Time for useful skin care

Everyone has moments when, it seems that everything and everything works against you. This is not a world conspiracy and not evil eye. Just coincided with several biorhythmic lows. But if three maximum intersects, it is easy to go to the burning hut and acupuncture, and in the fitness club. It turns out everything. Impact on our lives, health and, in particular, on the condition of the skin and hair, have annual rhythms. Sometimes they lead to autumn-winter depression. And we all feel the difference in well-being and our own appearance in winter and summer. No wonder the creams were created for specific times of the year, performing different functions. The failure of daily rhythms due to chronic stress, the non-normalized working graph or permanent business trips is leading to many problems up to premature aging.


The level of hormones in women during the cycle is changing very strongly: in the period immediately after menstruation and before ovulation (middle cycle), estrogens dominate, after ovulation, about two pedels dominated progestersters. Accordingly, our mood and well-being. No wonder there are funds developed taking into account this feature: 28 days – 28 different ampoules.


1. Moisturizing Refreshing Tonic Vichy with thermal water and shelves, acting as micromagnet, absorbs skin contamination and cleans pores.

2. Cleaning Clean Lotion&Clear eliminates the fat brilliance due to sebliding properties of Lemontgrass, Lyme, Grapefruit and Pomel.

3. The refreshing tonic for the face Diademine tones, matches the skin, fills its energy.

Biorhythms and leather

Before you make an appointment with a specialist (dermatologist, cosmetologist, hairdresser), you need to know what procedures can be done in the morning, and which is better to postpone until afternoon for useful skin care.


With the sunrise, serums with colloid gold.

From retinol (vitamin A) should be abandoned because they increase skin sensitivity to ultraviolet. Early morning as it is impossible to use the masks, creams and serums.

Visit to the dermatologist is better to schedule in the morning.


Sensitivity of the skin is reduced, and any execution is transferred easier during the period of time for useful skin care. But in an hour before noon you need to leave the office, like Cinderella ran from the ball: the sebaceous glands enter the most active phase of operation, the skin begins to glisten and the effect of the procedure will not be so noticeable.


Day creams should not only moisturize, but also to protect against ultraviolet and other harmful environmental factors.


After serum and before using a tone cream, apply a special leveling cream base.


1. Moisturizing, soothing, softening fluid with french rose extract and Chinese peony from Lancome protects the skin from any stress, including from the external environment.

2. Fluid TimeWise from Mary Kay with an increased SPF25 sun filter protects the skin from the occurrence of wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

3. Cream "Precious protection" from L&# 96; Occitane based on the organic irpenter oil contains vitamin E protecting from free radicals.

4. Refreshing Cream of Wrinkle Predermic Darphin with Extracts of Iris, Horsetail, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with a smoothing effect.

5. Day cream lifting with antioxidants from Diademine and Filter SPF12.

6. Moisturizing Basis for Makeup "Pearl shine" from Oriflame

7. Based on makeup from DR.Pierre Ricaud with reflective particles


For amateurs to visit the next Salon during the lunch break News not comforting. From 13.00 to 14.00 hormonal level decreases, and the skin will remain indifferent to the procedure.

Let only thermal water be at hand, of course, if there is a need for it (for example, a constantly working air conditioning in the office, a stupid in an office dining room or a heat on the street).


With the visible effect of the skin of the face and body, you can dedicate early evening. This option will especially like "Owners" and those whose working day ends so late to just have time to reach the beauty salon.


At this time (the sooner, the better) it is desirable to free the face from decorative cosmetics.

Time for useful skin care

Before bedtime, replace the combat color on the nutritious night cream, especially with colloidal silver. Need to sleep without fail in a dark room. Lack of light is important for the production of melatonin, a powerful herooprotector ("Defender from old age").


Oddly enough when we see a tenth sleep, the body works in full force. All muscles, including persons relax, so the delivery of nutrients in the deep layers of the epidermis passes like oil, and the benefits of night cosmetic agents are many times more than day-old. While they work, you relax.


1. The gentle cleansing milk from Olay with the Vitaniacin complex struggles with all the 7 signs of age-related changes.

2. Cleansing Solutions from Avon for the morning and evening in one pack

3. Soothing facial gel 2-in-1 "Optimal cleansing" With ease of elderberry flowers from Oriflame

4. Means for removing makeup with eye Thermes Marins Saint Malo Biorhythms and Collagen

Try a 4-week intensive wrinkle course "Ecolelagen" Oriflame with a natural tripeptide complex, stimulating its own collagen.

Night cream recovery OLAY REGENERIST with aminoptide complex, which increases the speed of skin cell regeneration up to 2 times.

Contour serum for filling wrinkles Derma-Full xs Anew Clinical contains fragmented hyaluronic acid in injectable concentration.

Wrinkle Cream With Mineral Silicon and Natural Dermobiotik Biotherm contributes to the update of skin cells.

Three-week Intensive Course Intervention Collagene from DR.Pierre Ricaud.

About collagen
It’s not in vain. It is the skin youth that depends on it. With age, its content and quality decreases, have to be finished. And here may arise difficulties. The fact is that collagen (animal, vegetable or, collagen, fish, ichthyocol) is a very large, protein-alien molecule, which is so powerful, and a reliable barrier, like the skin (first of all, its horny layer) will simply not miss inside. Even in cosmetics, these molecules are not small enough. Therefore, the assimilation of collagen (even with theoretical, opportunity) is rather bad than good. After all, this is a signal that skin is sick. But there is also a positive side: collagen moisturizes the skin surface, the increasing effect of collagen-containing lipsticks.

There are also many modern techniques and funds that stimulate their own neocolalagezes. The best are peptides. They are much less protein, and therefore can pass through the horny layer and reach live cells. Such active nutritious creams, on the contrary, it is better to use in the evening when the factors of the aggressive environment do not interfere with the penetration. From professional procedures, stimulating neocolalagezes, the most widely known peelings. Their application is better correlated over time of the year or phase of the menstrual cycle.

Biorhythms and plastic

Time of day does not affect the result of plastic surgery. At night, the body rests and therefore recovering. But anesthesia and sleep – completely different things. And because you will get into the operating evening, the dose of anesthetics will not change at a smaller side, as will not change the effect of anesthesia on your body. It is also worth take into account the change of seasons. In the hot time, the risk of developing infections. We, for example, do not work if the air temperature is above 40 degrees. However, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body. For example, in Brazil constant heat, but there is a large number of plastic operations.

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