Thrust to sweet how to get rid of

Thrust to sweet how to get rid of

Good mood, high tone, collens and concentration – all this gives us sweets. Rather, they only replace the natural regulation mechanism. Many specialists say that sweet plays the same role that tobacco and alcohol. In minutes of excitement and in the post-stress period, fast carbohydrates give fast energy, not giving survive the situation fully. We are walking the sweets of trouble and anxiety to push the problem, refuse her awareness and decisions. This "psychotechnics" leads to an excess weight even in people who are not inclined to obesity genetically. More stress, more sweet, more fat deposits. This sad formula creates even more experiences and stress, forming a vicious circle of negative and failure. To break out of it to freedom – you need to overcome pathological craving for sweet. Destroy the mechanism of this bad habit is not easier than to quit smoking or refuse alcoholic beverages. For some, even much harder. Today we will talk about the reasons for the abandon of sweets, about existing methods, misconceptions and victory recipes.

Why so much wants sweet?

About the dangers of fast carbohydrates are heard all who, at least somehow interested in the theme of health and weight loss. Most of us tried to abandon sweets, giving strict nages and oaths no longer touch the chocolate, candy and other cake. Some even withstand a week-other, but a breakdown with a "resell diet" is practically programmed. First of all it concerns women, but also many men refusing sweets also brings strong discomfort. It’s all about the worsening of well-being, in a lack of pleasure, partly and in hormonal changes. We are readily by a foam on our own weak will, experiencing it again and again. The result, as a rule, we get the same.

Passion for sweets has a two-way nature – the physiological and psychological, which, with the course of life, intertwined into a complex mechanism for the perception of fast carbohydrates. First of all, a chronic pancreatic disease or systemic failed disease may result in excessive traction. All this should be excluded at the start, having passed a comprehensive examination, the benefit of the analyzes set is quite standard and not very complex. With the psychological reasons "Sweistance" the situation is much more difficult. After all, sugar really helps with strong intelligent and creative loads. Even when we just sit at the monitor and absorb the megatons of information, our brain needs glucose. But addiction works somewhat differently.

Excessive passion for fast carbohydrates begins with uncontrollability. The number of chocolates, cakes, marmalad and marshmallows do not even want to count. Since together with them will have to consider and think about the accumulated problems. The most common psychological cause of this phenomenon, experts consider suppressed suffering. It is not important that exactly it is caused – loneliness, unrealizations in profession, poverty, uncertainty in its own value and opportunity to change. Often satellites of "Sweets" are cool relations in the family, the lack of real friends, the lack of social connections. Sugar readily compensates for all these failures – he injected the reward into blood, gives pleasure that is not deserved by real actions. In principle, all the bad habits work so much, and without changing your life for the better to defeat the addiction itself is extremely difficult.

When the decision to get rid of thrust to sweet already, obviously naply, overweight, uncertainty and unsuccessfulness – it’s time to do with its psychological state. It is better to do this with the support of a specialist, but also independently analyze its problems quite. Each of the "re-conscious" needs will now be able to satisfy to one degree or another. From now on, it is impossible to hide from the lack of money, the lack of a loved one, unrealizations and T.D. To all this will have to move intelligently and purposefully. Active weight loss and sports on this path, naturally, will be the best assistants and will not give rise to a start because of laziness.

Reload the metabolism – to reduce the craving for sweet

In addition to psychology in pathological thrust, there are physiological reasons for sweets, especially the malfunction of the pancreas and a number of chronic diseases of the internal organs. Gastroenterologists perfectly know the entire set of popular "drivers", so consultation and a simple examination will help to quickly get to the essence of the problem. In particular, Sweet wants against the background of osteochondrosis, under reduced pressure, with problems with blood supply to the brain, including traumatic nature. Serotonin, produced under the influence of sugar, removes a number of unpleasant symptoms of stress or illness. But on the background of an excess, the pancreas suffers, forced to constantly work in load mode. It is the unbalance of this gland that most often is the physiological basis of thrust to sweets. Although this may be part and a deeper problem – impaired carbohydrate balance caused by improper nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle.

Thrust to sweet how to get rid of

Sweets give us fast energy, which is as rapidly and ends. We eat another candy or cake, receiving a new one (already a little smaller) serving serotonin. Such swings form a hormonal dependence, which, in meaning very close to the narcotic. It is possible to fight this with a gradual transition to complex carbohydrates, giving much more long-term energy and reduce to sugar. This will allow slowly (the principle of graduality here is extremely desirable), but it’s right to rebuild your metabolism, getting rid of the extremely bad habit. We will analyze this process on points.

  • The first step is to refuse to sweeten tea, coffee and other hot drinks. And you should not use sugar substitutes, even if manufacturers promise the fullest harmlessness of their products. We need to rebuild taste habits – it will take about two to three weeks.

Refusal of unnecessary sweets: Important aspects

Physiology and psychology always go in a pair, in any case in adults. Solve the problem will have to be comprehensively resting on this or that aspect when it becomes especially difficult. Nutritionists advise sweet tooths in the period of reforms to lean on fruit. First, you can even eat very sweet like peaches or pineapples, but over time, go to safer – apples, grapefruits, pears and t.NS. Eastern medicine in the treatment of thrust to sugar recommends leaning the products with bitterness. According to their ideas, the attraction to sweetness signals a violation of the balance of the vitality, which must be compensated for opposite by the start. So, for example, a cup of hot cocoa without sugar or dissolved in warm water chicory can reduce the sharpness of thrust.

We have already talked about sports, but it is impossible not to note one important point – the load helps to normalize metabolism subject to their regularity. At the same time, at the initial stage it is better to avoid situations with conflicts and experiences. Strong stress, unfortunately, can lead to a breakdown. And the latter – the refusal of sweets in terms of pleasure is best compensated for delicious protein dishes from meat and fish, seafood and eggs.

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