Tint paints and shampoos. Hair coloring safe dyes

Sanding paints – this coloring method is used to give hair lung shades. Since the composition of such paints does not include oxidative dyes, entering a chemical reaction with keratin hair, then, in contrast to oxidative dyes, these dyes are called physical. Recently, physical dyes appeared, capable of painting and gray, truth is minor. Such paints are conventionally called semi-performer. As a rule, they are used to hide the first gray, give a fashionable shade faded, burnt hair or revive hair after curling.

The mechanism of action of the satellite paints is that the dye particles penetrate the pores and cracks of the hair, envelop hair outside. This means that loose, porous hair is painted much better than living, shiny and hard.

Tint paints are available in a liquid, semi-liquid form and in the form of cream and most often are soapy alcohol solutions of dyes and fragrances.

Cream paints typically contain additional emulsifiers and detergents. Compared to liquid paints they have a number of advantages. They are better cloured with hair, they are easier to evenly distribute on the surface of the hair, it is more convenient to dose, store.

Tint paints on a soap-based basis are very easy to use – the result is achieved during head wash. If the hair is very dirty, then in front of the scene, they are thoroughly washed, wipe the towel. After that, put paint on a slightly wet hair. Himmally wet her hair with coloring shampoo, it is triturated before the formation of a thick foam, which prevents the collapse of the paint. After the expiration time, the paint is washed off with warm water.

Tint paints (shampoos) are usually unstable, so if you want to save the desired shade, you can repeat tinting at each wash, several times a month. Such shampoos are primarily intended to revive, make a brighter natural hair color, so they choose the shampoo of that shamp, which corresponds to the natural hair color. So, light-colored hair under the influence of shampoo of the same color get a lively beautiful yellowish hue, and frosted hair, tinted with golden shampoo, acquire a beautiful golden glitter. Hair light bright browns, washed with colored Titian shampoo, will become brighter, with a reddish tinge. Hair browns from the same shampoo will be copper color. Finally, dark brown hair, treated with a mahogany shampoo, will get shining red.

The use of coloring shampoos on dark hair may not give any effect. After all, such shampoos are calculated only on top and usually quite light hair. Dark hair can be pre-clarified, and then, covering the coloring shampoo, get the set of nuances within the same gamma in accordance with the fashion and mood.

Shampoos, like dyes, do not contain oxidizing agents and ammonia. Therefore, the coloring substances of the sample shampoos do not penetrate the inside of the hair, and we create a non-resistant color film on its surface, while holding the cuticle scales. As a result, the shade shampoos (paints) cannot radically change the shade of hair and give a new color, for example, to turn out of brunettes into a blonde and vice versa. The main purpose of sample shampoos is to emphasize or slightly change the natural hair color and give it a deeper shade and unique silky shine. Natural pigment is not affected, and the shade is flushed gradually, without leaving a clear boundary between painted and abandoning hair parts. Also, satellite paints – shampoos refresh the color of painted hair and increase their resistance, maintaining the purity and shine of the shade. Soft-acting sample shampoos are suitable for painting dry and damaged hair and can be used immediately after discoloration and chemical curling hair.

Also, satellite paints and shampoos are not intended for painting more than 30 percent seats. With the appearance of the first gray hair, the shadow shampoos of the color of natural hair will give a beautiful shine, and gray hair will look like more bright rays. Unusual effect can create lightly reddish accents in brunette hair – instead of gray. Or – hair on the forehead and on the temples, which are gray especially quickly, tint the shades of trendy nuances, the rest of the hair – only by natural shades.

Since the withdrawal paints are almost immediately washed away (less often after 4-8 head washing), satellite shampoos allow you to experiment with hair, without fear for the result. The ideal version of the desired diversity – giving light hair of trendy and cheeky shades, such as red and red. Only the inconsistency of the shade makes it constantly tapping the hair with the same or other shedding shampoo.

Tint paints and shampoos. Hair coloring safe dyes

Another advantage of sheds and shampoos is not only the harmlessness for the structure of the hair, but also the medical and hygienic effect, so you can use it quite often. The skeleton shampoo gently cleanses and levels the hair structure, making them shiny. It provides additional moisturizing and special care, affecting, mainly on damaged hair sections. Caring components of good skeletons, in the form of vegetable extracts, make hair more obedient and soft, restoring the hair structure. Only after the chemical curling it is recommended to wait for 2 weeks, as the hair scales are raised and various pigments are fixed in separate places. Hair can paint unevenly. The same happens with highly clarified hair.

The most popular and bright shade shampoos – red, copper mahogany, gold for light, and silver for bleached and gray hair. Silver Silver Paints give a silver shade of gray and clarified hair. They contain special color pigments that neutralize a yellowish hair shade. At the same time, the skeleton shampoo restores, gives softness and silky the hair. Golden shade shampoos gently wash, eliminate ash tones and enhance the brilliance of light and dull hair.

Tint shampoo applies on wet hair and distribute evenly along the entire length. It is applied on the hair twice. The second time the shadow shampoo should be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes and only after that wash. The longer the skeleton shampoo remains on the hair, the brighter it turns out the shade.

When toning hair, you can use both one and several shades. This procedure is often preceded by the lightening of individual curls. However, if darker strands add to your own color, hair discoloration does not need. Best will lay down the tone closest to natural color.

Information in this article is familiarized, and not a recommendation. Please do not engage in self-medication, be sure to consult a specialist.

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