Tibetan Massage Rejuvenating Massage, Bamboo Massage, Herbal Massage Thai Ji, Massage Stones

Tibetan Massage: Rejuvenating Massage, Bamboo Massage, Herbal Massage Taji Ji, Massage Stones

Today, no one remembers where the massage appeared. After all, people at all times, from the Stone Age, showed their feelings with the help of physical contact. Mothers stroked and soothed their children, adults helped each other to take fatigue, pain and tension. Physical touches could express sympathy, love, encouragement and calm.

We can say that massage in different forms was popular in all cultures throughout the entire period of the history of mankind. How the therapy massage arose from the main instinct of living beings – to feel touch and touch the most.

However, as a thoughtful method of massage therapy, most likely appeared in China. The first mention of massage as therapy is found in the ancient treatises of Chinese doctors, written about 5,000 years ago. In them, massage is mentioned along with acupuncture and other techniques.

Massage is also an integral part of the Tibetan health system. Tibetan doctors consider massage as a system that can fully restore all aspects of human health – psychophysical, bioenergy and emotional health. Tibetan massage is aimed at restoring the balance of subtle energies in the entire human biosystem.

The spectrum of the beneficial and restoring effect of massage on the body is very wide, and we will not consider it here. In this article we will try to briefly describe the basic methods of Tibetan massage, used today in the SPA salons.

Of course, ladies visiting salons would like, first of all, to know about the impact of massage on the skin. Massage helps the skin to actively remove the talked cells of the outer layer. The skin breathes better, the excretory processes increase in it, so that it is restored faster and even rejuvenates – because the massage affects all metabolic processes in the body.

For the nervous system, massage is the possibility of speedy reduction and regeneration of peripheral nerves, improvement of coordinating and regulating function. High-quality massage restores strength and increases overall performance.

The unique system of Tibetan massage includes various types: articular massage, point massage, massage with oils, warming by stones (river and semi-precious) and cigars, massage with bamboo sticks and shells.

Tibetan rejuvenating massage

This type of massage is applied to the general relaxation of the body, as well as for the treatment and rehabilitation. This is a unique approach in which massage techniques are selected individually for each client, depending on the type of physique and metabolism features.

The whole surface of the body is frozen by oil containing a plurality of nutrients and the necessary vitamins. The effect of the anti-aging massage is achieved due to the special techniques of the rubbing of the skin in the aggregate with the action of oil. The rejuvenating massage soothes, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and hormonal system, and the skin looks tumaled and fresh.

This type of massage is the most relaxing and pleasant. It is distinguished by pronounced antidepressive properties, relieves fatigue and tension, eliminates insomnia, charges with energy and joy. At the same time there are no power techniques in it, and the impact on the body is extremely soft.

Tibetan rejuvenating massage is so gentle and soft, which is recommended even pregnant women for relaxation and removal of stress, as well as all women wishing to always stay young and beautiful.

Tibetan bamboo massage

Tibetan bamboo massage is a comprehensive SPA procedure. In this type of massage, bamboo sticks are used – smooth, durable and flexible. Massage with such chopsticks helps to raise the body’s tone, and feel healthy and energetic. The procedure is based on a Tibetan anti-aging massage, then a BAT – massage with thin and small bamboo sticks according to biologically active points. And completes the procedure with a lymphatic drainage massage, in which larger diameter wands are used, as well as some power techniques: kneading, squeezing, harvesting and vibration. The whole complex as a whole works in such a way that it allows you to gradually eliminate the immediate cause of the disease.

Herbal Massage – Taiji

Tibetan Massage Rejuvenating Massage, Bamboo Massage, Herbal Massage Thai Ji, Massage Stones

It is based on the principle of point massage, but the impact on the body is carried out not with a brush or fingers, but herbal bags, disintegrate in a special way. The massaged zone in this case also receives the thermal impact. The spectrum of the action of Thay-Ji massage is enormous – it possesses not only an excellent health and cosmetic effect, but also has a pronounced medical action in many diseases.

Taiji activates the basic protective forces of the body and strengthens immunity, increases vitality, improves trophic processes in the skin and metabolism, microcirculation and muscle tone. In addition, during the massage, the organism gets a lot of useful micro and macroorganisms during massage.

The skin during Taj Dzi massage becomes such an elastic and elastic, that cosmetologists are confident – herbal massage is able to exert the same action as dozens of modern cosmetics.

Tay-Ji massage perfectly helps with disorders of metabolism, rheumatism, colds, overwork, diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis and other common diseases.

Tibetan massage stones

The energy of the stone attracted people from a long time. In many cultures, it is believed that the stones are remembered not only the past land, but also the past of our universe. In China, hot stones are about 4,000 years ago were used to relax tired muscles.

Today, the treatment of stones is a technique that connects the achievements of modern science and ancient medical practitioners. During the massage, a combination of heated stones and strongly cooled. Such an approach, alternating heat and cold, causes certain reactions in the body, and has a beneficial physiological impact.

The energy of the stone removes tension, fatigue and stress, evenly distributes energy in the body, gives a feeling of equilibrium and rest. After Tibetan massage, the body is completely relaxed with stones, and we feel complete harmony with the outside world, and also get a powerful charge of energy and amazing tide of new forces.

Tibetan massage is a unique system for restoring and preserving health, leading to a normal energy balance, and allowing a person for many years to remain healthy, young, energetic and attractive.

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