Tips for July

July will bring you many unexpected meetings, but at the same time there may be problems. If you want rest and harmony, try to act more careful, your close person can begin to suspect something! Better a hundred times to think before starting to act, and for Aries it is not very characteristic. It is necessary to seriously think about how it is better to relax in the summer, and it is better to do it in July. The trip can be made for a long distance, material tools you allow you to do. Relations with children are very well added, you find a common language and understand their problems.

April 21 – May 21

For Tales July – a calm and stable month. You are waiting for little events, and you are doing the most familiar business. There is a lot of duties at work, but you cope with them. Bosses for you favorably. There may be small problems with friends, especially if you have already had a recent problem with them. The most tense relationship between scorpions and calves. Jealousy to you and imperitant, so try to not pay attention to such things. For a rest, this month is not very suitable, it is better to postpone on the end of summer. Moreover, in July, you are more than commonly susceptible to colds.

May 22 – June 21

First of all, I am very advised to spend this month away from my home home – you are tired, and you need to change the situation! Even if you can’t go on a journey, you can go to the cottage and receive positive emotions there. Work still goes badly, even long-started projects begin to malfunctions. You clearly need to switch to enter the pace familiar for the twins again. In July, you have the opportunity to add a few extra kilograms, so you often do exercise, or observe a strict diet – vegetables and fruits in the summer will help you do it.

June 22 – July 23

No matter how hard the crayfish tried, in July they do not really go financial affairs. You work more than usual, but also spending you are significant. Many crayfish thinking to repair, and want to spend a much greater amount on it than they can afford. Be a little more modest in your requests. A month can bring an unexpected visit to the guests from afar, but this meeting is not very desirable for you for the most distinct reasons. So if you do not want to see anyone, put the phone to the answering machine, be a bit cunning than usual. Very well in July to engage in his appearance, it may turn out a positive result!

a lion
July 24 – August 23

For a lioness is a month, when they finally achieve a lot, in particular, they are able to complete the long-started project, and get for this serious reward. So set up a good mood and many shopping. Do not postpone with leave, it is now the authorities to you especially favorably and you can save for a long time. Vacation I advise you to spend in a large company, you should now focus only on your loved one, you need more attention than usual, more communication. Unexpected health problems can begin, post behind your back and heart, it’s you have the most weakened places. Vacation balance can be devoted to visiting doctors.

August 24 – September 21

Virgin, despite the fact that in the yard a hot summer and need to think about rest, all are immersed in work. Several unexpected offers can follow, and one of them will be very suitable, you can take it. The financial situation is not very stable yet, you absolutely have no support from the side, and you cannot afford anything superfluous. Because of this, there may be some depressive attitude with which it is difficult to fight. Best try to do what you have been planned for a long time ago. It will undoubtedly raise the mood. In addition, you can have a very romantic meeting, but if you sometimes be disconnected from work.

September 22 – October 23

Scales are experiencing a period of disappointments, and it is very difficult for them to keep themselves in their hands and to distract something. I do not even know what to advise, most likely disappointment will be associated with a personal life, and these problems are always difficult to survive. Only a new acquaintance can distract you, but its probability will be introduced only by the end of the month. It is best to start visiting the pool or fitness center, there, by the way, you can easily part with a few kilograms, and it will significantly raise you. In July, you should not take money loan, return them, then it will be extremely difficult. Better not to take loans, in the future you will be disappointed.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions are not at all like themselves, they are surprisingly friendly and peaceful. They have a wonderful mood, and all this is directly connected with your personal life. If you are a married lady, then a loving husband and adorable obedient children will suit you at home. If you just strive for new relationships, you can easily build them. It can be very positive to become acquainted with cancer, you will be perfectly able to find a common language. Vacation I advise you to spend together with close people without inviting many friends, they will tire you. Try to take less alcohol in July, you can quickly get used to him quickly, and problems will appear in the future.

Tips for July_3

November 23 – December 21

This is how long it is time to think about the rest, your potential has long been exhausted, and sometimes it seems that you are ready to fall from fatigue. Even if you have a very profitable job, keep the strength from it to refuse. All the money will not earn anyway, but to relax you, undoubtedly need. Sagittars stopped paying attention to their personal life, and the results will affect very quickly. You can not quarrel with your loved one, and interrupted relationships will be almost impossible to restore. So, throw all things and problems, and think about how to relax!

December 22 – January 19

Capricorps pin high hopes for July in a personal plan, but it all is destined to come true. You can experience illusions in relation to your partner, and as a result you will be disappointed, so I advise you to look at things much more realistic. Resentment should be forgotten faster, otherwise it will easily lead to depression. In general, July – not a simple month for you. But, nevertheless, you can please yourself, first of all, in the material plan, and it always raises the mood very quickly! Large purchases are most successful in the afternoon.

January 20 – February 19

For water, this month is one of the most unexpected per year. If you have long thought that it is time to change the partner, and could not decide on it, then everything will happen and very rapidly. But try not to quarrel with anyone, do everything peaceful way, so as not to get a big negative charge in your address. Somewhat problematic relationships at work. If you expect changes, it will not happen at all what you wanted, but the number of duties can definitely grow. Aquarius, as always, please friends, with them they spend a lot of free time.

February 20 – March 20

For fish, this is a fairly calm and favorable month, no special events happen. You can plan a trip, everything will be fine. But I advise you to go along with your loved one, and not with a large company of friends, you need romantic emotions. If you have long dreamed of visiting the border, now everything will be wary. It is worth thinking about how to plan your life after summer, in the fall you can wait for change at work, and you must be ready to be ready for them in advance. Many fish will simply leave work if it allows them to material position. In July, there may be excellent health potential, so start to play sports.

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