Time (not) to be a freelance psychologist, an expert on consulting and Headhunter – about why the project

Time (not) to be a freelancer: a psychologist, a consulting expert and Headhunter – about why design work is not for everyone, but learn about it better now

Lokdano forced to rethink many things, and one of the main works. Because of the pandemic, 15 million people were sent to unpaid vacation in Russia, about 2 million dismissed or reduced. And this is only official data. How much money lost, it’s hard to imagine. But even those that remained at their position and performed duties remotely, thought: «Does it make sense to go to the office if you can do everything from home? And is it worth putting all the eggs in one basket, cooperate only with one company, if tomorrow and she can go bankrupt?».

The same thoughts began to visit many organizations of organizations. Refusing renting offices, you can safely save. In addition, it is more profitable to cooperate with some specialists, but if necessary.

Does the world goes to the fact that we are all – well, at least, most – by the freelancers? It’s rather plus or minus? And are we ready for this morally, and financially: they still heard about the unstable income of project workers? Sort out this difficult topic BeautyHack.Ru Helped experts.

Every second thinks to escape from the office

– In the US, almost half of the population – self-employed. It is possible that with such a pace and we will all develop on the same scenario. We recently conducted a study. It turned out that among the hired workers, almost every second is thinking about moving to the freelance this year. And every fifth is already looking for potential employers, sends a summary, shows projects, a word, plans to transition, – told in Headhunter. – Of these, about 40% intend to impose as self-employed, and more than 30% do this do not plan.

To think about the project work, of course, it makes sense: 45% of enterprises have reduced the staff, 56% cut and salaries. Particularly injured segment of tourism, hotel and restaurant business, sports clubs and beauty salons, entertainment and mass media. But wait that everyone will be submitted to freelancers, it is not worth. For example, even in the height of self-insulation of vacancies in medicine, pharmaceuticals, state structures and non-profit organizations added. It should not be noted that many companies have become more flexible, loyal. If earlier they considered only one option – work in the office from 9 to 6, now they began to combine different options: including part-time, cooperation under the contract with third-party specialists. It gives more opportunities for the enterprises themselves, and for workers.

Many will look at work in the company

– Global changes in the world forced people not only to adapt to new conditions, but also to rethink life. Many began to ask unexpected questions for themselves: «For what I work?», «Do I chose a career direction?», «What is really interesting to me?», Explains Julia Karaseva, founder and general director of InBalansy, specializing in services in the field of Well-Being and HR Consulting for Russian and foreign companies. – Some during this period radically changed the scope of activities, realizing that they were not satisfied with what was. Could save work, stability, but decided to change life, turning the hobby into a business using the social network, «Sarafan radio». These are both business analysts that have been given private advice, and teachers of foreign languages ​​who have passed online, and fitness instructors who train customers by Zoom. But, of course, to say that they all remain freelancers, it does not make sense. Because the work on ourselves is not only the opportunity to do a favorite thing, it is also a routine, a decision of administrative issues, a high degree of responsibility, negotiations with contractors, constant self-education, understanding of business processes mechanics. Not everyone is ready.

– The same as they decide: «This is not for me», A new way will look at work at the enterprise, will appreciate the opportunity to do what I like, without distracting the solution to some organizational issues, – continues Julia. – We work with many companies, employee reduction programs. So, only 1% of them are really ready to go to the freelance, something to change, master a new sphere for ourselves. Such people can be seen immediately. For example, we had a lawyer who after 12 years of successful career went to event management. He realized all risks, but he wanted to try. And he did everything. But the bulk of all the same is not ready to change everything in his life.

Time (not) to be a freelance psychologist, an expert on consulting and Headhunter - about why the project

Risk not to regret pensions

– Even if on the freelanse offered fees several times more, many employees would still prefer to work in the office on someone, confident Clinical psychologist Natalia Salash. – And this is normal: everyone has a different degree of self-organization, the ability to quickly solve non-standard tasks, a reaction to criticism. The main disadvantages of freelanse are obvious: the need to independently search for customers, art «sell» Your services, lack of guarantees and stability, first of all, financial, limited career and professional growth. But many are overlooked that some advantages in such work are very conditional. For example, you seem to work for yourself, but in fact – to the client. And he is always right. And you depend on his subjective assessment. Yes, to some extent you can protect the contract, but whether they are all ready to walk on the courts, proving the right?

Are everyone able to negotiate with the customer, remaining in good relationship, if something goes wrong? Another non-obvious minus: free schedule. Many imagine work on Freilase so: You lie on the beach with a laptop, drink a cocktail, coordinate the project in breaks between surfing lessons. In reality, this is usually imprisonment of the house, akin to the fact that you are experiencing young moms on maternity leave. One day is similar to another, sometimes even once to eat, because you are all: negotiations, making edits, sending layouts, conclusion of contracts, tax payments. And no paid hospital and vacations.

And if there is someone else there is someone, besides you, the situation is increasing. Children want cartoons, dogs – outside, second half – attention. Yes, these are temptations in the form of sofas, social networks and refrigerators under the side.

Many, even introverts, lacking communication, about it too often forget. So it is definitely not for everyone. But try, if you really want, it’s time, a specialist considers. In order not to lose the precious months, deciding, yours or not, and not to edify yourself in retirement for not trying. The story knows a lot of examples when the most successful careers and businesses were born precisely in crisis periods.

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