Tips for choosing a case for a suitcase

If you are traveling or at least once a year, go on vacation, then you probably have a suitcase. Extend the service life and maintain the initial view will help the case. Learn how to choose this useful accessory.

Why need a case?

What is the case for a suitcase? It can perform several functions at once:

  • Protection against pollution and dust. Your faithful companion suitcase will always be clean and beautiful.
  • Prevention of mechanical damage due to strikes, friction about the luggage tape, random drops and so on.
  • Extension of the timeline service. If you choose a high-quality case, it will significantly increase the duration of operation and protects from premature breakdowns due to non-accurate circulation.
  • Preservation of an attractive appearance. A bright color or pattern on the surface can be labeled or burning, but the suitcase will prevent it.
  • Reducing the risks of theft. An attacker who will try to open a suitcase will be much more difficult to penetrate it, as there will have to take off the case, which will increase the temporary and strengths. The thief is likely to simply choose another more vulnerable "prey".
  • Before placing the baggage in a special compartment of the aircraft, it is required to pack it, wrapped with a ribbon (this will exclude a random opening), but the cover will relieve this necessity, since it serves as a kind of multiple packaging.
  • Reducing the probability of a random opening. Surely, some travelers faced an unpleasant situation: there were so many things in the suitcase that he did not close fully and at the most inopportune moment unborn. But in the case, the dispute is unlikely, and even if it happens, things will not fall out.
Tips for choosing a case for a suitcase

We are determined with the size

How to choose good and, importantly, a suitable case for a suitcase? First of all, pick up the right size. The parameters of different manufacturers may differ slightly, but often there are three options for dimensions:

  1. S is the smallest size that is suitable for small suitcases with a height of no more than 55 centimeters, about 40 cm wide and thickness 24. In inches it corresponds to 20.
  2. M (M / L) – medium size. It is suitable for a suitcase having a height from 60 to 74-75 cm, a width of 43-50 cm and a thickness of about 27-29. It corresponds to 24 inches.
  3. L (L / XL) is the largest size, and in such a case there is a dimensional spacious suitcase for the whole family, having height, width and thickness 75-84, 54-55 and 33-34 cm, respectively. This is 28 inches.

Before buying a cover, arm yourself with a tape measure or a centimeter ribbon and measure the suitcase. If the size of the protective accessory is incorrect, it will not perform its functions.

Variety of materials

For the manufacture of covers, various materials are used:

  • Polyester does not absorb moisture, practical and wearless, has an acceptable cost and can be washed or cleaning.
  • Spandex is often used in combined materials. It has elasticity and stretches perfectly, which makes it easy to wear an accessory on the case of a suitcase and just just shoot it. Spandex is practical and does not require complex care. , which possesses a porous structure and due to this has a minimum weight. The material is rather elastic and durable, resistant to sharp drops of temperatures and provides additional depreciation by protecting the suitcase from strikes.
  • You can meet models from PVC, but they do not protect the case from mechanical damage and do not differ.

Design features

Be sure to appreciate the design of the cover. First of all, consider the clasm. Optimal and convenient option – lightning, which will ensure complete closing of the case and its reliable protection. And she is unlikely to accidentally unbutton. In addition, this castle is easy to operate, but with frequent and coarse operations can quickly fail. Buttons are inconvenient and unreliable, as they can break away or accidentally unbutton, and it will take much more time for staging. Buttons are easier to use, but they can also fall off, and damaging fabric. Velcro is undesirable, as they quickly clog off dust and vile and cease to fulfill their tasks.

Consider holes for wheels and side handles. Their quantity must match the structural features of your suitcase, because if the slots will be less, you just can’t use the case. As a rule, two or four holes for wheels are envisaged. And it is worth paying attention to where the case has a place to exit the handle so that it does not turn out on the other side.

Overview of Marks

Consider the most popular and well-known brands of covers:

  1. "Samsonite" – the leader among other brands that occupied the robust position in the market. Products are high-quality, manufactured from polyester and has resistant to abrasion, fringing, mechanical damage and water impact (due to moisture-repellent impregnation). But since the covers are pretty thin, they will protect it hardly from strikes. Price: from 2500 to 4000 dollars, depending on the size and model.
  2. "ROUTEMARK". The brand offers a wide range of spandex covers, polyester, neoprene. Of the advantages worth noting the triple quality processing of seams, increased strength, the possibility of conventional machine washing and interesting design performances with bright prints. The price is average and varies from 1.5 thousand. Up to 2.
  3. Fancy Armor – Russian brand under which various accessories for travel and travel. There are standard series and especially strong. For the manufacture applies spandex or non-penetration (similar to neoprene). Products are durable and elastic, protect against damage, have different prints and convenient to use. Cost: from 1.5 to 2 thousand dollars.
  4. "LOQI" – German brand, and the manufacturer guarantees the absence of harmful substances, as well as the highest quality of products. Covers are made of spandex and polyester, standard sizes. The materials are elastic and durable, withstand machine washing in gentle mode and cool water. Impressive variety of patterns: floral, geometric, city landscapes, fruit. The price varies within 1500-2000 dollars.
  5. "Mettle" – another Russian brand. Covers are made from elastic and durable materials (elastane, polyester), processed by water-repellent compositions and protected from burnout in the sun. In addition, the dirt is not delayed on the surface, and pleasant bright colors please the eye. Complete Eating Accessory Storage Handbag. Price – 1500-2000 dollars.

Choose a protective cover so that the suitcase serve longer and looked like a new!

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