Tips for October

On your share, the problems of a financial nature that you diligently avoided. Will have to take urgent decisions in order to avoid trouble. On the one hand, Aries can risk, it is in your character. But in October you need to make very balanced solutions. If you have long thought about buying real estate, it is worth investing the available money in this. You should not listen now to whose advice, they can only harm you. Your personal life requires a change, you can put a point in some respects and immediately think about new. You do not want to be in the fall in the fall alone. Aries are emotionally sustainable and, in general, live by their interests. Pay as much attention as possible work, the prospects that would be sorry to miss. Trips not foreseen, but for now you simply do not have time because of work.

April 21 – May 21

Tales are not particularly loved by autumn, it always seems to you that it brings to your life disappointment. Apparently, this time you are right because the real tragedy can turn around in your personal life. If you are married, you can be almost sure that the husband will show infidelity or find out some unpleasant circumstances. Do not hurry the events and all the more thinking about divorce: now for the calves is not the most favorable time to change something in life. Some ladies hatch places of revenge, but it is better not worth. Switch to something else, for example, a small journey will help you restore forces. If you occupy a solid position, disagreements with subordinates are sharply designated. You are not particularly striving to maintain your image, but the work as a whole may suffer. Financial issues of Taurles do not affect, you have always been a good strategist! If you do not have enough money for a large purchase, the loan you will find easily and on favorable terms.

May 22 – June 21

Gemini finally begin to truly feel their significance. Despite the fact that many things go worse and worse, you understand that you are on the right track and gain momentum. Great relationships with partners are perfect, especially if these are friends you have known for a long time. In order to find a complete harmony, twins need to fall in love. Relationships in October are covered with raid autumn warmth and can give you a lot of just unforgettable moments. You feel your appeal, build plans, and many they come true very quickly. If you are not married yet, you can quite count on the fact that you will make a sentence in October. Gemini, as always, very curious and ready to continue their education. If you come to this consciously, you can go to courses or even learn something at all you are not known. Money you best invest in education.

June 22 – July 23

Cancers this fall are tuned to some changes in life. The inner voice tells you that it’s time to change something for a long time, that’s just hard to decide, personal life it will be or work. Naturally, the change at the same time in these areas does not need to do, you will not handle it. It is better to leave everything as it is in relationships with men, even if you are not quite pleased. In something, any partner can be converted, no matter how resisted! But to work you need to pay close attention. Cancers are never the first to show the initiative, but now it would be nice to do. Contact your authority asking for raising salary – and you will see what the result will. It is quite possible! Cracks do not plan any large shopping, but you know how to postpone. Here, luck is clearly on your side, and many you can learn!

a lion
July 24 – August 23

Lions will have to accept the fact that they hit the lane of failures and need to take tremendous efforts to break out somehow. Particularly difficult can be the first half of October – for whatever you fell, everything goes wrong, how would you like it. The main obstacles can wait for you in the affairs associated with the house, apartment, any real estate. You can invest huge amounts of money, even to get into debt, but still do not get the expected result. Lions do not intend to fall in spirit finally, you are trying to switch to new relationships that appeared thanks to your girlfriend. In October, you are often called visit, you can go to the theater, to a concert, and it is from these emotions that your mood rises. The end of the month lions will bring some kind of pleasant surprise, so it’s not so bad.

August 24 – September 21

Virgin love the onset of long autumn evenings, their whole life after the summer is somehow streamlined, you find peace and harmony. Especially lucky virgin, which can not work for some reason, at home well and cozy. You are put in order an apartment, your wardrobe, more care about family members, you may awaken culinary talents. True, in the upbringing of children you lack patience, and the main conflicts may arise here. Children are naughty, and the Virgin cannot hold back their anger. Romance is still bypassing you by side, in your personal life you try not to violate the instituted orders, although, in fact, we deprive themselves. If your husband is not particularly affectionate with you, then you yourself are to blame for something, and it needs to urgently correct. If you want to go to rest, it is better not yet to move to long distances, financially it is quite ruler.

September 22 – October 23

If usually scales are prone to oscillations and suspended steps, now you yourself are surprised by your determination! And you are not going to listen to any advice, especially if it concerns material issues. Scales understand that it is important for them to keep the money earned, and are engaged in very serious projects. You can count on success, especially if purchases are connected with the machine, which you have long dreamed of. Investing money in real estate for you is not so successful now, and even more so for these purposes you should not take loans. Activity applies to personal relationships. You are ready to take the initiative in your hands, you can first call the person you like. Scales are very susceptible in October illusions. Try to still analyze the situation not to make any mistakes in relationships with men.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions are difficult to understand, they have a very changeable mood, and they themselves cannot figure out what they really want. Some are so tired of the accumulated work that they are just thinking to take an unplanned vacation and leave somewhere away, preferably in full solitude. But little it will be possible to make. In October, you really have a lot of responsibilities, and if you have your own business or take a guidance position, the troubles may fall on you from different sides. But to take now weighted solutions you can not. You are panicly able to change the financial situation, ready to risk, and as a result, only losing. Remove the voltage of scorpions, as always, helps the love sphere. The more dating – the better the mood. This should be your motto in October!

Tips for October_4

November 23 – December 21

About the optimism of the shooters go legends, but now you can literally surpass yourself! Whatever happened in life, no matter what problems you were surrounded, you look at everything at your point of view. And do absolutely correctly, because you can not dive into depression due to the lack of money and the impossibility of yourself to please something. But you have new friends in the fall, and in general, it can completely change the circle of friends and interests. You will go to learn a foreign language or a theater studio, do dancing, in general, spend the autumn evenings perfectly. Indeed, the shooters are not yet lucky with the work, but if you can show activity, it can be simply changed. Ask the advice from a friend – perhaps she will advise you something very unexpected, what you could not even dream about. The end of the month will lightly spoil the mood, there may be problems with parents.

December 22 – January 19

Capricorns always successfully cope with responsibilities assigned to them, they are the most organized zodiac sign. But this fall, and especially in October, cute ladies are not like. You understand that you need to work, but your thoughts are engaged in others! You are ready to become romantic, like fish, and at the same time impulsive as Aquarius. You are unpredictable, you yourself are appointing a date, you can start a novel and even change your husband. With all the might you try to get the emotions that you lacked so much before. But the Capricorns by the end of the month understand that inactivity at work can lead to a reduction, and corrected the situation. You can praise you. If your business depends on direct communication and numerous contacts, then at the end of October you will feel that you just can’t see people. Try to find a relaxation method possible, it will be sports.

January 20 – February 19

Aquarius a month can start an unexpected meeting with a person from the past, which you have almost never remembered. Most likely, a person will appear on the Internet. Do not impose special hopes for serious relationships, but you can have fun! Do not talk about anything to tell my husband, the main problems can rotate around jealousy, quarrels and scandals in your family. Aquariols will have a lot to work in October, but it must be said that work will be paid to pay. So do not refuse new projects and orders. All trips in October for water unwanted. At least you will get new impressions, but you can unweathe, especially if you change the climate sharply. Favorite girlfriend gives you many tips, but not everyone needs to listen!

February 20 – March 20

The fish somehow were angry, you clearly does not please that the autumn entered their rights completely, and now there are less and less opportunities for walking and communicating. You can completely immerse yourself in depression, and that this does not happen, you urgently need to come up with some fun. Best if it is associated with the apartment. Do you want to decorate it with new furniture or repair? You quite have enough money for this, because financial problems somehow bypass fish. In addition, soon you can wait for an increase at work, especially if you work in the financial sector. Do not start in October of new relations, they will end for you unsuccessful. Better appreciate what you already have, especially if you are married.

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