Tina Turner will observe: 15 exercises for model legs

It is important to prepare muscle to load. Stretching should be a delicate, not injured body.

1) Make a light massage, delicately spot muscles. This will raise blood circulation.
2) Spring movements set the legs to the sides, squeezing and breaking.

2. Cardio

Start the workout with a workout on the treadmill, exercise bike or orbitrek. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the gym, run on the place of the house. Before doing on the treadmill, do not forget to fasten the emergency stop key to clothing at about the belt level. If you suddenly come from the pace, moving away from the dashboard, the key will pop up from the socket and the canvas will automatically stop. Unfortunately, 99.9% of gym visitors ignore the key, and this safety measure will save from falling and injuries.

1) Stand on the clock, set the minimum speed of the web.
2) holding hands for handbones, cross on the cloth and start walking.
3) gradually increase the speed of the canvas.
4) Watch your pulse.

I feel sacred to the sanity of our readers and still have to focus on the popular mistake of many girls, the evidence of the fall of which was often had to be. Never try to make selfie, standing on a moving track. If the shortness boasts in the social networks of sports – then first you need to turn off the track, and then you can take pictures. However, note that such behavior could lead to expulsion from the gym, as lovers selfie interfere with other visitors, creating a queue on a simulator.

3. Mahi on all fours

prepare? POEA! A complex of exercises for shapely legs considered mahi. They are working fine muscles of the thighs and buttocks at the same time.

1) down to the floor, moving the weight on the hands and knees.
2) Straighten one leg, take it back, slightly swinging.
3) Repeating mahi 10-15 times, adjust the leg.

4. Mahi with expanders

Mahi feet – a useful thing, but can be waved before you will achieve spectacular results. Achieve greater efficiency helps special expander.

1) Get down on the floor, putting his feet on the expander.
2) Repeat from №3.

5. Mahi lying

I love to exercise such a plan. They can be run on the beach or at home, lying on the rug and watching your favorite TV series.

1) Lie on the floor, legs stretched.
2) alternately lifting his feet off the floor, perform mahi with a small amplitude.

6. Wide swings lying

Excellent choice if you want to strengthen the back of the thigh. I have the most problem area, so in the period after holiday feasts data plots similar to jelly. Br-rr, the abomination. Incidentally, during the exercise, I noticed that the muscles in the chest became tight (hand tighten, too), but the breast itself was tightened.

1) Lie on the floor, legs stretched.
2) Take a swing, as close as possible to the knee of the straight leg Statement.
3) Hold the leg hands, springy motion, pull her to him.

7. Mahi scissors

The vertical mahah we have studied mainly the back of the thigh, but the horizontal will help strengthen the inner side of the. Do not forget to pull the socks to make the shins beautiful shape.

1) Lie on your back, hands behind the head or along the body.
2) Pull the toes and lift your legs slightly off the floor.
3) Spread the legs apart, and then make a move legs crosswise.

eight. Mahi with the rise

You can complicate the exercise, adding different elements to it.

1) Lie on the floor, bringing the legs together and slightly tearing them from the floor.
2) Raise the legs of the legs up.
3) Lower legs down and dig on the sides.

nine. Simple squats

Remember how in the first class of the teacher raised us in the middle of the lesson and began: "Seli-got up"? The most simple squats are useful for the body. They improve blood circulation, correct the posture and strengthen the muscles. And frequent squats are useful for those who dream of an aspen waist.

1) Take a rack: back smooth, legs apart.
2) Slowly go down, trying to keep the legs in the knees almost at right angles.

ten. Plie

We saw what a strong legs from the ballerin? Let’s diverse our list of dance passes, for example, try sip. This is a kind of deep ballet squat. If at first it is difficult for you to keep balance, perform an exercise next to the chair or something that will serve as a reliable replacement of the ballet machine. If you are difficult to the machine, then put the feet a bit at an angle, as in the photo. This type of occupation is also called soumely crops.

1) Take the second ballet position, putting the legs wider laid. Foots unfold toes outwards, heels inside, as if forming two straight lines.
2) Slowly go down, keeping your back straight.

Tina Turner will observe 15 exercises for model legs

eleven. Plie with dumbbells

Even the simplest plie is a rather complicated exercise for beginners. It is effective and without the use of cargo, however, it is possible to complicate the task, faster incinerating excess fat and more efficiently pulling up muscles. To do this, you will need dumbbells that can be replaced by a pancake from the barbell or any other weight. The main thing is that the load does not slip and it was convenient to keep. Another version of the modification of Pliera – cried on the elevation. This will allow you to drop with the cargo even below.

1) Take the starting position, tightly keeping the load with both hands.
2) Love, almost touching the floor bypass.

12. Walking on the step

This exercise is often recommended to those who want to improve the shape of the buttock, but it also helps to remove excess weight and strengthen the muscles of the thighs. It’s easier for me, as I have a wide step at home, on which it is convenient to train. If you have no such, you can adapt any strong drawers for this. Some replace the step of the chair, but I would not risen, because the chair is designed for the seat and may break under the weight of the body.

1) Stand up one foot on the step and raise.
2) Bending the second leg, touch the knee with the elbow of the opposite hand.

13. Pressing from the knee

I really do not like this type of exercise and has long drawn it out of his list of classes. The fact is that when problem with knee cups it is better to avoid. If your knees do not bother, then try to diversify charging in such an effective movement.

1) Eat into the floor with both hands and one knee.
2) Keep the second leg over the floor and slow down slowly.
3) After several repetitions, change the support leg.

fourteen. Running through the rope

You noticed what strong caviar at boxers? But they do not chase in RingGu like football players on the field. All thanks to the rope!

1) Take the rope of suitable length. Fold it twice, tap the tip of the floor if the handles reach the armpits – this is your length.
2) spinning rope running on site. The interval between the touches of each foot of the floor should be measured and not too long. Otherwise you can get confused and stumble.

15. Fallen

And finally – one of the most popular exercises for rapidly giving the legs of beautiful outlines.

1) Stand exactly: hands on the belt, legs together.
2) Make a wide step forward, bending the knee at right angles.
3) Run as low as possible, straining the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
4) Return to the starting position and step by another foot.

Repeat each block for 10-15 times in 3 navigation with small breaks. Choose the most comfortable exercises for you, given the problem zones and the features of your body. However, one should not be limited to some one type of classes, because the muscles must be developed comprehensively. To enhance the effect, use weights and dumbbells. And let your legs envy even Tina Turner!

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