Tips for November

This month for Aries is very difficult for a variety of reasons, and you need to show all the power and courage of your character to cope with the wrong problems. You are not in the best physical form, you will have to pay attention to your health. In addition, injuries are possible, and do not risk how you usually love it. Aries are literally littered with work, but it is impossible to say that you have optimism about this. Have to take yourself in hand and do at least the most necessary. Relations in the family are not in the best way, you are absolutely not satisfied with the behavior of your spouse. He leads a removed lifestyle and does not want to help you at all. Do not join long conflicts, they yourself will not benefit you! Aries can be advised to pay more attention to children, you sincerely worry all the events that happening, and you can even help them with something.

April 21 – May 21

Tales intend to make cardinal changes in their lives in November, they are tired of constant subordination to people and circumstances! Perhaps you are right, and your patience is clearly beginning to abuse. Tales can take a very aggressive position, but you do not need to resort to extremes. But in the family in November it is necessary to redistribute duties to reduce its load. Use the moment it is now very possible. Material issues may be especially acute in the second half of the month, especially if you have long thought about some kind of large purchase. But I do not recommend loans to you, it is better to try to take money from someone loan. The very end of November will bring the calves a good mood. You can make a long-planned trip or get some long-awaited gift, and it fully compensates for the bad mood that has been pursued for so long.

May 22 – June 21

Twins have a raised mood because the dreams that you have gotten for a long time begin to come true. They relate to your implementation, and you begin to understand what moved in the right direction, and now the results are visible. Let the revenues are not so significant, no matter how I wanted it, but, in any case, they clearly increase. Gemini still do not intend to consider money, and just this would be nice to learn! They diverge you just lightning! You tend to make gifts, and you want to please something. Personal relations twins are surprisingly harmonious. The family reigns peace and peace, the partner listens to the slightest requirements. Children and children, they behave much better than usual. Gemini can feel the desire to continue their studies, and this is really a good period for self-improvement. You can go on trainings, courses, in the future it will be favorable on your career advancement. Very good month!

June 22 – July 23

It is very similar to that for cancers this month will be a turning point, and you should not be afraid of any changes. You are full of strength, and your emotionality has gone down the place of collens and determination. Cancer can offer a new place of work, and although it is associated with large physical exertion, you should not be afraid of them, in the future you can have very good prospects. Cancers understand that what they have previously done, – a passed stage, and it’s time to move on. If you currently have a serious personal relationship, they can go to another level. Many representatives of this sign are ready to even change the place of residence, you conclude a marriage, and it can be civil or legal. It is possible that canceli will begin to think about the birth of children, and your partner will support you. The end of the month needs to be planned in advance. If you have had a trip, it is likely that it will have to be transferred, especially if you decide to change the place of work.

a lion
July 24 – August 23

Unfortunately, for the lioness, this period is not particularly successful, and you start feeling very quickly. Small troubles will grow quickly into large, if you yourself will not start taking some decisive steps. Try at the same time to acquire at least someone’s support, you will lose alone. Especially tangible will be losses, if you work in a large organization engaged in serious business. You can slander, although it is very likely that you yourself behaved in the best way. Especially carefully in November you need to approach the solution of all financial issues, eliminate the carelessness or the desire to earn money due to you. The lionesses are trying to restore the old relationship, but in this way you can lose something, you already have. Avoid any change in personal life, if you do not want to naugh for yourself. Think about how to raise yourself a mood, often this month it really will be with you far from positive.

August 24 – September 21

Virgin in November are not at all like. You are tired of obeying, constantly about someone to take care, and you decide more attention to pay yourself. Of course, your loved ones are dissatisfied with such changes, but you should not pay attention to it. Home worries clearly need to shift on other people’s shoulders. And to pay attention to your appearance, play sports and communicate more with friends. Virns are very successful at work, here you trust the project to which you have sought so long ago. More responsibility appears, but it does not scare you. A month can even bring additional financial income, and you clearly deserve it! The second half of November somehow will be related to the decision of real estate issues. Here it is not necessary to hurry, it is important to be able to wait and choose the right moment for action. Perhaps everything is better to transfer the next year, but while preliminary planning.

September 22 – October 23

Weighs will have very rich november. If you have previously started some important things, now they will have a very successful completion, but much will depend on how active you will and how we will feel free to make decisions. Do not act alone, for some questions you will need a very qualified council. Scales abandoned their work a little, it seems that completely different problems are worried, and they are connected with family issues – house, cottages, money investment. Try to take your vacation at work, you will now need free time and freedom in movements. A good mood of weights can contribute to a stormy personal life, amazing how you all have time! Romantic dates follow one after another, you are looking for a new partner. But only in this area should not chop off the shoulder, it’s just useful to your ability to weigh. Select a little behind your appearance, although positive events make you just irresistible.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions should reconsider some of their views, clearly not everyone suits the same line of behavior that you choose. In the first half of the month, the situation may concern work if you had ill-wishers in the team, then now they can show up to you. Close more careful, with your intuition you will figure it out with whom you need to communicate, and who is better to go around the party. The bosses take you quite loyally, and on his part you can get support in difficult moments of life. In the second half of November, personal relationships are published. You are completely confused in them, to make the final choice. You should not keep a double game now, it will not lead to anything good. All your plans will be torn, and you can simply stay in proud loneliness from which the fall is especially sad. Count on some trips yet do not have, financially you are not in the very good position.

Tips for November_5

November 23 – December 21

The frivolity of the Archers this month just amazes. It seems that you live in some kind of world, and you are very comfortable there, and the rest of the problems just do not worry. You can easily spend money earned. They can end with you very quickly, but it is somehow not disturbing you. Sagittars are ready to take a loan for a very expensive acquisition, that’s what I do not advise you. At work, Sagittarius are very popular, and it literally spins you. Several proposals may follow, which only at first glance seem very tempting. Do not take any responsible decisions in November. With your personal life, you clearly arise problems, your partner is tired of the style of behavior you stick to. The case can reach the gap, if you urgently do not reimburse yourself. Sagittarius is emotionally very stable, they are overwhelmed with optimism, and you obviously do not foresee the imposing changes.

December 22 – January 19

The whole month Capricorns can be in a beautiful mood, and most likely it will be connected with the upcoming journey that you planned so long ago. You anticipate the trip, and thanks to this all small problems seem to you insignificant. They may arise primarily at work, since you have taken any obligations that do not work on time. At work, you spend the bulk of the time, especially for Capricors, who at least small, but their business. Try to carefully approach the affairs related to reporting and important documents. May be check, and you should be ready for it. Capricorg’s houses are the best. You are very attentive to your partner, and even if you had some suspicions of his loyalty, they can dispel. Free Capricorn women can meet their destiny, but it is important to immediately understand emotions and do not miss the moment.

January 20 – February 19

Aquarius this month is not the most successful per year, and you immediately understand. All the cases that you planned for so long can postpone or just stop your existence. And it does not depend on you, you are just an extraordinary organized, rather, your partners are to blame. Apparently, the moment has come to revise relationships with them and begin completely new partnerships. Be tougher, do not let yourself persuade yourself! Listen to your inner voice, he will tell you who is really a decent person, and who only wants to take advantage of what you already have. Aquarius are so busy with problems that they do not pay attention to their personal life. And completely vain. Probably the renewal of relationships that were once very expensive to you, and it is important to figure out, do you have feelings for this person. Your intuition warns from errors, but you can once please yourself and get the emotions that do not get you. Just in personal life it is now possible.

February 20 – March 20

With fish, the whole month is surprisingly nice to communicate, and people stretch from all sides. You get a lot of invitations, people call you about which you even forgot. Lead an active lifestyle, having fun, go to visit, this time falls infrequent. Fish can be tired a little from such loads, so at the end of the month it would be nice to break out the city and restore their strength. Fortunately, in November you have not so much work, rather, you even often indulge. If you feel that it can affect your financial position, it is better to look for some part-time job. Help you can a favorite friend, and especially this is relevant if the work is creative. Fish are not so romantic as usual. You probably have new acquaintances, but you feel very skeptical. Something is alarming you, and therefore nothing serious is most likely, it will not end. In the family, the fishes reign peace and peace, but sometimes you are very boring, and therefore you really want to spend more time in a noisy company.

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