Tips for choosing a normal hostel

Tips for choosing a normal hostel

If you prefer saturated and budgetary holidays, then accommodation in the hostel will be the best accommodation for you. But to stay in acceptable conditions and avoid troubles, some features of choice should be known.

What is hostel?

Translated from English the word "hostel" is translated as a "hostel", so the name fully reflects the essence. The hostel is a popular accommodation option in Europe, which assumes the provision of housing for a short or long term. But such a housing in most cases is only a sleeping place, and all the amenities are intended for general use and are usually located outside the room, for example, in the corridor.

Note: The world’s very first hostel was opened at the beginning of the last century in Germany, and he was created by a simple school teacher for low-income students who had survived the city.

Varieties of hostels

What hostels are? Conditionally, they can be divided into several types:

  • Traditional have a familiar format for this option, namely, the common bedrooms, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen intended for the use of all guests. But in some such establishments there are rooms with separate shower and toilet, as well as single rooms.
  • International hostels are under the control of the International Association, which includes more than 90 branches worldwide and unites about 4.5 thousand institutions, mainly youth. Some hostels are focused on schoolchildren, others open their doors for tourists. The main advantage of this type is guarantees for guests and the protection of their rights, as well as certain rules for residence.
  • Independent hostels are not connected with the International Association and are usually located in popular resorts and focus on tourists. Prices, as the rules and conditions of residence in most cases are not regulated.
  • Apartment hostels appeared relatively recently after approval of such activities. They can be located in apartment buildings and often have an entrance through a common entrance.
  • There are also so-called boutique hostels that differ from all other original design. So, they can be stylized under the castle, ship or submarine.
  • Recently, the capsule hostels that are very popular in Japan began to be extended worldwide. Instead of bed seats, individual capsules are provided. On the one hand, it is convenient and economical, but people suffering from claustrophobia, such innovation will definitely not appreciate.

How to make the right choice?

Tips for choosing a normal hostel

How to choose a good hostel? It is very important, especially if you are abroad. And in order not to make a mistake and get from recreation only positive impressions, consider several important criteria.


First of all, attention should be paid to the placement conditions:

  1. Number of locations in the room. Than them are more, the lower the cost of one bedroom, but the more inconvenience in the form of snoring, suffering from insomnia or poorly smelling neighbors.
  2. Comfort in the rooms. So, in some there are air conditioning that in the summer it will be very. And there are rooms without windows, and they will be extremely uncomfortable because of the woven air, unpleasant odor and insufficient lighting. It is also worth assessing the beds: a more preferred option – wooden (metal canically creak, especially old).
  3. Purity. Being in the dirty room is extremely unpleasant.
  4. Lee closed numbers? If there is a lock, each guest must be provided with a key or more modern option – Map.
  5. The presence of the kitchen, its size and arrangement. In general, the kitchen in the hostel is a big plus, because in it guests can prepare, which will save on food. And if the room is large, then it will not be closely several people. Also pay attention to the filling of the kitchen: the more household appliances and dishes, the better.
  6. Bathroom and souls. If the toilet is only one on the floor or on the whole building, it can deliver inconvenience as the absence of a soul.
  7. Hostel’s behavior rules. Well, if they are installed, because their observance of guests is a kind of maximum comfort guarantee. For example, if tourists are not allowed to litter in the kitchen, coming later than 23:00, noise, obscenely behave or bring to the guest room, then everything will be calm. But there are not so many rules as the control of their observance. For the behavior of tenants, administrators or other employees should follow.
  8. The presence of storage cameras will ensure your safety and safety, so it’s a big plus.
  9. Reception. If there is a rack behind which the employee is located, you can clarify the moments of interest to you and get answers to your questions.

Additional services

Some services are included in the price, others are paid separately. And their list can be quite extensive:

  • Nutrition. Breakfast can be included in the price, but dinners and dinners are usually paid separately. But in some hostels nutrition is not provided at all.
  • Linens. Find out in advance whether it is in the price of the place, or it will have to pay separately.
  • Round-the-clock reception. This service is useful if you decide to learn or find out something at night.
  • Room service. Usually the cleaning of the rooms is in the duties of employees, but it can be paid separately, for example, if an unscheduled.
  • Separate accommodation: guys and girls are placed separately, which is quite logical and convenient.
  • Internet. In informatized hostels, tourists are accessible to the Internet, and often free.


This selection criterion is also very important. For example, in hostels located in the city center, prices are much higher. But such a savings can be conditional, because if you settle on the outskirts, you will have to get to the center and popular tourist destinations, and public transport in some resort regions is a great luxury for a regular budget tourist. In addition, in some remote corners of stops or routes may simply not be.

It is also worth considering the hostel’s environment. So, if it is located on the wasteland or in a criminal area, then the path to it will be dangerous. And if there are nightclubs or public houses nearby (yes, there are those in some resorts), it will deliver discomfort. But such a neighborhood as schools, municipal institutions or hotels will have to be very.

Tip: Find the golden middle and select a hostel located near the center, but not in the heart of the city.


To settle in the hostel inexpensively and comfortably, observe the following simple rules:

  1. Find out if the hostel has its own website. His presence is a big plus.
  2. Description of the institution. If it is not, it should alert. The conscientious owners provide guests with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the conditions and services that minimizes the risks of unpleasant surprises.
  3. Examine reviews about the hostel. You can find them either on the site site, or on resources dedicated to tourism, or on thematic forums. The more positive opinions, the better.
  4. Do not choose the first option, even if he arranged. Compare several hostels to find the best.
  5. Before paying and settling, ask the administrator to show you all rooms, kitchen, bathroom and other public facilities. Otherwise, some nuances can be unexpected for you.
  6. Find out in advance the guarantees submitted by tourists, such as the protection of their rights, the possibility of returning money in terms of conditions and other conditions.
  7. In some hostels, the deposit is assumed, which after eviction is returned to the guest. And it should not scare you.
  8. Be sure to demand a contract to prove your rights if necessary.
  9. Specify the terms of payment, as well as entry and departure. So, in some institutions, the settlement and eviction is carried out in certain hours, and the amount is made per day. Other hostels are possible.

It remains only to wish all the tourists of a comfortable stay and excellent recreation!

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