Thrush: Treatment by folk remedies

The thrush is a disease that depends on the general state of the body: if this state (including immunity) is normal, then the woman does not get sick with milk. But when a decrease in immunity, the thrush is here like here. Especially often it happens during pregnancy, because in this state a woman decreases the body’s protective forces. And as pregnant women are undesirable to take medicines, folk medicine comes to help.

What is thrush and how it manifests itself

The thrush is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the urinary tract caused by yeast-like mushrooms of the genus Candida. The thrush is manifested in the form of burning and itching in the field of genital organs, as well as frequent painful urination. When inspection on the mucous membranes of the genital organs, white curls are visible.

Mushrooms of the genus Candida are almost always present in the sex paths of women and men, but they usually do not cause diseases, since the immune defense does not allow them to overcome the barrier in the form of a mucous membrane. When the immunity decreases, the mushrooms begin to reproduce actively, turn into the mucous membrane and cause an inflammatory process.

Folk remedies in the fight against thrush

In order to destroy the mushrooms of the genus Candida, there are many folk remedies, including using alkaline solutions. But alkaline solutions violate the normal vaginal microflora – lactobacilli, creating a sour Wednesday, which destroys the pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it is not necessary to get involved in alkaline solutions. Best of all, the combination of folk remedies with medication treatment helps in the thrush. But in order not to harm your health all the treatment is better to spend on the appointment of a doctor.

Recipes of folk remedies for the treatment of thrush:

  • A tablespoon of calendula flowers (or pharmacy chamomile, birch kidney, juniper, hormour grass) boil the liter of boiling water, insist, strain and use the infusion for a sedentary bath or for scrusts;
  • Create a collection from a tablespoon of oak bark, a tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile, five tablespoons of grass ledge, three tablespoons of nettle leaves of dwarm; All the composite parts mix, take two tablespoons of the collection, pour the liter of cold water, bring to a boil, boil five minutes, cool, strain and use for sedentary baths and douching;
  • in a liter of warm boiled water add two tablespoons of honey, thoroughly stirring and use a solution for seating baths and douching;
  • In a teaspoon of any vegetable oil, drip two drops of tea tree oils, mix and use it thoroughly and use as an external agent for the treatment of thrush;
  • Three tablespoons of dry crushed roots of burdock pour a liter of cold water, bring to a boil, boil five minutes, cool, strain and use for seats and sprintsy;
  • Prepare the following collection: Connect the sage leaves on the tablespoon, calendula flowers, yarrow leaves, juniper berries, birch berries and two tablespoons of daisies pharmacy; Take two tablespoons of collecting, pour a liter of boiling water, insisted in a thermos for a few hours and take inside the third of the glass 3 times in half an hour before meals (antifungal effect).
Thrush treatment of folk remedies

Homemade anti-oral thrush

Oral thrush, it is a yeast infection of the oral cavity – the disease is very common, and it is not surprising that for his treatment, people have created many home tools. Conduct with this disease is pretty easy – you only need to regularly apply the recommendations, up to the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. In most cases, they pass through one or two weeks, but sometimes a couple of months are required for full recovery.

  • Correct cavity care. It is enough to clean my teeth twice a day and clean the space between the teeth with the help of a dental thread, at least once a day to significantly speed up the process of treating thrush. Do not forget to change the toothbrush more often – it is also useful for treatment, and for the prevention of yeast infection. Limit the use of mineral rinsing tools, or even give up them – in their composition there are substances that destroy the natural flora of the oral cavity, which can be prevented by the development of thrush, and accelerate its cure.
  • Natural homemade with thrush. Mix equal parts of the Navy of Lacrichnik, Mirra and Echinacea. Mix one teaspoon of this product with half a glass into the water, and use this mixture as a rinsing agent every three or four hours.
  • Salty Mouth Rinse. Mix half a teaspoon salt and one cup of warm water. After the salt completely dissolves, solid the mouth of this solution.
  • Homemade antifungal rinse agent. Mix a cup of warm oxen with a teaspoon of apple vinegar and a pinch of salt. Thoroughly rinse with this agent mouth and throat. It is very effectively fighting infection.
  • Onions and garlic – powerful natural agents against fungi and bacteria. Increase onion and garlic consumption to speed up the process of recovery. Onions not only destroys the causative agents of the infection, but also eliminates the white flare in the oral cavity.
  • Yogurt. Include in your diet "Live" yogurt to normalize the mouth microflora. Rinse the mouth of the mouth with liquid yogurt and within 10-15 minutes after that do not eat anything and do not drink.
  • Check the chest. Sometimes the mother infect the thrush of their little children through breastfeeding. Symptoms such as increased sensitivity of nipples, peeling of nipples or arole, and also harsh breast pain why chest hurts: the main thing is not to panic may indicate the thrush. To avoid infection of a child, how to clean the nipples after each feeding, and use the antifungal agent that the doctor will assign you.
  • Use absorbent linings on the chest. The causative agents of yeast infection can get on clothes, and special linings will help this avoid. Choose lining from natural materials, without plastic – it can create a medium ideally suitable for breeding fungus.
  • Watch out for the cleanliness of the nipple and pacifier. Wash them with warm water to avoid the spread of infection. Some women also use the drug nastatin to purify nipples after feeding – it helps to reduce the risk of re-infection.
  • If you breastfeed, dry the nipples after each feeding, and also apply a lotion with Lanolin on them, which effectively softens the skin. If necessary, the doctor may write you an antifungal agent, which should also be applied to the nipples.

If you have developed an oral thrush, and you wear removable dentures, it is very important that you carefully cleaned both the oral cavity and prostheses. Be sure to remove them before you go to bed.

  • As you should clean the prostheses with a toothbrush and water.
  • Mind them in a solution of chlorhexidine, which can be bought almost in any pharmacy. Instead, you can use special means for cleaning dentures.
  • In the morning, carefully allocate prostheses with water. If you chose them in a chlorhexidine solution, at least within 30 minutes do not use toothpaste toothpaste – whether all the pastes are equally useful? with fluorine (fluorine reduces chlorhexidine efficiency).
  • Gencioviolet (single-survive solution) sometimes acts as a medicine against thrush. This is a dye that destroys bacteria and fungal microorganisms, and sold without a recipe. Before using it, consult your doctor.

Additional recommendations

The following measures will help reduce discomfort caused by oral dairy in adults and children (but not newborns):

  • Drink cold drinks, such as water or ice tea, as well as eat cold food – for example, ice cream or yogurt (hot food enhances discomfort when swallowing);
  • Eat food, which is easy to swallow – cottage cheese, smoothie, vegetable puree, jelly;
  • Drink through the straw;
  • Several times a day, rinse the oral cavity with warm salt solid. For its preparation, use 1 teaspoon (5 g) salts on 249 ml of warm water.

Folk remedies for the treatment of thrush in men

For the treatment of thrush in men, men can be used both pharmacy antifungal drugs and home remedies and simple measures related to power and lifestyle in general. With the soft forms of the thrush, you can cope with the help of home tools that we will talk about, but with pronounced symptoms of the disease, it is better to contact a specialist.

  • Yogurt – one and most popular means for the treatment of thrush in men. The bacteria contained in natural yogurt are effectively fighting with a militant mushroom. Add yogurt to your diet, as well as at least once a day, apply a spoonful of yogurt on the affected parts of the body.
  • Proper nutrition. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and avoid too large time intervals between meals. Limit food intake with high sugar content and simple carbohydrates. Men, patients with diabetes, are especially susceptible to yeast infection, and they need to make additional precautions when planning the diet. If you have diabetes, and you have noticed the symptoms of thrush thrush: symptoms and treatment, before changing your power mode, consult your doctor.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural antifungal agent that destroys the pathogens of the thrush. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with another vegetable oil, on the affected areas twice a day until the symptoms disappear. Other efficient antifungal agents are the leaves of olive tree, garlic and oregano. Their extracts can be used to treat thrushs as well as tea tree oil.
  • Vinegar has strong antifungal properties, and known as an effective agent against the thrush in men. Just add a cup of apple vinegar to the bath, filled with warm (not hot!) water, and take the bath, as usual. Do not use soap with a strong aroma, as aromatic additives irritate the skin, which became more sensitive due to the thrush.
  • Clean skin areas affected by the thrush to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Coconut oil – another effective agent against the thrush in men. Rub it into affected skin areas affected; Coconut oil can be mixed with tea tree oil, cinnamon butter or oregano.
  • Finally, it is necessary to wear pure underwear every day and often change bedding to limit the spread of infection.

If any of the above-mentioned funds cause skin irritation, stop using them, and consult a doctor as soon as possible. It should also be advised with a specialist if the symptoms do not go two weeks after the start of treatment.

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