Tint for Brow Tattoo Brow from Maybelline New York

Tint for Brow Tattoo Brow from Maybelline New York

Eyebrow makeup plays an important role in the beauty routine of every girl. It happens that we leave home without casting eyes or lips. But the eyebrows "decorated" must, because they make the image of a holistic and neat.

In the search for the perfect color and geometric solution, the girl not only experiment with different formats for eyebrows (pencils, shadows, lipsticks), but also appeal for help from professional cosmetologists.

The procedure of hardware tattooing of eyebrows is increasingly popular, after which the eyebrows can not be asked for a long time. True, the procedure is quite painful and has a number of contraindications. But the main drawback is that the result, if he suddenly does not like it, not to change.

Responding to the beauty of girls around the world, MAYBELLINE NEW YORK specialists have come up with a truly revolutionary agent that will change your eye eye makeup, – gel ultrasound tint with Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Tint tattoo effect.


Gel Tint Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Tint – Water Resistant Eye Makeup Means. His task includes staining of hairs, filling emptiness between them and visual correction of eyebrows.

Liquid tint consistency is easy to distribute with a nylon applicator that is included. On applying TINT immediately begins to dry, not spread.

This is a real find for girls who want to make eyebrows visually more dense due to a thorough score of the lumen between the hairs. In this case, the effect is obtained very natural: as if the eyebrows bright and saturated from nature.

Composition of Tinta

The tool not only perfectly copes with its decorative tasks, but also provides eyebrows.

The formula includes, in particular, caffeine, promoting hair growth.

The composition also has hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, uterine milk and collagen that are responsible for skin moisturizing. This is important, given that, to obtain the desired result, TINT will need to hold on the eyebrows from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Palette shades

Tint is presented in three shades: light brown, brown and dark brown.

Tint "Light Brown" © maybelline.Com.Ru

Tint "Brown" © maybelline.Com.Ru

Tint "Dark Brown" © maybelline.Com.Ru

Who will suit Tint for the eyebrow MAYBELLINE NEW YORK

The tool will become a win-win solution for girls with blond and rusia hair. As a result of the use of the title, their eyebrows will look bright and gently up to three days. But girls with very dark, almost black hair will not fit.

Makeup with eyebrow gel from Maybelline New York

We tell how to use an unusual means.

Pre-clean eyebrows from makeup.

Step One: Gently apply a product on your eyebrows, drawing the desired shape. Thanks to a convenient applicator with this task, even newcomers will be cited in makeup.

If during the distribution process you will accidentally make a "typo", then in the first minutes it will be easy to fix it with a cotton stick with any demacianty agent.

Step 1. © maybelline.Com.Ru

Leave titted on an eyebrow for 20 minutes. For a more resistant result (which will last up to three days), the creators advises to extend the "exposure" to 2 hours.

Tint for Brow Tattoo Brow from Maybelline New York

By the way, waiting time affects the resistance of the result, and not on brightness and color saturation.

Step 2. © maybelline.Com.Ru

Drying out, titted turns into a kind of film that is easy to remove with fingers. Ready!

Step 3. © maybelline.Com.Ru

The first two days the color remains as saturated as immediately after the removal of the film. On the third day, the pigment begins to even go. To prolong the durability of the means, do not use oil-based cleansing agents in the eyebrow zone. There are no other restrictions: tint waterproof, so you can easily wash and take a shower, not risking "spoil" eyebrow makeup.

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  • Sesarina June 4, 14:15 I use this product and very satisfied with the resistance, despite the fact that my skin is combined. I use the shade of Dark Brown, your eyebrows is black and looks very natural on eyebrows and is convenient to use.
  • Oksana G December 30, 09:08 Gel Tint for Eyebrow Tattoo Brow from Meybelline New York Wonderful thing. I recommend trying to everyone. Uncomfortable to confess, but with eyebrows I have a problem. From nature, they are very broad, I really didn’t like and for many years, I pulled them out. As well as put other cruel experiments, painted, brightened and t.D. As a result, the eyebrows were powdered, lost to the former luxury and beauty. I wanted to return the more natural form of eyebrows, they grew up, but not as they were before. Agree, lush thick and saturated eyebrows add expressiveness to the look and everything. Without this, the face seems somewhat sad and sad. I used pencils and lipstick for eyebrows. But only resistant gel tittoo brow pleasantly surprised me. I use a dark brown tint, withstand two hours. The shade is perfect for three days. TINT is easy enough to use, the result is wonderful. Gorgeous thick dark eyebrows, look very natural and decorate any face.
  • Anna Furochka December 28, 13:58 Undoubtedly, in the 21st century the face of the girl makes eyebrows. I forgot / did not have time to make eyebrows and everything, you walk the white rogue. And made beautiful eyebrows, so the face immediately acquired the right outline, the cheeks stretched out, the eyes are emphasized, it’s nice not in the mirror! I’ll tell you how I myself make a eyebrow than painting, what and in what sequence I nano. In particular, I will tell about Tittoo Brown talking about Tint Maybelline Tattoo Brow. Volume: 4.6 grams cost: 600 dollars. Hue: There are three shades on sale, including brown, light brown and dark brown. I have two shades: dark brown and light brown. Packaging: small, plastic, light tube, well placed in cosmetic bag, convenient to take on trips. The brush is very comfortable, the hairs are smooth and not stick out over time in all directions. Aroma: not very pleasant, lightly smells with glue, but after a minute the smell disappears. Consistency: gel, viscous, due to which the titted does not spread. Applied and distributed quite easily, I have everything goes around a minute. I am not a professional, I just already know what kind of eyebrows I want and quickly impose tit. As I nano: I clean the eyebrows by mycellawic water, then I quickly impose a titted layer and a cotton wand in the edges so that the eyebrows were even. After applying for another minute I spend that tweezers pull out all the hairs that stayed behind the eyebrow line. Eyebrows I never cut scissors so that they were smooth. Ideally flat hairs on the eyebrow I do not like. I go with a tint on my face about an hour and go to shoot. Easy, I pull the dried tint on hair growth line. On the eyebrows I have no pieces of Tinta never remained, everything was removed easily and without problems. Immediately after applying brought bright, smooth. I certainly, never a master of eyebrows. And perhaps the form of myself is not very correct, as someone may seem. However, it is necessary to take into account that there is still an unsuccessful tattoo on my eyebrows, and it needs to somehow overlap, so the browch needs to be thicker. Nevertheless, my received form of eyebrow I still like. Since the titer at the base I almost did not impose (you can see by the photo, where I am with a title on the eyebrows) so that the origin of the eyebrows was not bright, in that place I lightly tapping light shadows for eyebrows. After that, laying the browch colorless gel for eyebrows Givenchy Mister Brow Groom. Consumption of Tinta is small, I have been using a few months, and still no tube ended. It turns out much more profitable than going to the interconnection. Resistance: The first two days Tint keeps well, the third is already ridicked off. Justice for the sake of the sake of, high-quality salon paints for eyebrows are washed away too for about the third day. So this titt on my face keeps as much as the interior compounds. I recommend this tittoo brow, as this is an excellent alternative to hikes in the interior correction salon. To do not waste time every day to give eyebrows shape and draw them, you can buy this inexpensive tint and adapt to apply it. The result in the photo, the titt suits me, he justifies its price.

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