Timeboxing when it all grabs

TimeBoxing: When it all grabs

TimeBoxing time management method – decomposition of cases in temporary "boxes" – helps to avoid any extremes, and effectively copes with procrastination and perfectionism.

Everything has its time

What is the essence of this method? Instead of making a traditional to-do-list, then there is a list of cases that you would like to have time for the day, you allocate for each business on a certain period of time, that is, spread your business by temporary segments. You will also not forget to provide encouraging classes so that the list of cases did not look depressingly tense.

It would seem: what’s the difference, because there, and there is a list of cases with which you need to cope? And what gives such a "distribution", except for the extremely approximate calculation?

Advantages of TimeBoxing

Reasonable planning. You know that kills the desire to plan your time? The fact that in the expansion of planning, we often make our lists impartial. We enter it and that without any calculations of how much time you need to do this dam. At the same time, we sincerely hope that the very existence of the list will somehow ensure the execution of cases. Then we, of course, are disappointed, because things are a lot, and time is limited. To avoid such disappointments and demotivation in planning, use timeboxing. Declaring cases on "boxes", you will see that the day is finite and it can only be accomplished on only a very limited number of cases.

No delay! Deletion is a big problem, but not for those who use the Timeboxing method. If you have a "painted" plan, when and what business you do, you cannot instead of an important case suddenly engage in insignificant minor issues. Just because for the latter you have highlighted your piece of time at the end of the day when you already be touched. So you will not be left anything else but to engage in an important task.

In Tempe! Any business, if not to provide for it of the time interval, can stretch to a much longer period. If you have on writing an essay for five hours, then you will write it five hours. If there are three hours left before the arrival, it means that it is three hours that you will run around the apartment with a cloth and a bucket – somewhere wash and wash something. To make it easy to stretch in time, it is better to provide a segment of time for it, sufficient so that it is performed in an intense pace. Remember how quickly you make cleaning, if the guests are already "on the threshold" (they called half an hour before the arrival). Remember how much you write an article in size in three thousand characters, if you do not distract every quarter to check email. How much time you give a job for so much it will be performed. In the extreme case, add 5-10 minutes if everything remains to the finish.

Law Pareto in business. According to a well-known Pareto law, 80% of work can be done in 20% of the time. The remaining 80% of the time resource goes to insignificant little things that not only have no meaning, but it is hardly interesting to someone other than you. So timeboxing allows you not to concentrate on trifles, because you simply do not have time.

Forget about perfectionism. TimeBoxing helps to successfully deal with perfectionism. You no longer have "infinity" to bring to the ideal of the report, articles, essay or festive catalog of goods. Sure you will feel relieved when you stop the fifth time to wonder – "make a framework here or not", "transfer the advertising unit to the next page or leave on the previous one," "enter into an article by the opinion of another expert or sufficiently presented" and t.D.

Timeboxing when it all grabs

Unloved things: water stone sharpening. "Temporary boxes" make it easier and faster to cope with unloved and complex affairs, which, as you know, deprive the joy of being and make us suffer "on scratch". When it is necessary to perform from the beginning and to the end and it is not known how much it takes time (for example, to clean up the garage, "shock" all personal affairs of employees, learn the wrong verbs of the English language), simply sank hands. Another thing is when you assign a specific time interval, and immediately after it provides for a fee. For example, I learned an hour wrong verbs, and then half an hour later watched the "mentalist" or read a new exciting detective Dan Brown. Now you will see – the case will immediately move from the dead point. Also, the use of the method will allow you to better understand how much time will be required to or another. It may happen so that it will have to strain not so long, as it seemed, especially if you quickly get into operation and work at the pace.

Motivation at the peak! The best way to strengthen your motivation to business is to see the results. Due to the fact that you are engaged in important affairs, and not nonsense and procrastination, the case will move, and you – more and more inspire. The same with other affairs: the more good literature you read, the more you want to read than cleaner in your apartment, the more I want to keep this purity.

We manage to all! Many people complain that they have no time for their favorite classes – for example, an inspiring hobby that allows you to restore the stock of energy, to realize your talents, get public recognition, a pleasant time to spend time. But just need to write a schedule. Suppose you have three hours of free time. Take and write them down so that with any scenario enough time on the hobby. For example, while children do not sleep, you are engaged in children and household chores. As soon as she was laid down to sleep, work out the hobby (at least 30-40 minutes), then hygienic procedures – and immediately sleep. Of course, with such a scenario, you will not be able to "Match" before the TV. But you didn’t want it when we were looking for ways to increase personal efficiency. From useless classes will have to get rid of the opportunity to deal with the case for the soul.

I breathe full of breasts. Application TimeBoxing is an opportunity to live harmonious life. We have already given an example from the hobby, but that’s not all. With this method, you can find time for absolutely any classes – Hobbies, learning a foreign language, reading books to children, gymnastics and t.D. The whole focus is that you pay a lot of time. Even the tiny segments of the time that you seem miserable, can make a large contribution to the pleasure of life and getting rid of the feeling of wine. Yes, 10 minutes of reading children before bed – it’s a bit, but better than nothing. Learn five foreign words a day – it is not enough, but, again, better than nothing! For a quarter of an hour, you can have a little time, but the keyword here is "time", and not "little" – see half acelter of your favorite TV series, read the chapter of the book, collect things "threads", wash half agraduates, make a face mask, lie down upside down Improvement of blood circulation, make gymnastics for the prevention of osteochondrosis and tunnel syndrome and much more.

Folk wisdom advises not put all the eggs in one basket. You will not argue with this – it is better to decompose them on boxes and live harmoniously. Have time and be happy!

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