Tips for a young mistress

Tips for a young mistress

Housekeeping, the ability to prepare delicious, appetizing dishes, and many household trifles require certain skills from us. How to find guests and do not give them to miss how beautiful to cover the table how to create your own branded dishes? And many more "how" arise daily. For advice, we appeal to those who are older – to girlfriends, friendlings and acquaintances.

And here and our next selection of the necessary little things for young owners. It is likely that you can learn something useful.

How to file bread

Easy black bread, magnificent appetizing buns, air french baguettes, city baons – all this is a necessary addition to a variety of dishes of everyday dinner and a festive feast.

Fresh bread with a crispy crust not only adorns the table, but also excites the appetite. And for this it is necessary to give it beautifully.

Black and White (Round and Brick) Bread, Sliced ​​with slices of medium thickness, it looks beautiful in the ventilator (it is possible in the straw) basket or on a plate from the same dishes that the table is served. And on the bottom of her bed linen napkin.

Coarse grinding buns, Rogani, "Doctoral" loaves Lock 1-2 on a plate decorated with a napkin (can and paper). Such plates put next to the device of each guest.

French baguettes Served in a narrow iW basket or on a deep plate lined with a napkin. Baguettes do not cut the knife, they need to break their hands.

To dining devices Add oil roes.

Secrets of good pastries

… so that the yeast dough does not stick to the hands, you need to smear them with vegetable oil.

… The dough is faster, if you plug in the macaroni tubes in it.

… Soft dough is easier to cut, if you cover it with parchment paper and roll out a warmed rolling pin or a bottle with warm water.

… yeast dough will be soft, lush and air, if you add cooled boiled potatoes in front of baking in it, grated on fine grater (2-3 potatoes per 1 kg of flour).

… do not rush to remove ready-made pie from the battle immediately after baking. First, put the baking sheet on the wet towel and leave for 5 minutes, then gently shift on the serving dish.

… if the cake is still sticking to the bastard, spend a durable thread under it.

… if the pasting burned down, spend on the burnt part of a small grater. She will remove Nagar.

Fish secrets

… Frozen fish must be cleaned in cold salted water (1 h. Spoon of salt on 1 liter of water) to less gone mineral substances.

… Specific smell of fish is easy to eliminate by sprinkling it with diluted vinegar or lemon juice.

… to eliminate the strong smell when frying fish in the vegetable oil, on which it is roasting, should be put peeled and sliced ​​with slices of raw potatoes.

… Large fish is beginning to cook in cold water, pouring it down as needed; fine fish – only after water boiling.

… so that the fish does not boil and not crumble, it is necessary to smoke it with a cucumber brine. Pieces will remain integer, and the fish will turn out more tastier and the fragrant.

… Never soak in the water a small, gentle weakly salt and smoked herring – Atlantic, Pacific, fatty, Danube. Another thing – Dry Herring, Tough, Salt. It becomes much more tastier and juiced if it fell in water.

… To wash 1 kg of herring, it is necessary to pour it about 2-3 liters cold (not higher than 12 degrees) of water and change the water every 3-4 hours. It is best to wash the herring under a thin jet of the current water, attaching a pan in the sink and putting on it on top of a plywood circle. This is done so that the water does not beat the gentle flesh.

… choosing crab sticks, pay attention to the packaging. The composition of natural crab sticks includes: mince fish surymi, drinking water, starch, vegetable oil, egg white, salt, sugar, food dyes and preservatives.

Egg secrets

1. To check the freshness of eggs, remember the grandmother’s way.
Need to pour into a glass of water almost toast and lower the egg there. Demolished no more than 3 days ago goes to the bottom of the glass. Weekly egg will swim in water in a vertical position. If the egg immediately surfaced and part of it protrudes from the water, it means that it was demolished at least 3 weeks ago.

2. The egg during cooking will not crack, if on the bottom of the saucepan, put an inverted saucer.

3. If you need to cook an egg with a prisoner, lubricate the crack with lemon juice and spend water strongly.

4. Egg yolks are reserved for a long time, if they are lowered to a cold water into a jar.

Secrets of delicious broth and soup

… When preparing a soup from the bits before the end of the cooking, it is possible to put 100 g of finely chopped fresh or dried mushrooms, pre-stewed in butter, and pour 1-2 yolks, well stirred in a bowl.

… so that the broth remained transparent, warp it follows the weak heat and remove, as soon as he starts to throw.

… when driving a broth, the cover of the pan needs not too tightly so that steam can freely go out.

… Save the broth even in the refrigerator can only be lented and overflow into a glass jar, in a soup bowl or enameled dishes.

Chicken secrets

… defrosting the bird is better in the refrigerator or in cold water, and not in the microwave. So the meat will remain fresh. After defrosting, use the bird completely, do not freeze again, as this will adversely affect its taste qualities.

… throw a chicken breast in a saucepan after the water boiled. So it turns out low-fat broth and delicious chicken. The lid do not need to open until the end of the cooking, not to remove the foam (this is a useful protein).

… so that the chicken meat in the broth has become soft, you need to cook a chicken for about 20 minutes, take it out and lower it for a few minutes in cold water, and then continue to boil in boiling broth.

… if you follow your weight when cooking chicken always remove the skin from it, which is the source of extra calories.

… Bird for frying in the oven is better to put on the baking sheet down.

Tips for a young mistress

… if the bird got too much, watering it from time to the usual boiled water.

… To calculate the baking time of the chicken in the oven, for every 500 g of birds are removed 25 minutes, adding to the resulting total time for another 10 minutes.

Meat secrets

… The liver before use is recommended to put for an hour in cold water, then squeeze the blood, remove the covering film and remove the bile ductures.

… Get rid of the specific smell of lamb, you can:
• If you put meat half an hour in ice water. True, this method is not suitable if you are going to fry.
• if an hour before cooking, soak meat in milk, and then smeared with a crushed garlic.
• If there is a slight anise vodka with frying in a frying pan.
• If the frozen lamb is soaked in soy sauce and give it to absorb.

… if before baking lamb chopping with garlic, rosemary and juniper berries, she will acquire the taste of venison.

… so that the baked pork was tasty and juicy, before putting it in the hot wardrobe, make a knife with several cuts on the surface.

Different secrets

… if you need to buy a bottle of genuine plug, but it does not fit into the neck, you need to throw it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then, carefully, so as not to burn, get a plug and crawl it into the neck of the bottle. Bottle closes tight.

… Before the first use of cast iron, frying pans need to boil a small amount of water with vinegar in it. Then to the pan nothing will stick.

… salt in closed salt will not be wet, does not assemble in lumps, if we put there several rice grains.

… if, due to excess moisture, lumps appeared in Sahara, put sugar in a tightly closing packaging and put a bun there. In a few hours, the bun absorbs all moisture, and sugar will again gain ramp.

… so that milk when boiling does not convince, lubricate the edges of the pan with fat.

… if you throw several ice cubes in hot milk, it does not form an unpleasant film.

… so that the cabbage leaves become soft, cabbage kochan put into a plastic bag, press the air, close tightly. Place a day in the freezer. Without removing from the package, defrost at room temperature and disassemble the leaves.

… unpleasant cabbage smell can be avoided if the cabbage coach boil to half the celery root.

… if you cook a beet of 15 minutes, remove from the fire and immediately pour it with fresh water, after some time the beet will become soft and the most of the vitamins will save.

… Potatoes, rice and noodles will never digest if adding fat to boiling water, for example, a drop of vegetable oil or on the tip of a butter knife (margarine).

… Salad of radish will be tastier, if you fix it with a spat onion, slightly roasted on the vegetable oil.

… decorating the salad is needed moderately to be seen from what it consists. All Salads are suitable for decorations from greenery, fresh cucumbers, peppers, radish.

Successes to you in mastering the secrets of cooking and housekeeping!

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