Tips for July

Aries can count on success in all matters. Let everything move not as fast as you want it, but at the end of the month you will understand that you managed to do a lot. The most successful thing is all that is related to real estate, but you can completely end money because of these issues! So it’s time to think how to earn them, and you should not hope for a partner, he is not an assistant now. Aries are very romantic, but in July it is better for you to seriously fall in love, but to enjoy what you already have, otherwise you are waiting for disappointment. It is not always necessary to insist in everything on your own, be softer and compliant, then the relationship with everyone will be more positive. Although sisters and brothers can insist on something, you will have to defend our rights, but you will win.

April 21 – May 21

Taurus decided to work fruitfully in early July, you had thoughts, how you can spend your vacation, but for this you do not have enough money. So be more active, you will probably have to take part-time. Time remains little, and you will not feel it right away, because the personal life is Zaked, you do not have time to meet and dates. But the calves are not sad and at the end of July can be very far from home, swim and sunbathe, get a new positive energy. In order to successfully complete a month, you need to take on some new commitments, but you decide on it. Purchases this month are successful, and in something you can risk, luck is now on your side. Taurus a little changeless, you are worried about health issues, and you intend to go to the doctor.

May 22 – June 21

Gemini in July are constantly in some expectation, which does not most effect on your mood. You are worried about some meeting, that’s just it will happen – it does not depend on you, and you can’t influence the events. The unknown acts in oppressing, in addition, you are experiencing material problems, most likely you have to take money off. Get careful to lending, you may offer loans for quite unfavorable conditions. If you decide to make some expensive purchase, it is better to postpone it. Gemini still do not dream of vacation, although they feel that their strength at the limit. Try to relax, not anywhere anywhere, more often, communicate with friends, come outside the city, relax, but without alcohol.

June 22 – July 23

Cancers feel that it is time for them to change the work atmosphere gunned, in the team constant conflicts, and you are in the very center, for some reason the bosses think that you are to blame! Cancers are not going to justify, you just update your resume and patiently waiting for offers. If you want, they will undoubtedly follow. Only it is worth thinking how to fly the honored vacation, it is quite possible. Personal life of crayfish is full of calm and harmony. At home they support you, help everything, you feel just the queen! If the crayfish decided that they could say goodbye to extra kilograms, then this is just that month when it is possible to do. Sit on the diet, stay on the fitness – you can all perfectly organize!

a lion
July 24 – August 23

Lviv may continue the difficulties that began last month. Apparently, you have the duties that you did not count and now do not know how to get rid of them. Be bolder, more decisive, do not be afraid to refuse so that you are not used in your own interests. The lioness are not so selfish, as usual, and it seems that it is starting to use it without. But in July there are bright moments: you will become more popular at work, it is possible to increase, so attach even more efforts to earn the confidence of the authorities. The second half of the month can bring something very unexpected to your life, you will have to make quick solutions. The situation will affect personal life, it is likely to change. Do not be afraid of them, they can raise you a shameful mood.

August 24 – September 21

Virgin, urgently deal with their personal life. You need to change your image and think about how to look great. Spend a certain amount of money on the purchase of outfits, you should look now to look at you. If dating will occur, they will be long and very serious. Virgin dreams to create a family, and it may well happen soon. The virgin has thoughts about buying an apartment or at home. If you earn well, act immediately. If there is little money, learn for repair, and it will be very successful. You are now full of energy and can a lot, and without resorting anyone. Small quarrels with girlfriend spoil the mood to devies, but you can settle them.

September 22 – October 23

We will have to work decently in July. Although the vacation time has come, it seems to do not touch you at all. You complete one project and immediately start a new one, because you understand that a decent remuneration is waiting for you. Scales for rarity hardworking and at the same time mercantile, you are not going to work for free. In the family you are waiting for some kind of disappointment. You may begin to suspect that your spouse is deceiving you, and try to find out the information that will surprise you and even upset. But you can’t affect the situation, but it is quite likely to make a new acquaintance, and thus revenge. Act, do not immerse in longing, and then a good mood to you will return very quickly.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions are very lucky this month, and immediately feel it. For whatever you fell, everything turns out from the first time! Great time to start any new things, no matter how difficult they seem at first glance. If you decide to earn, then money just come to you in your hands, and you can only rejoice as you can spend them then. Shopping are diverse, but to a greater extent they are associated with the favorite home. Update the furniture, make cosmetic repairs – you are all right now. Romance in the relationship will appear closer towards the end of the month, relations are sexual character, and it seems that you have fallen in love with. Do not take quick decisions, but if you feel that this is your person, do not let him go from myself.

Tips for July_4

November 23 – December 21

Sagittari is just surprisingly not lucky. First of all, you can get a huge disappointment in personal relationships. You have long counted on some meeting, but you need to immediately understand that it is impossible, and do not experience any illusions. You may just be deceived, or deceive you. As long as you did not dive into depression, you need to look around, and find yourself a new passion, this is the only thing that will raise you. Sagittarius are not very hardworking, you do not want to work, but it’s time to rest. If you are offered an unexpected trip, immediately agree. It just will raise you the mood, you will forget sadness, and your optimism will rise again. By the way, at the end of the month the money may appear on which you so long have expected.

December 22 – January 19

Capricorns can fall in a situation when everyone around will experience your patience. You become extremely unrestrained, break away, and they are not like. You are starting to annoy people and circumstances, and you need to take urgent measures to artificially raise yourself. If circumstances do not change, you can simply quarrel with all, but especially intense atmosphere becomes at home. The husband is really extremely selfish, and you have long time to put it in place. If Capricorns experienced problems with children, then the situation may change for the better. You put a lot of effort and now start seeing results. At the end of the month you should not go to any trips, they will still be unsuccessful.

January 20 – February 19

Aquarius harshs and dwell in a bad mood. They have everything that they have long dreamed of, and in all the troubles you tend to accuse another person, although in many ways the wrong. Observe with the situation, let out the results, perhaps forgive and start living again. Much you just came up with, and you need to get rid of illusions. Fortunately, you have a job, and it is very cool. Prospects are not bad, you can decently get rich and already confront any plans in advance. Vacation You are simply necessary for you now, you need to disperse and shook a negative imprint of the events of recent time. Do you want to rebound? You actually look good and you can count on success in men.

February 20 – March 20

Fish are looking for some changes. It seems that you have bored the surrounding life, and indeed, it’s time to change something in it. You need to start with family relationships, many fish they are just outlived, and if your husband is simply annoying you, then think if your married life approached. The most fruitful for work will be the beginning of the month. You get a very advantageous offer, are partners who are ready to help you. If you are talking about something strongly, go to meet, manifest patience and mercy that are so characteristic of fish. If you say goodbye to some money, they can suddenly come back to you. Joy there is no limit, and you immediately decide where they can be spent.

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