Tightening skin without operations at any age;possible or not

Tighted skin without operations at any age — possible or not?

Lisa.Ru says yes! Details We found out from a dermatocosmetologist.

It happens that there is no single wrinkle on the face, but you will define a person’s age without difficulty. The whole thing as a skin. Even with a fluent glance, its thinning, loss of density, accusation in the field of the lower third (cheekbones and chin). Is it possible to postpone these age changes? Undoubtedly!

Behind the elasticity and elasticity of the skin are associated proteins – fibers of elastin and collagen. This is a frame of our skin. Between them in the intercellular space there are hyaluronic acid molecules – they are able to accumulate and hold water, improving her tour. With age, the structure of collagen and elastin fibers is disturbed, the rate of their synthesis is reduced, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases. The skin becomes less elastic and saves (thanks to gravity!).

We ourselves accelerate the process of aging

Industry does not stand still and offers us a lot of caring tools and cosmetology procedures. But many women still face loss of skin elasticity in 25-30 years. As a rule, they themselves accelerate these processes. What habits can add you age?

  • You abuse Zagar. Everyone knows that UV type and destructively act on the fibers of the skin, especially on Elastin. These rays affect us at any time of the year, including cloudy weather. And the glass of the same car for them is not a barrier. Tan in the solarium – also not the best option. Approach this procedure should be dosed. After all, a session in a few minutes inhibits the synthesis of collagen and Elastin at least one day.
  • You eat a lot of simple carbohydrates. If the blood glucose level is regularly rising, it is actively reacting with proteins – the basis of the skin fibers. As a result of this interaction, the protein "suaches" becomes fragile, and the skin itself looks like a flabby.
  • You eat little protein (and indispensable amino acids). With this most often face women who adhere to vegetarianism without taking additional additives. Their skin is usually dull, flaky, ahead of time loses the tour.

How to understand that skin elasticity decreased?

You can do this with a plug-in dough. Take the skin area on the face and the jaws of it between the index and thumbs, slightly dedicate the skin. Take a skin fold between your fingers — You can determine the skin density. For comparison, you can test the skin on a body, which is not subjected to a constant action of UV rays, and compare the results obtained.

You can take the skin around the eyes (here it is faster losing the tour and try to pull it out as far as possible, and then let go abruptly. Ideally, the skin should be disclosed. But if you celebrate a small fold around the century (about 1 mm) — This is a clear sign that skin proteins (collagen and elastin) lose their structure.

At what age you need to start prevention?

Everything is very individual. Girls with a deformation type of aging (dense skin, brightly pronounced fatty fiber, wide bone), who, with age, the face in the literal sense of the word slips down, you need to start thinking about it in 20-25 years. And someone up to 30 years will only be enough to care.

In any case, in the struggle for skin elasticity An integrated approach is important. And the first task is to maintain the natural skin capabilities for self-healing. And then — Correction of volumes with contour plastic.

If you are 20-25 years old

Putting special attention to the nutrition – your food habits are formed right now. If you get used to the right diet, it will be easier to maintain good skin quality.

Pay attention to a sufficient amount of protein in the diet. If you do not eat animal food, pick up suitable amino acid additives.

To maintain a hydrolypide film that protects your skin from aggressive environmental impacts and moisture loss, observe Balance of fatty acids in the body. Eat avocado, fatty fish, flaxseed, it is also desirable to additionally take Omega-3 fatty acids.

Tightening skin without operations at any age;possible or not

Drink enough water. Just so you can support a good turgor. What drink? Pure non-carbonated water, in extreme cases herbal teas.

Don’t write off Properly selected home care. Competent cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition of the skin works with its surface layer. So you will be able to maintain the integrity of the hydrolypide film and keep moisturizing.

Pay attention to facial massage. Suitable any — Hardware or manual. This procedure will allow maintaining muscles in tone. In essence massage — peculiar face. Thanks he managed to keep the muscles in his places, strengthen them. This procedure is prophylactic and it is necessary to make it necessary when the skin is still elastic and elastic, and the facials are not strongly deformed.

It is advisable to make massage courses twice a year, 10-15 procedures.

If you are 30-35 years old

At this age, many are shown injecting.

The procedure that will fill the deficit of hyaluronic acid in the skin, the production of which is reduced by age.

Allows you to deliver in deep layers of skin building material to form new skin fibers.

Injections of the own plasma of blood, which stimulates the production of own collagen and elastin.

All injection procedures are conducted by courses. What exactly to you — tell me the doctor.

Pay attention to Laser techniques. The laser affects the skin and causes the so-called controlled damage. And they, in turn, launch the natural skin self-healing processes. As a result, you will get a dense, elastic, tightened skin. Impact may be different — more aggressive and superficial requiring rehabilitation or not. View of the laser, its parameters and the depth of exposure chooses a doctor as a skin condition.

If you are 35-40 years old (and older)

At this age, all of the above procedures are perfect. But if necessary, you need to connect "heavy artillery".
I heard about the effect of the non-functional skin suspender? In this help RF-lifting procedures. With their help, you can improve the oval of faces, get rid of the balls, pull the skin around the eyes (region of the upper and lower eyelid).

Private case of this technology – Monopolar RF-lifting techniques. They warm up the skin up to 60 o with enough depth. As a result, old skin fibers are destroyed, the formation of new. Skin lifting after such a procedure is visible immediately, and it will increase it within 6 months. The procedure is done once, and the effect of it is preserved for several years.

Pronounced nasolancing folds, lowered corners of the lips, floating the corner between the chin and the lower jaw – for the correction of these changes are suitable Contour plastics procedures. It helps to restore the lost volumes of the middle third of the face — The region of cheekbone and filling in deep peasants using hyaluronic acid fillers. Effect of Injection Temporary — from 6 to 15 months.

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