Tibetan diet for weight loss. The benefits, rules and harm of the Tibetan diet

Tibetan diet for weight loss. The benefits, rules and harm of the Tibetan diet

Tibet is always associated with us with something mysterious and mysterious. Everyone knows that Tibetan monks are exclusively a ascetic lifestyle. At the same time, they are very healthy people, among which are widespread longevity. These people own secrets, allowing to improve their well-being for a long time to keep youth and even to prove life. Tibetan diet is considered one of the following secrets.

Tibetan diet enjoys greatly popular today. It helps not only to lose weight, but also to maintain good well-being. In essence, Tibetan diet is milky vegetarian. To the diet turns out to be the most efficient, you must adhere to a few simple rules.

The main feature of the Tibetan diet lies in the refusal of all types of meat products. There are only products of plant origin. Observe such a diet follows one week. After that, meat turns on the diet again, but in small quantities. Then diet repeated again. It is recommended to eat a large number of vegetables and fruits. One of the differences of this diet from the rest can be called what it is short-term. The prohibition is imposed on all meat products, but not for fish. But the fish can not eat every day and in small quantities.

Rules of the Tibetan diet

First, all products that offer Tibetan diet, It is necessary to eat slowly and break food for small portions.

Secondly, there is a necessarily in a relaxed atmosphere and does not hurry. Tibetan diet does not allow snacks on run. Create a suitable calm atmosphere will help the corresponding atmosphere and meditative music. This will avoid not only the accumulation of extra kilograms, but also sincere cleansing.

Between meals can not be cut. But you can drink as much as you like, there are no restrictions. However, it is recommended to drink spring or mineral water without gas and no later than an hour before meals. There is harmful for the night, dinner must be no later than two hours before sleep.

It is very important to fulfill such a rule as a combination Tibetan diet with active physical and respiratory exercises. Moreover, you need to do these exercises not in a stuffy apartment, but in the outdoor air.

While eating it is very important to carefully chew food. Do not overeat, t.To. It overloads the stomach. Especially it is not worth a lot there is when the previous portion has not yet digested. Otherwise, the exchange processes in the body will be slowed.

Products are best to use fresh, it should be prepared on fire, it is necessary to exclude fry.

Those who adhere to the Tibetan nutrition system, it is recommended to replace milk and cream to replace with acidic drinks like yogurt, kefir or prostrost. Cottage cheese, home cheese and young cheese is recommended to add to salads with vegetables and some fruits, so they are much faster digested.

Any drinks, including coffee and tea, should be drunk 20-30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after it. It is very unusual for us, because we have taken to finish lunch and dinner with a cup of tea or coffee.

Do not mix for one meal more than four dishes. You need to know that there are some exceptions – products that are used in food as a separate dish. They are eaten 2 hours before meals or 2 hours after meals. These products include: Apples, Melon, Cherry, Bananas, Blueberries and Blueberries.

Tibetan diet for weight loss

When complying with such a diet in a week you can throw off 3-4 kilograms. Compliance with the rules of the Tibetan diet allows you to significantly improve digestion and even lose weight. Hasty weight loss to wait from this diet does not have, but a few extra kilograms throw out quite real. Lose weight is possible by refusing fatty products, which reduces the calorie content of each meal.

Although this diet is called Tibetan, but, in fact, it is only partially reminded by the power of food that is accepted in Tibet. Tibet is located high in the mountains and has enough harsh conditions. Therefore, there is no abundance of fruits and vegetables. But, residents of Tibet are happy to eat meat yak or lamb, as well as barley flour products.

Prepare meat in a special way: first boiled, then cutting into pieces, vegetables add to meat, all this is fried and served with bread or noodles. Tibetan cuisine is distinguished by its balance and moderation. Tibetans do not put in food a large amount of spices and spices. The most popular vegetables they have sweet pepper, color and ordinary cabbage, carrots, spinach, corn.

The benefits and harm of a Tibetan diet

In any case, the Tibetan diet can not be called useless or harmful. It is not bad balanced and easily tolerated by the body, provided that it is adhere to it only one week per month.

Tibetan diet almost does not have contraindications, t.To. it is balanced and useful. If you clearly comply with all the recommendations, you can not be afraid of your health. The diet is excellent unloading and cleansing for the body, helps longer save the body with young and extend life. Then the Tibetan diet will contribute to the rejuvenation of the body and get rid of excess weight, it accelerates metabolism, normalizes the operation of systems and organs, improves overall health. Such a diet also contributes to the cleansing of the body from slags and toxins.

How quickly are well absorbed products?

An important property of a Tibetan diet is a large amount of water, contained in the products it offers. The more fluid, the faster our body absorbs food. Fruits and juicy vegetables are 70% consisting of water, so they need to be the first. Then the stomach will quickly digest them and will already be ready for starch vegetables, dairy products, as well as meat or fish.

To improve the digestive processes in the body it is useful to know the learning time.

So, vegetable juices and other drinks are absorbed by our organism for 10-15 minutes.

Soups without meat, fresh and stew vegetables – in 30 minutes.

For assimction by the body of a man of seafood and boiled fish takes an hour. These products are well eaten together with fresh vegetables or fruits.

Tibetan diet for weight loss. The benefits, rules and harm of the Tibetan diet

Raw eggs, fermented eggs, liquid porridges are absorbed in 1-1.5 hours, bird – for 3 hours. Meat is assimilated longer than the other products, this requires 4 hours.

Tibetan diet meal sequence

The first dish should consist of fresh fruits (except exceptions), or you can eat vegetarian soup instead of them, vegetables with greens are allowed in any form. Salads are recommended to fill with vegetable oil.

Boiled fish or any seafood are served on the second.

Then you can eat liquid porridge, fermented milk product, raw eggs.

The fourth dish is meat, fried, dried and salted fish, cheeses and eggs screwed.

As for bread, the preference is given to toast, dietary loaf and pita. These products, as well as nuts, chips, popcorn, oat and cornflakes should only be in the end of the meal.

Between the main trapes, you can eat nuts, juice and t.NS.

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