Tide forces without risk for figure

The safe for the figure to ensure the tide?

Forces may leave us for various reasons – due to stress, lack of sleep, overload working graphics, physical fatigue. Yes, and during a diet, when the body lands the habitual "dose" of calories, the sharp attacks of weakness and apathy happen sometimes. Today we will talk about energizer products that will help you quickly restore tone and performance. Our main selection criterion – Safety for Figures. Some of the products can be used every day, others better use occasionally, the third will be more effective with the role of "Emergencies". But each of them really works on the tide of the forces, which has been proven by numerous scientific research and consumer reviews.


These fruits contain a relatively large amount of carbohydrates, but the optimal balance of fast and slow allows them to spend them without much harm to the figure. For the work of the muscles in the banana contains a large number of easily durable potassium, so the tide will be felt already 10 minutes after use. Also in this exotic, albeit a variety of bioactive acids, which activate the work of the brain. In Africa, bananas have long been used to treat mental and nervous disorders. Perhaps the better than this fruit for rapid raising tone no.

Apples for recharging

This year-round accessible fruit has long earned the Renome of an excellent assistant when losing weight and diet food. His beneficial properties are known to everyone, including small calorie, vitamin and mineral value. But there are in apples and other energy substances – flavonoids. The most active of them quercetin. This substance stimulates the release of energy in muscles, which leads to the effect of cheerfulness. Apple will support strength before training, will help to get together with thoughts at the end of the working day, and just raise the mood. At the same time, the apple snack will not cause any harm figure.

Hummus for tonus

This delicious and not very calorie paste is made of chickpeas, olive oil, sesame and lemon. In recent years, in our country, this dish can be found in many trendy cafes, even not necessarily specializing in oriental cuisine. Humus snack will give a powerful tide for the protein and a large amount of iron. Together with vitamin C and folic acid, it allows you to quickly improve the composition of the blood and intensify the "energy" of smooth muscles. In the dietary diet, humus can be successfully used as a sauce to raw vegetables, the Bulgarian pepper, the leaves of the Beijing cabbage or carrot sticks.


This element of a healthy diet has long been known for losing weight. In mollusks and other "ferrepets" a lot of valuable protein and trace elements saturating the tired body of energy. But the main thing is to quickly raise vitality – Vitamin B12 and Tyrosine. The union of these substances activates the work of the cerebral cortex, which is especially important when fatigue from intellectual work. Also, tyrosine has a light "narcotic" effect based on the synthesis of natural norepinephrine. This hormone quickly improves the mood and "reboots" the tired psyche. Lightweight salad with middictions on the afternoon school can provide the body to tide forces for the whole second half of the day.

Morning Energy Eggs

This product in the dietary plan is far from indisputable. Some experts are recommended to refrain from eggs during the period of active weight loss, and they have good arguments. Still, protein and leucine can be very useful, especially when used in the morning. Often against the background of insufficient sleep accumulates fatigue and the body can not really "start" hardly the first half of the day. Leucine will help to "disperse" receptors in the brain and nerve endings in musculature. On the diet, perhaps, you should not eat more than two eggs, and better in boiled form.

Pumpkin seeds – power engineering for concentration

This product can be safely attributed to the category undervalued. Of course, at the pumpkin seeds there are fans, but in the mass consciousness with benefit, they are not particularly associated with. While this is the most powerful source of magnesium, which quickly feeds the tired nervous system. The hassle of the dried seeds will make it easily refund the day saturated with stress and responsibility, to learn new information and look at the problem under a new angle. Use this product to increase endurance, concentration and professional athletes.

Walnuts for energy

This product is similar to pumpkin seeds – also activates the brain and harmonizes the nervous system. But nuts in addition and "knock down" appetite, which is especially important when weakness. Omega-3 fatty acids have long earned the fame of excellent energy, so walnuts should always be at hand at the moment of crisis and decline forces. But too much they still do not stand it, because this product is relatively calorie.

Honey for feeding forces

Tide forces without risk for figure

The most important thing in honey is not the role of a healthier and natural sugar substitute, although it is very important. Suggescent sugar of this product are largely transformed into glycogen. This is a kind of "battery" of our body, ready to free up a lot of energy at the right time. So before an important event a cup of green tea with a spoonful of honey will definitely not be too much.


The benefits of yogurt for weight loss does not need popularization – it is part of most modern diets and healthy nutrition systems. But there is this food product and energy effect, let him and express not very bright. With the help of yogurt you can deal with chronic fatigue. This condition is especially covered by the fact that even a long periodic rest cannot restore force to properly. Fatigue continues to be copied, and the energy for new "distracts" impressions are simply not. Bacteria contained in yogurt will come to the rescue. It is better to buy products with the prefix "bio" having good reviews from losing weight. In addition to the intestinal microflora correction, a good yogurt will help synthesize tryptophan. This substance is responsible for the hormonal aspect of overcoming the feeling of fatigue. If you consume a glass of yogurt in the mornings and evenings during the week, the psychological state will improve significantly.

Mate – drink for a tide of vitality

Not the most popular and unambiguous product, but not to mention it can not. This drink is not so aggressive as coffee, although it contains the pretty dose of theophylline and theobromine. To Mate you need to get used to and develop a kind of "conditional reflex". Such a natural stimulator can become a good alternative to the usual (often not very useful) energy drinks.

Fatigue garlic

This product is not particularly popular in dietary nutrition, because it enhances appetite. It can only be used occasionally to restore forces after a particularly difficult day. For example, you can cook baked chicken breast under garlic sauce for dinner to avoid discomfort with the smell. In this plant, a huge amount of biologically active substances that literally "shake" protective forces of the body.

Spinach for Energy Balance

In the cold season, our body needs additional support, while unnecessary calories under the ban. In this case, spinach will always come to the rescue. This product is rich in iron, magnesium and vitamins – this complex quickly restores the impaired energy balance, brings the psyche from stagnation and apathy. Spinach can be used not only in salads, it is good to cook with it first dishes, sauces and even pasta.

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