Tips for April

Aries laid high hopes for this month, but very much does not depend on you, and it is necessary to come calmly. Not everything will be turned out as you want, and above all it can touch the material issues. The money for which you expected, do not appear in advance, and all the plans will need to adjust. But Aries can decide the most difficult questions in April! You have amazing performance, and you have time to do absolutely. If you have regarded real estate issues, you need to focus on them first. And bring to the end of the work started! Oddities in personal relationships annoy you, but you are ready to even complete the initiated adventures, because you do not see further prospects. Aries in April are low-motionable, and it helps them to avoid stress and enjoy life. Do not take any trips yet, it may be just an excessive waste of money.

April 21 – May 21

Tales are sincerely rejoicing in the present onset of spring and full of romantic expectations. You can fall in love with quite unexpectedly, literally meeting a stranger on the road or in transport. So your main task is to prepare for this meeting, that is, try to look always as attractive as possible. Tales can destroy old ties in order to start new. In solving material issues, you, as always, do not know yourself. If there is an opportunity, in April, begin to address the apartment issue, everything will be so successful that you will significantly win. Some of you are too critical about working colleagues, and in the team may have crisis. Some caution in solving these questions will not hurt you. For the Tales April – the fruitful month, you have a lot of time and practically not tired.

May 22 – June 21

Gemini are difficult to adapt to a new situation that occurs in your life. Changes may occur, which will affect your work first. Some twins of this work can simply be lost, so it would be nice to send in advance to resume in order to somehow inspire yourself. If you are holding senior positions, you will have to make important and responsible decisions, and you can. You behave very responsible. Gemini try to make joyful changes to their personal life, but here you can comprehend. You do not go to meet, and the whole initiative must come from you. Undoubtedly, you are tired of this. But, nevertheless, the second half of April, twins will please the positive mood and an unexpected meeting, which somehow large in many ways will help you move on.

June 22 – July 23

Cancers in their essence, despite the seeming emotion, are people who want and can achieve a lot. Your own security and security is very important for you, which is why you show your activity. April adds to you the desire to achieve change, you become even more persistent than usual. First place issues related to variation of residence. You are aiming for independence, and if you have a strong relationship with your loved one, you can think about how to start living together. Show activity – and you will succeed! Little disappointment can be obtained from the material situation. Most likely, you have to spend earned earlier money. Does not hurt the regime of savings, you may soon need money! If you are completely free, this spring month can give a new acquaintance. But try to quickly understand people, you can deceive someone.

a lion
July 24 – August 23

Lions put ambitious purposes this month, full of strength and enthusiasm. And you really can work out a lot, and first of all, because people who can help you and even provide material support. Lioness must first of all think about their implementation, the moment came to change something in it. Look around – a good job of you will already be promoted. Personal relationships can change the most unexpected way. If you noticed that your partner cool, the dates became rare, now he himself searches for meetings, tasks you with gifts, and you feel just the queen. Should not be especially frank with girlfriends, you can envy absolutely for all questions. If you want to talk about your victories, it is better to talk to my parents. At the end of the month, the lions do not know themselves. You make a decision that will be incredibly surprised.

August 24 – September 21

Virgin is always surprisingly hardworking, but this spring month does not bring the expected results precisely because your performance is completely absent. You postpone the cases that have long started, and it seems to you that in the future they will go much better. Although it is clearly the wrong decision! Virgin should be at least slow steps to move towards the goal, otherwise you will be waiting for disappointment. A strange mood and some kind of premonitions can hit you from the rut in mid-April. You want to understand the situation in the romantic relationship, but your favorite person behaves the most unpredictable way, and it is only annoying you. The last days of April are more successful for you. Excellent will solve some financial question, which will clearly benefit you.

September 22 – October 23

Scales prefer this month to no one and act independently. They show the initiative literally in all spheres of life, careless and can make mistakes. First of all, it is worth refrain from activity at work. You clearly admit one misses after another, and the number of ill-wishers near you is constantly growing. You can make yourself enemies who do not intend to endure for a long time. Scales still do not dilute, you have a wonderful mood, you are very moving. Many trips for short distances, visits to friends – this is all you really take. In personal life there should be no serious incidents, your partners look through your fingers at your amazing behavior. Issues of the material plan for now bypass you, you just do not think about them. In the middle of the month you need to take care of your well-being.

October 24 – November 22

Scorpions feel some irritation, you clearly lack warmth and kindness from the side of loved ones. Many relationships have exhausted themselves and not approaching the logical conclusion. Scorpions can even fall into depression, and that this does not happen, in the way as much as possible! You need to swim, walk on fitness, post for your weight and take a new diet. Very helping to raise the mood of communication with girlfriends, they are just entirely on your side and can give a good advice. With the work of scorpions is not particularly lucky. You hoped that she would be bigger and that she would be better paid. But on this occasion, the concern is fleeting, yet the romantic side of life for scorpions is always more important. A little bit more dynamic will be the first half of the month, at the end of the events there are no, and you calm down.

Tips for April_3

November 23 – December 21

Sagittariy is looking for ways, how would they change something in their lives. You clearly dressed in one place, and it’s time to think about how to make money on vacation. This is quite possible, it will only have to work more, probably even to engage in activities that you are not particularly peculiar to you. But the Archers are not afraid of part-time, especially since you have a free time that can be used. Many of you can part with our partner, and this does not happen on your initiative. You are upset, but not so much to lose the meaning of life, and make a maximum effort to meet a new acquaintance. There is such an opportunity, but for this you are just important to go on a journey, get acquainted with new people and keep yourself in good tone.

December 22 – January 19

Capricorns are not quite similar, you are tormented by some doubts and experiences. You try to figure them out, but it does not immediately manage. It looks very similar to you are primarily worried about family affairs, relations with children or parents. In something you are wrong, you need to reconsider your behavior, which Capricors do not like to do. The emotional background is intense, the mood is not very good, but you do not like to give hands and go away. Are very likely in April rides associated with business trips, and you can prove to your superiors that much capable of. Money from Capricors this month is not delayed, you will still find a way to spend them quickly. But expenses, rather, relate to home and relatives, some kind of large purchase is very likely.

January 20 – February 19

Aquarius, as always, live according to their rules and do not intend to obey anyone. But this month you are somehow particularly active, you just do not sit on the spot and you want a variety. In the first half of the month you should not count on it, you will have to be buried, engage in habitual affairs and communication. But the second half of April can bring you some kind of cardinal changes, and they will touch the old familiar and romantic relationship. You may fall in love, but note that not all of you will receive reciprocity in response, someone will have to suffer. Aquarius is very emotional, but you should not splash out experiences on relatives, they will not participate to you. It would be very good to use vacation or round, it’s time for you to change the situation for a long time. You will have money for this, but it would be nice to be saving!

February 20 – March 20

Fishes in April are very sluggish, they can not wake up after the winter and can miss some important events. Look around, very much like that at work you have competitors and they are going to overtake you! The bosses are in bewilderment looks at your strand, and all this can end quite smoked for you. Fish with great pleasure would be engaged in all domestic affairs, for example, you want to make repairs to change the situation around yourself. Some fish are trying to establish their personal life, the dating is followed by one after another, but you will not choose a suitable option. Only at the end of April, the fish come to themselves, they are surprised to look around and understand that they missed a lot, without choosing, in which direction they needed to move.

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