Tibetan prescriptions of youth and beauty

Many people show interest in Tibetan medicine. And not in vain, because there are many ways to preserve youth and beauty that were opened by Tibetan signs and doctors. Those who tried them on themselves were surprised by the results.

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Tibetic Recipes Youth and Beauty

Some Isistoria Tibetan Medicine

Tibetanmedicina includes many components. A lot of scientific research was carried out in the field of Tibetan medicine, on the basis of which there was a difference point of view about the fact that medicine is natibing.

TibetanMedicine for the foundations of its teachings took the ideas of Indian Ayurda, TibetskoyTerathitherapy and Chinese reflexology. Thanks to these teachings of contemponymedicine, there has created many funds that allow you to cure various things, extend the youth and keep the beauty.

Altibetic medicine is based on long-time legends and myths. For example, in a syllable treatise "Chzhud-Shi", the principles of proper and healthyness were described, which today are used. There are many recipes, herbal fees, braids, which were invented by Tibetan healers who are popular and today.

Live-known people went to Tibet to restore life tone and improving well-being. Modern Tibetan recipes are based only on naturalcomponents and products that are selected in such a way as to make mapsimal benefit to the body.

The first Tibetan Weavor’s Tibetan – Tincture on Garlic

This timecept was discovered in 1971 in one of the Tibetan monasteries of ParticipantsExpedition. When the recipe was tested in humans, the doctors were shocked. However, in order to get the desired effect, the infusion must be correctly prepared by adhering to clear instructions and proportions.

Alcoholovnoying on garlic helps to cope with many problems. It activates the substances of substances, cleans the blood circuit system, reduces the risk of infarction, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, frees the body from fat deposits, improving the elasticity of blood vessels and is absorbed by the thrombus, improves vision, as well as the etnypace has an antitumor effect.

Such is very powerful, so the course of treatment can only be soldered once. In some cases, the course of treatment is prescribed in three years.

How to cook

To prepare a tincture on garlic, take 350 grams of good garlic. Cleaning, thoroughly grind in a glass container so that the juice. Then 20 grinding garlic with juice put into the glass jar and fill 200 ml of alcohol. The jar must closely close the lid and leave it a sprome place for ten days. Ten days later, strain the tincture of the places of gauze and squeeze. Tincture must be left in a cool place for three days. After that, it will be ready to use.

How to use

Turn the hardware to take on a strict scheme: 20 minutes before meals three times a day.

    Tibetan prescriptions of youth and beauty
  • Waspper: breakfast – two drops; Lunch – two drops; Dinner – three drops.
  • Day Two: breakfast – four drops; Lunch – five drops; Dinner – six drops.
  • Three day: breakfast – seven drops; Lunch – eight drops; Dinner – nine drops.
  • Day Fourth: Breakfast – Ten Drops; Lunch – eleven drops; Dinner -Dventy drops.
  • Fifth day: breakfast – thirteen drops; Lunch – fourteen drops; Dinner -pailing drops.
  • Day of the sixth: breakfast – fifteen drops; Lunch – fourteen drops; Dinner -tritian drops.
  • Seventh day: breakfast – twelve droplets; Lunch – eleven drops; Dinner – fucking drops.
  • Eighth day: breakfast – nine drops; loss of eight drops; Dinner – seven drops.
  • Ninth day: breakfast – six drops; Lunch – five drops; Dinner – four drops.
  • Tenth day: breakfast – three drops; Lunch – two drops; Dinner – one drop.

Starting the eleventh day, the tincture must be taken three times a day at 25 Capel. It is accepted until it finishes. Drops need to dilute in 50 ml of milk.

Contraindication of application

This venture can not be taken to people who suffer from epilepsy, problems with the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal bladder. It is also impossible to take it to those who have diseases of the kidneys, prostatitis, adenoma, aggravation of hemorrhoids. Garlic tincture is prohibited by the garmenny and nursing women.

Second Tibetan Weaving – Herbal Tea

This timecept is very simple. All herbs that are necessary for its preparation can be able to find problems in any pharmacy. Such tea is very useful: it comes out and the healthy impact on the body, which lasts five years.

To prepare such tea, you will need the following ingredients: 100 g of chamomile, 100 g of birch kidneys, 100 gubesterthide and 100 g of the Zverboard. All ingredients should be dry. Placement in a coffee grinder and keep them in a closed glass container. Mixed mixture in thermos. On one tablespoon of herbs you will need half a liter. Every evening before bedtime you need to drink such tea. In a glass of teaDad, a spoonful of honey. In the morning, twenty minutes before breakfast, drink the remaining tea in the thermos.

It is concerned about to take until all herbs are completed. This tea cleansing the body will improve the state of the vessels, will prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and the factory effect.

In what sildibetic medicine?

Every one cares about his health and wants to remain young as long as possible.For this, many resort to various expensive techniques and making trades. Some are treated in spa centers and sanatoriums, and suited folk recipes. Tibetan medicine is already known for many millennia.During this time, many people tried it and confirmed that it really is a positive effect on the whole body.

Tibetan medicine with each otherity becomes only better. Advanced methods of treatment and improved medical education. Due to this, Tibetan medicine is significantly ahead of traditional manicin, which treats diseases by medication or surgical path.

As you can see, Tibetan medicine is widened all over the world. Tibetan prescriptions of youth and beauty presented many years expected results. It unites the many-term results of the work of the sign and specialists. The advantage of her is that she is lechitudes by folk agents and products, without any chemistry or tablets. Thanks can be treated from many diseases that are hard to treately treated. Also a positive effect after using Tibetan recipe for a long time: five years, and in some cases seven. All recipes are available to each person. They are sold in orapetek stores.

Use or not useibetic recipes for beauty and youth – to solve only you. But many units that took advantage of them are satisfied with the results.

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