Time to relax: 7 popular types of massages that you need

If you claim that you don’t like massage, then you have not found your own kind! Relax, fill the level of energy, make the skin smooth and elastic, correct the silhouette and simply relax with the soul and body – all this under the massage – most popular and efficient health practices.

BeautyHack tells what kinds will make you benefit.

Swedish, or sports massage

Unlike classic massage, Swedish is no longer on the muscles, but on the joints – Sometimes such a type of massage is called sports.

Its technique is based on promotion from the limb to the center, for example, from the foot to the thigh or from the hand to the shoulder. During the session, a specialist kneads all seals and stretches the vascular-nerve bundles. Most of the procedure is assigned to the elaboration of the body with fingers, and only part of the time is given to relaxing strokes. Mandatory Swedish Massage Condition – It always begins with rubbing his back and ends with work with the scalp. In the first minutes, the procedure may even be a bit painful, but the pain is quickly replaced by a pleasant relaxing effect – leaving the muscular discomfort that you could feel when driving.

Lymphodenge massage

This type of massage is especially recommended to women who want to speed up the process of weight loss or quickly reduce volumes in problem places. The secret of the procedure is that it effectively displays an excess liquid from the body, so after one session, your favorite dress will sit much better (5 best summer procedures for the correction of the figure you will find here).

Lymphatic drainage massage is carried out manually or using special equipment. It affects lymphatic vessels, due to which stimulates the outflow of the liquid, as well as the process of removing slags and toxins. Moves during lymphatic drainage massage smooth and slow – This is how lymph in the body flows, so fast technique may injure vessels. The procedure reduces the size of the fat cells, saturates the organism with oxygen and stimulates the natural production of collagen – As a result, the skin of the body becomes more touched, smooth and elastic.

Thai massage hot herbal bags

Another type of massage, which has a good lymphatic drainage and ability to remove the nervous voltage. This therapeutic effect is obliged to the correct combination of thermal impact and aromatherapy.

For Thai massage, special cotton or linen bags with traditional Thai herbs are used. Each of these also includes essential oils and components with warming, lymphatic drainage and detox effects – such as, for example, ginger, turmeric or lime. Heated herbs not only effectively affect the body, but also fill the air with a relaxing aroma. The masters always have big and small face piles, backs or feet with a set of different herbs. The muscle procedure is carefully premined, after which the body warms up with bags. Touch of warm fabric master alternating with strong pressing movements – You will feel every cell and your body muscle.

Impacting on the physical level, Thai massage with hot bags eliminates the symptoms of stress and increases the overall energy of the body, and also makes the skin smoother, elastic and relieves pain in the muscles.

Turkish soap massage

Eastern technique of recovery and strengthening the body has long won the love of many women.

Turkish soap massage – Part of the traditional bunny ritual, which is most often spent in Hammam. A session begins with a body cleansing, after which the master covers it whipped thick foam and starts working as every centimeter. Eastern ritual techniques are similar to traditional – They combine stroking and rubbing, as well as special movements for the impact of joints. During the procedure, the massage therapist can use a special rigid peeling mitten – it effectively exfoliates the skin and makes it smooth.

Turkish massage with soap foam relaxes, restores the vitality of the body, heals and cleanses. It is especially useful for muscular pains and after intensive physical exertion. After massage, you will definitely offer to relax for nice music or sounds of nature with a cup of tea to restore liquid balance.

Time to relax 7 popular types of massages that you need

Aromatic massage

Relax and remove the nervous stress will help the procedure using natural essential oils (myths and facts about mineral oils you will learn from this material). If the classic massage improves blood circulation and lymph, stabilizes the pulse and reduces the pressure, then the procedure with the addition of aromatic oils helps to relax, get rid of the symptoms of depression, mental tension and simply negative emotions.

Before Aromascape, the specialist studies the physical and emotional state of each person, after which it individually selects the technique of exposure and mixture of essential oils – Some of them contribute to maximum relaxation, other, on the contrary, fill the energy. Movement during the aromatic massage light and smooth. Such a procedure improves blood supply and lymphotok, removes muscle spasms and pain, and also removes slags and toxins from the body. Before the procedure, it is recommended to take a light shower, and after – drink herbal tea or a glass of pure water. Even one aromasade session will give you a tide of strength and good mood.

Point massage Shiatsu (Shiatsu)

View of the Japanese massage, which has long been popular and in demand worldwide.

Shiatsu technique is built on rhythmic pressure palms, fingers and elbows on certain parts of the body – biologically active points. It is precisely because of this, Massage Shiatsu contributes to the elimination of some physical disorders, signs of diseases and improves the state of health in general. Proper fulfillment of the Japanese massage Shiatsu also helps optimally distribute energy throughout the body – Immediately after the session, the mood is improved, and the forces appear to achieve any goals.

Honey massage

The procedure based on the combination of beneficial properties of natural honey and special massage techniques will definitely have to do with all sweet lovers.

But the honey massage is not only pleasant and has a relaxing effect: it also improves the metabolism, promotes rapid healing of wounds and effectively purifies the body – Honey has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin and output accumulated toxins and slags. It also contains vitamins and useful trace elements that soothe and remove all inflammations and irritations. Honey massage is recommended for the treatment of insomnia, increasing the weakened immunity and eliminate signs of stress. The procedure tones and smoothes the skin, and also improves blood circulation – As a result, the processes of weight loss are accelerated, and the figure becomes more slim and tightened.

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