Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Of course, the post chairman of the jury of the Chief European Film Form — Act of recognition of 51-year-old American Timothy William Berton old woman Europe. And throughput ticket to the cherished «Oscar», Whose Tim has no. «This is the dream of every director. And also a great honor for me», — Chinno thanked the director for the confidence. Ha! Hear official speeches from the mouth of insane Tim — it’s like combing it. Excluded! And therefore «Casual Mother» Immediately added: «Crazy’s dream came true: On a completely legal basis, I can drop the films on a completely legally. The best of the best. The last time I could afford such years in 16, when 48-hour marathons were satisfied with horror». Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – Real friends, and this has already said much.

«Lischek moved the car»

«Cinema with dissected» — These are still flowers. A closed parenchy from California Burbank (Los Angeles satellite) preferred street games. Walking in Cemetery Valhalla. Considered the tombstones, sketched them in a notebook, it happened, even dreamed on the heated sun grave stone. In a small family crypt, a flock of bats lived, and Tim even climbed into the textbook on biology and found out what they were fed. He could never understand why people are so afraid of cemeteries? In his presentation, these were the safest places on Earth. Where, the parents watched, watched? And Bill and Jin Burton themselves were with oddities. «Once I was a child, — Remembers director, — My parents laid the brick windows in my bedroom, leaving small «Boy citizens» somewhere under the ceiling, look in which it was possible, only climbing on the table. I was afraid to ask for a long time, why did they do, but once decided. It turns out to keep warm in the house». Parents went to the service, contained a shop «Feline Paradise» (Do not think that we are talking about ritual services for cats) and from time to time a senior son to the fact that he is poorly learning. In general, Tima carried the river of events, faded and monotonous.

«Residents of the suburb
live without a sense of history, culture, — continues Tim. — And I have always been a choice: either adapt to what surrounds me, or create a durable inner world. I chose second». Second — it is hunted in the album and horror stories about the lives of the dead, which he himself composed. At the age of 14, when Tim studied in the 9th grade, his drawings won the competition «Pure Burbank». All the next year on garbage trucks, young dating posters were blocked. Perhaps they liked someone from the employees of Disney Studios, that in Burbank. And here from this studio he got a phanta for training « In the California Institute of Art. And after his ending in 1979 came to work there. Two years later, Tim took off the short film «Frankenvini», and rushed. «Batman» (1989), «Edward Scissorhands» (1990), «Sleepy Hollow» (1999), «Corpse of the bride» (2005). In the service record of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp 15 full-length paintings, which brought him the glory of one of the most original directors of modernity. If humor, then in black. If you choose the hero, Tofric. If it creates a spectacle, then destroys all the existing traditions. «He is an artist, genius, crank, madman, brave, funny to hysterics. A true friend. I’m in a huge debt in front of him», — Says Johnny Depp, starring in 7 pictures of Berton.

Helena forever!

In addition to «Pet Depp» Berton has more «Adorable Helena» (Helen Bonham Carter), starred in 6 pictures. In addition, she gave him the son of Billy Reia (he went to the seventh year) and Nell’s daughter (two). Tim and Helena are not spouse, although they are engaged. They met in October 2001 on the shooting platform of Burton’s film «Planet monkeys». By this time the star of his former muse — Actresses Lisa Marie (she starred in 5 films of Berton and lived with a director of 9 years). To Lisa Burton 4 years was married to German artist Lena Giseject. But, nor Lena, nor Lisa at the notes did not fit Helen Bonham Carter. First of all, because they tried «Tame elegge». And Helena — the same field of the berry as Tim, with the only difference that she — terrible chattering, and he, on the contrary, silent. They even have family nicknames on this topic: Tim — Large leader little patience, and Helena — Little Skvo Long Language. Not so long ago, we wrote that the family life of the most extraordinary couple of Hollywood something like the films that takes off Burton. They say, spouses are sleeping not only in separate bedrooms, but in separate. Houses connected by a wide corridor. And children with nanny live in a newly purchased mansion next door. The gloomy gothic atmosphere of Tima’s house, considers Bonham Carter, quite consistent with its nature. She has «Merry and more merry». This, of course, does not mean that Helena never crosses the threshold of her husband’s house. On his half there is a room in which she often sews. And in the house of Helena, Berthon has a Cabinet-Panoptic, where it is collected «Everything is evident», Made by Matra. Separate accommodation, say Tim and Helena, make their family only stronger, because they do not interfere with each other and can do what they want. But still more often they want to be together. So in Cannes are going to the whole family.

Chips genius

«My paintings are just what I miss in reality», – Says director.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Tim Burton always carries purple glasses without diopters. And glasses, adjusting facilities, hang on a special cord on the neck. The director is extremely scruplex in trifles.

The image of the insane hatter (Johnny Depp) very expensive director. It is no coincidence that he said at the premiere of paintings in London: «Hatter — this is me». And noted 100% hit to the role of Johnny Depp. It is curious that sketches of the insane hatter, which Depp and Burton painted separately, practically coincided!

On the set «Planets Monkeys» Tim made a compliment to Helen Bonham Carter: «You are the most beautiful monkey». The actress did not slow down to fall in love with the director. A couple of years ago, Helena played the mother of four autistic children and, when preparing for shooting, was surprised by individual symptoms of Asperger (Medic, studied autism) in her husband. For example, Burton — Sociopath (he is afraid of a large cluster of the people) and loses consciousness in the subway. It also leads to fury ticking hours. Tim told Helena, with what torps he tried to master the ride on a bicycle, swimming and skating. And Johnny Depp confessed in one of the interviews that he noticed suicidal inclinations from a friend.

In animation tape «Corpse of the bride» (2005) — Victoria’s main heroine doll not only speaks the voice of Helena, but also appeals to her.

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