Tips for choosing the perfect refrigerator

Tips for choosing the perfect refrigerator

No modern family can do without a refrigerator, and therefore it is worth it to buy a very responsible and serious instrument. Find out the main selection criteria and pick up the appropriate option.

Varieties of refrigerators

The following types of refrigerators are distinguished:

  1. Compressor models The most common, to this specifies most of the devices presented in stores. Cooling fluid in such a refrigerator moves due to the generated pressure compressor. This type is characterized by economy, and the volume of cameras can be almost any. The main drawback is noise issued during operation.
  2. Absorption refrigerators. In them, the refrigerant circulation is carried out by heating the heat exchanger, and this principle of operation automatically increases energy consumption. In addition, absorption models have limited small volumes. But the device can work not only when connecting to the power grid, but also on other energy sources, for example, gas or liquid fuel.
  3. Thermoelectric models operate due to the passage of direct electrical current through semiconductor thermoelectric plates. And one part of them is located inside the case, and the other is outside. During operation, the internal elements are cooled, and the outer heat is heated (when the current is changed, the situation changes). With an increase in the volume of the device, the consumption of electricity is significantly increasing, so small dimensions are characteristic of this species.


An important criterion for choice is the size of the refrigerator, which should be selected taking into account the area of ​​the kitchen. So, for a small square apartment it is worth choosing a compact model of about 50-60 centimeters wide. If there is enough space, you can buy a more voluminous device with a width up to 80 cm. Depth, as a rule, is standard and is 60 cm.

Height can vary from 70-80 centimeters (this option can be used as an additional or country) to 200-210 centimeters. But, as practice shows, more comfortable models are considered not higher than 1.5 meters, as it will be extremely inconvenient to use high people of medium height.

No less important criterion is the volume of the device. For one or two people, there is enough refrigerator with a volume of about 180 liters. But for the house in which the big family lives, it is better to purchase a more roomy device, the indicator in question will exceed 300-350 liters.


How to choose a good refrigerator? Start costs from the number of cameras. The most commonly considered two-chamber models with refrigeration and freezer compartments. But on sale you can find both compact single-chamber refrigerators (without freezer) and volumetric three- or even four-chamber. But such devices are more suitable for food production or restaurant business.

Another important point is the location of the cameras. The freezer can be either at the top, or below, and the choice of a specific option depends on your habits and preferences. Pay attention to the dimensions of the cameras and their ratio. If you plan to freeze a large number of products, the freezing compartment must be volumetric and spacious.

It is worth writing about the refrigeration chambers in more detail, which differ depending on the temperature modes. So, in some compartments you can store products no more than three to five days, and other cameras are intended for long-term storage. You can also meet models with refrigeration compartments for rapid cooling or even shock freezing.

Freezer cameras are also different from the temperatures supported in them and are divided into several categories indicated by the stars:

  • * (one star) means that the temperature inside the compartment is approximately -6 degrees. In such conditions, most products can be stored about one or two weeks.
  • ** (two stars). In this chamber, the temperature is maintained at -12 degrees, which allows you to extend the storage time to the month.
  • *** (three stars). This mode involves a decrease in temperature to -18 degrees and allows you to store products about three months.
  • **** (four stars). The temperature supported in the chamber can descend to -24 degrees, which corresponds to deep frost. In this compartment, it is quite possible to freeze and store fish and meat, and during the year.
  • Tips for choosing the perfect refrigerator


Since the compressor refrigerators are considered the most in demand, it is worth considering that their main and ensuring uninterrupted operation element.

Several varieties of compressors are distinguished:

  • While the most common linear compressors remain in which the piston is driven by electromagnetic forces. This reduces energy consumption, but creates noise due to periodic inclusions and motor shutdowns.
  • Piston compressor. Pressure is created using a piston, and it is driven by a special mechanism. The cost of models with such compressors is relatively low, and the repair is quite simple. But the performance is reduced, and the noise level during operation increases.
  • Rotary compressor. The pressure difference is determined by the rotation of the rotor and plate. Such a motor will automatically increase the dimensions of the device and reduce the efficiency, as well as the pressure being created inside. The cost is available, repair is simple.
  • Spiral compressor involves creating pressure with spiral rotation. Such models are reliable, productive, have relatively small sizes, and also almost do not make noise.
  • The most modern option is the inverter compressor. The inverter allows you to maintain the optimum temperature and do not turn off the compressor after reaching maximum indicators, but only slow down. Thanks to this, the models with such systems are becoming more economical and almost silent.

Pay attention to the number of compressors. Standard option – one. Two compressors increase the productivity of the device, but, accordingly, increase energy consumption and noise level.

Features Operation

The first important and exciting characteristic of the refrigerator work is power consumption. Several classes identified by English letters from A to G. The most economical classes are considered a +++, a ++ and a.

The second characteristic is a climatic class that determines the climatic conditions of the region. Class N devices are suitable for temperate climate: the temperature can fluctuate in the range of 16-32 degrees. For a kitchen that is not heated enough, the SN class will suit (temperature regime – 10-32 degrees). ST – Optimal choice for residents of southern regions, the temperature of the premises in which is about 18-38 degrees. And the class T device can be chosen if the climate is very hot, and in the kitchen from 18 to 43 degrees.

Defrosting and freezing

Freezing can be noisy compressor, slightly less noisy absorption and practically silent thermoelectric. But this process is carried out without your participation, so you should not go into details.

More important defrost, and it can be done in such ways:

  • Manual defrost. You will need to turn off the device from the network, wait for a complete pulling of ice, remove the water, and then turn on the refrigerator again.
  • Drip defrost involves the formation of condensate and draining the droplets into a special container located behind.
  • NO Frost system, that is, automatic defrost. You will not need any interventions.

Additional features and equipment

Modern models of refrigerators are equipped with additional features and options, such as:

  • Antibacterial coating minimizes the risks of breeding pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Fast cooling or shock frost.
  • Autonomous storage of cold. The option will have to the way if electricity is often disconnected in the house or apartment. Even in such cases there will be a reduced temperature in the chamber.
  • The open door indicator signals a loose fit to the housing or long stay of the instrument in the open state.
  • Lotogenerator will allow you to quickly get ice, for example, for cocktails.
  • Blocking from children will prevent the opening of the refrigerator by the child.
  • Left loop allows you to swing the door on the other hand.
  • Built-in TV.
  • LCD display. The indicators of the mode of operation of the device are displayed on it, for example, temperature.
  • Built-in hours.
  • Mode "Vacation". If you leave, there will be a constant temperature of 15 degrees in the chambers, and it will allow preventing the appearance of a shaft smell.

In addition to standard shelves, various coasters for eggs, bottles, vegetables and other products can include. Such details can be useful and optimize storage.

External characteristics

The refrigerator should look organically in the design of the interior of the kitchen, so pay attention to its appearance. First select the appropriate color to fit into the total range and combined with the main colors present in the finish and furnishings. The surface may be matte or glossy. And modern stylish models are decorated with drawings, inscriptions or even photo printing.

Using the knowledge gained, you will definitely choose the best refrigerator!

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