old men with children. Or let the parents come to visit you. With the eldest son you can already try to talk to souls: what he feels when going to leave, how he spends time there, does it miss you? What makes him be offended by you? So you will show him that there are other ways to remove the voltage, inevitably arising due to parting.

Protect the Son Ot. Teachers!

My son nusted one teacher. I believe that it specifically underestimates the assessments, makes him fights for his behavior. Go to it? Or immediately complain to the temptation or director?

Your holy duty in these tips to raise young children — defend the interests of the child. Of course, you need to go to school. True, the school management may not be aware of the situation at all, and there will be a large segment of time before it discern. And then, most likely, at first of corporate solidarity, the leadership will take the side of the teacher. So it is better to first talk to the teacher about what it is unhappy: behavior, knowledge? Let it lead to specific examples of bad behavior and say that a successful student should know today. By this you will show her that the situation is worried about that you are not going to let her on samonek and that you are ready to joint actions in the teacher — Parent help the child to achieve good results. Let the teacher benefit the literature, will prescribe the time. But if you do not feel the teacher’s desire to cooperate with you, then refer to the school management and try to resolve the issue at this level.

I will not go to kindergarten!

My daughter went to kindergarten. Since then, it has not known it: Capriznitsy, sleeps restlessly, often crying. Is talking "I do not want a garden!" What to do?

The signs listed by you in the advices for the upbringing of young children are characteristic of the child’s behavior in a state of stress. Try changing the group, the kindergarten himself, not to drive a daughter there for a while. In the garden there should be a psychologist who helps adapt to beginners. Tune in to the fact that over time the child will get used to the garden, will find friends there.

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