Tips for August

Aries already from the beginning of the month feel tagged fatigue, and they understand that it’s time for them to think about vacation. You are full of rainbow hopes, but keep in mind that everything will be not so simple as you think. You have unfinished affairs, and it is hardly the bosses so immediately allow you to disappear from work. But Aries are very hardworking, so you can count that your plans will not be afraid. In the personal relations of the Aries are in a very poor condition. You can fade feelings, both in relation to my husband and just to your loved one. Full apathy, and you just need to wait for autumn, then your emotions will clearly be brighter and stronger. Do not hurt anyone, try in any situation to behave as much as possible. Aries are very concerned about their material position. It can be just an intrusive idea. Just less dampen and do not let the money loan, then you can stay afloat, and maybe stay in win.

April 21 – May 21

Tales decided to devote this month to work, since it clearly appeared the opportunity to do their money decently, and then get the appropriate profit. You are practical and immediately feel the benefits, so you don’t care about vacation. The most fruitful first half of the month, rely on your partners, then the result will be more significant. Tales can very strongly act in the family. You take the role of the leader and consider that absolutely everything should now obey. As if the situation did not come out of control and you did not suffer from this! If you do not want to destroy the family, then try to be restrained and diplomatic. The positive moment of this month is that you can set up with someone relationship. If the connection was interrupted, the unexpected call will be heard, you will be offered a meeting, and you should not even think about this. Take all she offers to you. You become more romantic and sexy that men will appreciate.

May 22 – June 21

Gemini for themselves are not particularly similar. You have become more sluggish, we are bad for contacts, and communication with strangers you can just annoy. So you can violate some arrangements that have been achieved earlier and as a result your own plans can be collapsed. Special care requires checking all documents, remittances, work with banks. You are now serious affairs, and approach them too carefully and seriously. Gemini plunged so much to work and were tired, which completely abandoned the family, which is not right. The husband begins to make a claim, moreover, he begins to express them in an open form. Mutual understanding is lost and it can cause problems in relationships. By the end of the month, everything becomes in its place, and you can even think about the vacation. Oddly enough, you can now afford much, materially you are very successful.

June 22 – July 23

Our crayfish, as always, are very emotional and require their closest attention. If you do not get it, you can roll hysteria. The seriously undermining the confidence from the husband – he does not intend to now indulge with all your desires. Is it not better to distract from gloomy thoughts, control emotion bursts? To do this, you need to communicate more often with girlfriends, and generally remember that the last summer month. Cancers very dirty all that is associated with cottages, garden work, and if you can leave for the city, it would be just fine. The second half of the month can make complete impact in your financial stability. Careful invest money and give up lending, it can be especially advocated to you. Cancer has the ability to look forward the events, show intuition, be sure to use this!

a lion
July 24 – August 23

The lionesses begin to understand that they have committed serious mistakes and they need to be fixed in some way, otherwise everything you planned, completely out of you from under control, and in the future the situation can only be aggravated. All this concerns money, you are aware that you are not enough for you! Last spending were completely not thought out, and it doesn’t matter what these money went. It could be expensive vacation or purchase of a car, furniture, in general, then without which you could do. By the end of the month, the lions understand that the only way is to work more intensively than you begin to engage. Job offers can be unexpected, but, nevertheless, you need to consider them. Your young man behaves not quite as if you wanted it. It seems that he is trying to see from some responsibility, and relationships go to the decline. You nowhere nowhere to forgive mistakes and act hard. You are sarcastic, can offend a person, and the selfishness of Lviv in personal relationship does not know the limit! How would you then not be ashamed for your actions.

August 24 – September 21

The Virgin on August is planned many cases, but note that you should not work in intensive mode, because you may have very serious problems with well-being. Fatigue has accumulated, you do not have activity, you can more often urge and hypother than usual, although summer on the street. You, as always, skillfully watch your health, it will help to avoid serious problems. But, nevertheless, if you require impossible at work, you do not need to pretend that you are indispensable, you will defuse your superiors. Do not care for transformations in the apartment, you will come across unforeseen difficulties. Financially virgin not in the best position, and you need to very skillfully keep the farm and spend money. The personal side of life is very successful, you can love your loved one with your loved one, and you can expect that each of you will go on concessions. Virgin is not going on vacation yet, although it’s time for you to think about the rest, which would help you come to yourself.

September 22 – October 23

Scales in August with heads plunged into their personal life. The main desire is to change something in it, although in principle you always feel very careful to change. But it seems that you have suffered a deep disappointment, a loved one behaves wrong, and perhaps it is even capable of betrayal. If marriage is not registered, it is worth thinking about how to break the burdensome relations. If you have a spouse, do not be afraid of conflicts, defend your rights! It is impossible to make a compromise all the time and at the same time to forgive resentment. Emotions are very important for weights, and at the same time, the state of the inner rest and harmony. It’s good that you now have no problems at work, but, in fact, work is not very much and much that you are very sad. But yet, do not look for anything new, wait, how the situation will be formed in the fall. If you have postponed money, they can be very useful, earnings are still small.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions this month can pursue the feeling of guilt and repentance. You have repeatedly often quarreled with your loved one, could offend him, although he did not deserve it. You were engaged in jealousy and suspicion, and you did not intend to forgive him a single mistake. Suddenly you begin to understand that they were completely wrong and you need to urgently restore a shameless relationship. Do you do it quite skillfully, applying all the charm on which only capable. You look great and do not intend to pass your position. Scorpions do not quite a long time on their work, but it seems that you are experiencing some kind of disappointment, and generally ready to change it. You are stopping friendly relations in the team, but when you begin to fall, scorpions clearly think about our own well-being. Money completely disappeared, and you get sad, you can not perform your favorite shopping. Yes, and about vacation in August scorpions do not have to think.

Tips for August_3

November 23 – December 21

Sagittaris clearly begins to change their usual optimism. You all develop far from the best way, and sometimes you want to spit on everything and just go somewhere far away. First of all, the conflict in the family is aggravated all the time. You speak with your partner literally in different languages, in relationships complete misunderstanding. Jealousy may be present, but rather you are annoying a lack of passage to her husband, the inability to make money and a very strange relationship to everything that happens. It is indifferent, and the shooters need more liveliness in relationships. You are trying to dare to work, but here everything is noted at all, how would you like it. You cease to reckon with you, the authority clearly falls, all the most interesting projects do not get. Accordingly, the financial situation deteriorates, and such constraints of the Sagittarius take place especially bad. My advice – make a novel! It distracts, and you will definitely have dating in August.

December 22 – January 19

Capricorns can show rare dedication in August to achieve his goals. But this quality is better to apply at work, it will be appreciated. If you have long dreamed of raising, now, when everything on vacations, you just can express yourself from the best side. It is not necessary only to continuously work overtime, you need to sometime rest, your state of the nervous system may not withstand overloads. But in personal relationship Capricorns pass positions. If the world also reigned in the family and peace, you can now destroy everything. You do not feel sorry for the previous relationship, and your main goal is to convince the partner – may suffer a complete defeat. Conflicts are acute, third parties can be involved in them. For example, the mother-in-law that you are tired of our requirements. In general, August is a difficult month for you, and at the end you will be fatigue. You can make a mood by buying something that you have dreamed about so long ago, or a trip to you. It is advisable to go alone.

January 20 – February 19

Aquarius finally understood that they were very tired of some personal situation and it was time to change everything. You, apparently, tired of obeying, you want to feel like a hostess. You do not scare that relationships can be interrupted, probably, you have already received everything that everyone wanted. If you are not married, it’s time to think about how to meet a new person in your life. Communicate with girlfriends more often, they will easily come to the rescue and make up the company. Aquarius may have a dream, and somehow it is associated with real estate. You raise a grand project, although you understand that you can get into debt, if you really implement your dream. So it is more realistic to look at the surrounding reality, and most importantly – in August you need to learn to consider money, which you are in principle do not like. Only the first weeks of the month are suitable for work, then your performance will fall sharply, and you need to think about how to quickly change the situation and go on vacation.

February 20 – March 20

Fish feel perfectly, they like the summer heat, but I don’t want to think about work at all. It is in August that many fish or go to a long vacation, or even want to just throw. You are not afraid of searching for a new place, but most likely it already has it on. Your romantic relationship is full of exciting situations and some unpredictability. But it does not frighten it, but only excuses. Are you ready for adventure, so you need thrills, which can then be told her friend. Married fish bored next to her husband, and it seems that it is quite prone to treason. You can often deceive and easily confuse your traces. Fish do not seek to earn money, but they still have money from somewhere appear. Just amazing how lucky you are in this regard. Can give duty, pay the fee, or just someone will give you a generous gift.

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