Tips beginner freeplane

Tips beginner freeplane

Now Earnings online Very common. In particular, enjoys popular Freilance. It is very convenient ; Have a free schedule Work, choose employers yourself and designate earnings.

Many, working freelancers, have only additional earnings. But for some Freilance – Main occupation.

If you also decided to try your hand in this case, you will be helped below Tips beginner freeplane. And tell you about this Women’s website

Constantly look for new orders

While you have no regular customers, you need Daily spend time to search for new orders. An interesting offer to you may appear at any time, and those who want to perform it can get you out. Therefore, more often Shots for sites, which publish vacancies for freelancers. For the convenience of bringing them to bookmarks.

Work not to downtrend

Do not think that Freilance is a light money of big money. To start well earn, First you need to work a lot. Return can come in the first week, and maybe after a few months. Therefore, daily highlight at least 2-3 hoursv (exactly on worky, not just for the pastime in front of the computer!)

Payment and communication

You will need to register in payment systems "Webmoney" and "Yandex.Money". To communicate with employers Email, ICQ or Skype number.

Work on a convenient schedule for you

Make up for yourself schedule. But in no case Do not work at night! Your health and well-being will suffer from this.

For example, you can Put a condition: To start work at 9:00, finish work no later than 23:00.

Case ; Time, fun ; hour

When you work, Disable ICQ and other post agents (or turn on the answering machine), Since people from your contact list can distract at the most inopportune moment. You can get shed with thoughts, forget the idea and just lose time.

BUT! For your customers, be always in touch!


If it is uncomfortable, no matter what work it is not possible. Crections Comfortable chair, computer desk, take care of Lighting.


If you work directly with your customer, then Be sure to demand prepayment. Wants sample? All in your portfolio.

Remember that All preliminary Layouts, samples and examples without prepayment ; this is Free work, for which, most likely, you will not get money. Does not want to pay ; Goodbye. Otherwise you risk staying at all without earning.

In case you still customer refuses to pay you – ignore it by making conclusions. If you find out the relationship, the customer can start spreading non-extended rumors about you, or leave bad reviews.


For suspension always double or drop the deadlines. But if you have the opportunity, then better Work fast. The customer will appreciate your Operational.


On the Internet there Some good freelance sites, who offer the opportunity to place their portfolio. Here you need to try to spread Only the best works.

Best to do your personal portfolio site. The main thing is to come up with a unique design and time from time to time update.

Do high quality and competently

Tips beginner freeplane

If the work is associated with the text, then write correctly. It will emphasize your professionalism. For spelling, it is sufficient to use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice programs, but also Do not forget the most elementary: start the sentences with a capital letter, after punctuation signs to put a space and t.NS.

Quality – the key to success in freelance. If you are doing everything better, then you deserve a good reputation. After all, if the customer will be pleased with your work, he can become yours Permanent customer, and recommend You are different.

Divide work on the steps

Each project-task partition into several stages. Thus, you can solve one big task by solving several small. And the solution to such tasks is better to start with the easiest, gradually picking up to the most difficult. Make up Work plan.

Require technical education

If this requires the specificity of your work, then demand technical education. In him Clearly should be spelled out: Terms of implementation of parts of the project or all work, a detailed description of the project (task), cost and payment method, the number of possible alterations, work.

Economication is a document to which you can contact In case of controversial issues.

Be correct

Be polite when communicating, contact the customer on "you" (if he does not ask the opposite). Do not kover words, as is customary in ICQ. Arranged conversation restraintOh and only In essence,.

Create backup copies

Create backup copies of your works, because The computer is not insured from breakdowns. In advance thinking way out, If the computer breaks, the Internet will stop working, or turn off electricity.

Take care of your health

Spending a lot of time at the monitor you can spoil eyesight and post, Earn other sickness from a sedentary lifestyle. So regularly several times a day Make Charging for the eyes and charging at all, buy a comfortable chair, do run in the morning Or signing B fitness club.

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