Tips for psychologists to improve family relations

So the human psyche is arranged that the monotony tires. In the first months, the relationship between lovers brings a lot of joy, a lot of new impressions and give bright emotions, which we recently could only dream, but over time the feeling of novelty disappears, emotions are dulled, and the passion begins to fade. So it happens, unfortunately, with all couples. So that such a thing happened to you, it is worth thinking about how to improve relations. We will talk today with you that psychologists advise to improve family relations.

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Change home wardrobe

To improve relations with her husband, first of all carefully examine your own wardrobe, which you use only at home. Usually it is characterized by comfort, but not style. There is nothing surprising that at home I want to relax and do not look like at work or in the evening, but, nevertheless, it is more correct to try for your beloved man than for colleagues in work, passersby on the street or those you will see at an important event. Not necessarily to wear an evening dress every evening, although sometimes it will only make a fresh jet into a personal life, but to choose clothes for the house that can be put on the street, it does not hurt. Particular attention to the fact that homemade clothing still emphasize the bends of the body, and did not hide them. Take and right tonight surprise your chosen one.

Improve intimate relationships

Interest him secret wishes. Together, determine the framework in relationships at night, through which you are not ready to overpower, but do not confuse the extreme rejection and fear of the new. Follow your beloved, but do not hesitate to tell him about my desires. When a person loves, he listens to his beloved, what she would not ask him. In intimate relationships it is necessary to be able to share, otherwise the routine will turn even the most passionate couple in spouses, which are already tired of each other, both in the afternoon and at night.

Do not follow my husband

One of the councils of psychologists to improve family relations sounds like this: do not turn into a warden. Do not require your chosen all his free time dedicate only to you. Everyone has the right to his own personal space that makes us those who we are. Nobody will like the total domination and control. Therefore, you do not need to arrange tragedies because of the meetings of your loved one with his friends. Better use this time for your own development and communication with relatives.

Do not criticize and do not swear

What husband will like when it is constantly criticized? In a difficult situation, even if he is to blame, find the words of support. If you forgot something to do, it is better to remind him again that you are waiting for help than a few hours, blame, what it is not obligatory or even blurted out you. Do not take it missing to heart – this is superfluous.

Under no circumstances, especially in the presence of other people, do not find out with him relationships and do not go to personality. Problems will not solve it, but only aggravate.

Do not silence when offended. Try to calmly explain to him what happened, and do not go offended all day, causing hidden discontent.

Improve the ratio will help politeness

There is a proverb "Affectionate word and cat nice". Remember, nothing inspires a man as sincere praise. Therefore, to improve relationships with your husband, do not skimp on compliments, be sure to tell your favorite tender words of gratitude and attention, he will definitely appreciate them. It doesn’t matter why you tell him "Thank you", the main thing is that he understands that you appreciate it.

Family Relationship Improvement Women’s Case

Many women can notice with an offense why they should think about how to improve family relationships when men do not think about it. And their indignation is absolutely fair. But it is worth noting that in most cases the climate in the pair depends on the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. After all, it is their nature that bestowed by a tact, a sense of excellent, the ability and courage to express emotions, to show feelings and create a loved one. Rarely when men know how to correctly express what they feel about what they think is not satisfied. Yes, and the manifestation of certain emotions in men in society is not welcome at all.

The main task for most of them is the achievement of large goals, the fulfillment of the tasks and ensuring financial well-being and independence, both their own and their family. They don’t even mind thinking about such thin matters like a soul and feelings, but in their excuse you can say that they have no time for it. To implement the conceived, they need to mobilize all the forces, to restore which they can only at home, where they know that the beloved thing is careful about them, which everything understands and accepts, and he does not need to think about how he looks or how he behaves.

So psychologists advise to improve the relationship in the family, the first step should make women – to be somewhere softer, gentle, do not take everything close to heart. On some of his words or deeds you can just not pay attention. In general, we have a lot of emotions and nerves spend on what you should not notice at all. Awareness of this, of course, comes only with age, in youth, we are too emotional. But you can try to treat everything easier, and it is better to start doing it right now.

When this is not worth doing

The statement that all men are targeted and all their lives are trying to achieve unprecedented heights in a career, can cause a skeptical smile. Of course, it would not be yet to smile, because many men do not engage in business, do not make a career, but they work in one position all their lives, no matter what is not particularly seeking. At the same time, they spend a lot of time on the sofa, watching the football match on TV, but according to their deep conviction, they are engaged in important matters. They have already managed to conquer, pay a lot of attention and make it so that now they live together, so it should all arrange. And since he does not go anywhere, it means that a woman must understand, that’s the way he proves her feelings every day.

Tips for psychologists to improve family relations

About such men, it is possible to say only one thing, with them the relationship is not necessary to improve, and so everything suits them. And if such a representative of the strong half of humanity you like, and there are no complaints about it, do not waste the precious time to draw up a plan how to strengthen, or improve family relationships. Enjoy life and think better what to do for yourself.

To improve relationships change

If we talk about the representatives of the strong half of humanity, who seek to achieve certain heights, at the moment when they fall in love, they completely absorbs the task of conquering a beloved woman. In these moments, any representative of the beautiful half of humanity feels a real goddess, which is surrounded by the attention of his beloved.

But as soon as serious relationships are tied, and people begin to live together, there are already very different tasks, courtship, beautiful dates, compliments and gifts arise from their heads. And you can not do anything about it, all the forces they are now aimed at conquering a new vertex. And so if it does not suit you or worries that you can part, it is worth thinking about how to improve relationships with my husband.

You can change his attitude to you, if you make constantly feeling the need to conquer you from the day a day, because you continue to remain a mystery to him. He does not know that in your beautiful head, what do you think, what do you want at the moment and are ready to be with him.

But remember, in the mass of household problems, everyday affairs, fatigue, the desire to realize your own dreams, women are very difficult to simultaneously think about how to stay for a man secretly for seven seals, and what to feed him and make it feel comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to finely feel a man and evaluate your own capabilities. Think about whether you can stay constantly in tension, carefully following how you look, say, behave, and is ready to be a regular struggle for your heart or he chose you because next to you is calm, comfortable and comfortable. Not all men are ready to constantly live on a volcano, and not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, especially coming out married, ready to give up rest for the time that their man again showed all his ability to care and say compliments.

If they are ready to take care of their own personal life, without relying on the will of the case, then before making a final decision, highlight a few hours to compile a plan in which you describe what you do not suit you, immediately indicating what they should be Is it possible to achieve this man. During yourself, you can find out with surprise that everything is not so bad and some special actions on your part and is not required to improve them, it is enough to do with several changes that will make a pleasant variety and fresh stream in privacy.

Never late to change life, bring something amazing and beautiful to it. The biggest mistake of women in relationship is the reluctance to take care of them. Having met your loved one, it seems to her that no longer need to follow yourself, think about how to attract a man, the main thing is that love united two hearts. But if you do not realize in time that such a path leads to nowhere, you can forget about the lucky personal life forever. Therefore, do not forget that there is always a place for perfection and improve relations with my husband is not at all difficult, it is enough to listen, first of all, to yourself and be attentive to the desires of your loved one.

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