Tips for a comfortable airfare with a child

When it comes to traveling with children, especially on the plane, never except to think over everything to the smallest detail. As they should be comfortable and other passengers should not be tired of screaming, crying and whims in the first five minutes of flight.

Much of what makes a comfortable flight of an adult, applies to children, such as drinking and warm things, but there are some flight features with a child who need to be taken into account.

With how many years / months you can take children to the plane?

If there are no medical contraindications, you can safely travel by plane, even with a newborn baby. There is no restrictions on age.

No matter how paradoxically sounds than the younger child, the easier to travel. The needs of the kids are extremely simple: they do not say "no," they are not so mobile as older children, and most of the flight they can sleep sweetly.

Remember the documents

You have already developed the route, bought tickets, put them in a bag and there – boarding passages, a passport or a photo certificate. But you can also use the child’s birth certificate, for example, if you have different surnames with him.

If you are one of the parents or grandfather (grandmother), who travels with a minor grandson, you need to have written consent to be signed by the second or both parents. There will be no superfluous documents from a medical institution with important information about the health of the child, a list of emergency contacts and the information necessary for insurance.

Do not forget about possible departure delays

If you fly with children, try to order the morning flight. As practice shows, they are detained less frequently than day and night flights. Even if a delay occurs, there is a difference between flights in 6.00 and flight delay to 9.00, and departure in 9.00 and delay until 12-13.00. In the morning, the child may be sleepy, and in the afternoon it will be more active, probably will not be able to sit quietly and patiently wait for the departure. Therefore, it is important to plan a flight in advance, considering additional flights and flights with transfers. Today there are special companies that will help develop a route for a small fee. If there is no time to understand the intricacies of the international passenger traffic, their services can be useful.

It is very important to arrive at the airport a bit in advance to give the child to get comfortable and not to look for a feverish way to land on the flight, unruling the baby and hitting him fear. He must remember the big hall, many people, uncle or aunt in the shape and a silver huge plane, and not the breath of his parent who constantly pulls him by the hand.

If you arrived at the airport in advance or there was a flight delay, try to find a game room and allow the child to pass the waiting time for active games. He will distract and will not be capricious, but after playing, most of the flight time will sleep. If there is no game room at the airport, use the VIP hall, where more space is not so noisy as in other rooms.

Stay as promoter

So that the children did not bored, not knowing how to take themselves during the flight, try to interest their information about the place where you go. Show a documentary, where it is described about interesting facts, or a colorful album with photos of attractions.

Do not forget about the topic of airplanes and flights. More at home you can find the video take-off and landing of the aircraft, buy a child model of the airliner and to deal with it, where there are wings, tail and a pilot cabin, as it flies, why not falls (of course, apply the information designed for a certain age of the child). It will prepare a baby, and he will not worry.

Choose the right place in the cabin

When you fly with a child, it is doubly important to choose the right passenger places. As a rule, children under two years can fly without place, parents on the knees. But for greater comfort, you can buy a separate ticket for a child to be greater freedom. Some airlines provide small children with special folding cradle, only you must book them in advance.

Take new toys

Before flying with a child, buy new toys. Acquaintance, games with them will distract the child, and he will not be laughing from boredom.

Buy a few toys in opaque packaging (or pack them yourself) and give out gradually during flight. Children will enjoy and from the effect of surprise, and from exciting unfolding new cars, dolls, cubes.

Remember the stuffy ears

Many people during the flight have an unpleasant feeling in the ears associated with changing the pressure behind the drummeal. We sometimes have without a flight test them when we yawn or swallow food. In flight it is simply the reaction of the hearing tube to change the pressure in the cabin of the aircraft when it decreases. Children can also feel it, and you need to be ready to take them so that they do not panic.

Tips for a comfortable airfare with a child

Usually you know in advance when the landing of the aircraft starts – stewardess and pilot will be announced. Descent, as a rule, starts 45 minutes before landing. Children’s older children give water or sweets, advise them to open your mouth when an unpleasant feeling appears in the ears. And with the kids you can play: make a stupid facial expression, wide open your mouth and ask the child to repeat. He will open his mouth, and it can remove mortgages in the ears.

Saving sweets, fruits and snacks

It seems like it seems pretty obvious, but may forget the same way we forget to buy home salt or matches. Never go on a journey, the more air, without a small stock of sweets, fruits and light snacks. In essence, they are the best friend of Pope and Moms in flight. Cookies, crackers, nuts, fruits, candy – variants set, and something from it should be at hand. Do not think that there will be enough sweets enough. Be sure to take some number of protein products.

Diapers and napkins

Going to fly, always have a small stock of diapers and removable clothes for the flight. If you need to change the child in the plane, it is possible to do it on a campaign in the toilet. Do not forget to put a dirty diaper into a deodorized plastic bag or another package before omitting it into the garbage bucket.

At the airport and during the flight you can not do without a good stock of wet and dry napkins. The child is typical of all to touch his hands, it will happen and during the waiting for the flight, and in the cabin. And there will be sticky from candy or juice fingers, "toilet" surprises, discharge from the nose and mouth. It is not always possible to often walk your hands and wash or buy napkins.

The fewer things the better!

Do not take with you more than a three-day stock of children’s clothing. If only you do not fly to third world countries, buy diapers and diapers, you can find the laundry anywhere.

Tempting from home everything to what a child got used to the house. But big toys, blanket and his favorite mug with a spider you don’t need to take with you in the flight. Make a list, count how much and what bags will need, remember what else will need to be worn or drive a child and … strike out things that can be bought at the place of arrival.

Do not forget about other passengers

There are exceptional cases when parents flying with children, from the desire to compensate for the inconvenience of inconvenience, distribute them gifts before flying. You may not be so generous, but just try to show attention to people sitting in neighboring chairs. Undoubtedly, children are happiness, but not everyone is given to withstand their screams, loud conversations, chatting legs, scattering pieces of candy and t. NS. Age is not an excuse, try to control the behavior of the child during the flight and then the rest of the passengers will be patient, if he will be a little capricious.

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