Ginseng tincture: Application, treatment and contraindications. Cooking and how to take a tincture of ginseng root. Ginseng tincture

Some medicinal plants do not need advertising: everyone knows about them, everyone heard about their miraculous properties and excellent results of their use for the treatment of certain diseases. To such magical healing representatives of flora refers to a root person, or ginseng. However, any grass must be taken with the mind, so as not to harm the body. So let’s figure it out to whom and in what cases ginseng will help get rid of health problems.

Ginseng refers to the family of Aralia, sometimes grows up to 70 cm in height, and it can already live up to one hundred years! Healers in it are interested in the root – a long white rod that digs in August. In Russia, he grows in the Primorsky Territory, they collect and grow it specifically also in Korea, China and Japan.

The composition and therapeutic properties of ginseng root

V Rape ginseng Found more than 12 microelements, a lot of phosphorus and sulfur. Also there are vitamins of groups B, fatty acids, tannins, pectin, resins, ascorbic acid and essential oil of panacea. Scientists still continue to study wonderful Properties ginseng, And they find new substances in it, helping to understand the strength and spectrum of exposure to the plant on the human body.

Substances in ginseng, affecting the human body:

  • Panakne tones the heart and vessels;
  • Panaxic acid affects the metabolism, enhances the oxidative processes, which affects the disintegration of fat;
  • Panquilon affects the endocrine system, which contributes to the production of hormones in the body;
  • Panaksen essential oil removes pain and calm nervous centers;
  • Glycoside ginsenin regulates carbohydrate exchange, causes a decrease in blood sugar levels and increases the synthesis of glycogen.

Application ginseng (ginseng root tincture)

Let’s begin with that All Ginseng preparations can be used for a very long time and have a very wide range of action on the human body. Ginseng root He strongly affects the central nervous system, leading it to a working state without negative consequences. And this happens gently and gradually, without bringing harm to the body.

These Properties of ginseng root Explained to the stimulating effect on the bark of the brain and centers. Also Ginseng has a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood, improves gas exchange, Stimulates the breath of brain cells, reduces heart rhythm. An increase in the secretion of bile, the concentration in it is bilirubin and bile acids, increase the sensitivity of the eye, suppressing the vital activity of some microorganisms. With animal experiments, scientists came to the conclusion that Tincture ginseng Reduces the risk of radial disease. Those animals that received doses of irradiation and tincture ginseng, Soon recovered.

Treatment of tincture ginseng

It is said that ginseng can be cured almost all diseases, It is only necessary to choose a convenient form of reception of drugs from it. The most popular drug is the most popular – this is Tincture ginseng on alcohol, vodka or wine. With its help, people solve problems with chronic fatigue, with a sharp decrease in performance, restored after severe diseases, restore the work of the cardiovascular system, get rid of neurosis, neurissions and psychosis. Helps ginseng And with gastritis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and light, as well as with diabetes and in stimulating sexual functions.

I must say that Ginseng – not only therapeutic, but also good prophylactic agent, which Chinese folk healers attribute the properties of life increase and long-term preservation of a person in the cheerful. In China ginseng generally called the root of life.

Cooking and how to take a ginseng tincture

1 recipe with ginseng root

Dry ginseng root Grind into powder, pour vodka (30 g of powder per 1 liter of vodka), insist for three to four weeks. In this case, the tincture periodically shabby. Then everything is filtered – tincture is ready.

For the prevention of diseases take 20 drops one or twice a day half an hour before meals. Course treatment – about a month and a half. Then you can interrupt for a month and repeat the course.

In the treatment of diseases Tincture ginseng Accepted on the recommendation of the doctor (usually 30-40 drops per day).

Tincture ginseng application, treatment and contraindications. Cooking and how to take a tincture

2 recipe with ginseng root

Raw root rinse with cold water, dry, crush, pour vodka (100 g root per 1 liter of vodka). All this is insisted for twenty-five days, from time to time. Then filtering.

For the prevention of diseases Take 15-20 drops for half an hour before eating three times a day for 30 days. Then interrupted for 10 days, and then the course repeat.

Ginseng tincture for thick hair

For outdoor use, tincture of roots and ginseng leaves are used. With their help, you can, for example, get rid of hair loss. Method of using very simple: rub tincture ginseng In the roots of the hair two or three times a week. Very well alternate this procedure with rubbing the tincture of Eleutherococcus. These plants complement each other, so the effect is more significant. To achieve the result, it is better to thin the tincture in a day – then one, then another. When dealing with hair loss, it is also necessary to remember the full nutrition, so that external procedures are combined with obtaining the necessary vitamins and minerals.

When conducting the procedure, it is desirable after rubbing Ginseng tincture Close the hair with a warm towel and hold 30 minutes. Flush or not to wash your hair after rubbing – decides each individual.

Contraindications for the use of ginseng tincture

The simplest tips: do not take Tincture ginseng root Children under 16, if there are suspicions of hypertension and in the hot season. It is not recommended for pregnant women and people with hyperteide hyperfunction.

Another point – you need to carefully monitor the dosage. Large doses can lead to migraines, insomnia and tachycardia.

When taking the ginseng tincture, unexpected sharp reactions may occur, Therefore, it is necessary to carefully follow your meals: eliminate coffee, strong tea and alcohol. These drinks can strengthen their action in combination with ginseng. In the event of side effects, it is necessary to reduce the dose of reception twice and consult with the doctor.

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